35 comments on “The Best And The Rest 173

  1. Nice List!

    #31 reminded me of something

    My brother’s friend is named Honey…one time, one of his friends had a fight with her girlfriend when the girlfriend read a text message from someone named “Honey”.

    he had a hard time explaining that he really has a guy friend named “honey”

  2. I like # 13
    # 35 I wanted to laugh really hard but I’m in the office…so I’m laughing with no sound 😉

    I have a teacher in Highschool, his lastname is Goto…my classmate made a chant for him, go to east…go to west…Goto is the best! He’s my fave teacher he really is the best teacher!

    In my prev job, we have a customer named Helen Pocpoc

    A colleague in my prev job. He’s lastname is Panti, he is courting one of my colleague and her name is Largilind (her nickname is Large) so imagine if they end up together 😉

  3. 20. Lyra – A friend’s name from U.P. is Czarevna Scheherazade Santos. Her nickname? Bonbon.
    – haha. i know bonbon! orgmate! pinapa-spell pa name nya palagi sa applicants.

  4. OMG! grabe super LOL this top ten!!!!!!!!!!!

    and how do you pronounce these names?
    Abcd Gjea
    Czarevna Scheherazade
    Abcede Fghij

    i know a couple who named 2 of their 7 children RONACIN NICANOR for obvious reasons and JULYONE because the son’s birthday is july 1…

  5. A neighbor of my cousin named her baby “Jerk” (cute daw kasi at sosyal ang tunog). Now the parents are seeking legal remedy to change the name of the baby. 🙂

  6. I like No. 30

    There is a policeman in Alabang named Philip P. Ines. You can see his name posted at the door of the detachment at Alabang Town Center parking lot near the van/taxi terminal.

    Teacher during roll call on 1stday of school: Santos? Santos? Ms. Santos? Ms. Vilma Santos?

    Amable Aguiluz IX was a classmate.

  7. I had a schoolmate that has a name of ANDRES BONIFACIO, for real, so nung graduation pag cia ang aakyat ng stage nagsisigawan tlga mga tao, hehe.. astig eh, atapang a tao! 🙂

  8. I remembered we have a client named Chrissy Bonus… her real name… Christmas! May kapatid kaya siya na Midyear ang pangalan. hmmmm.

  9. abcd= ab-see-dee
    fghij = fidge

    and my mistake…ABCDE is my cousin's classmate…the sister is FGHIJ..
    ang sipag mag-isip ng name!! :P;. All the best!!

  10. wow!this is a hilarious list. i love pocholo! papaburachi! hahaha. i had a classmate named dante. his surname? dantes. i though the name was funny until i learned that his older brother was named dandelo. hehe.

  11. a pinay client of ours married a brit so she ended up as mrs. sexmoan; also, another client’s first name is gaylord and he’s not gay.

  12. I have two cousins that named their kids Enchong, Enchang and Enching and the other are MJ, JM. MM and JJ.

  13. this is very funny. I was even laughing hard at my room. I have a friend named Vilma because her bday was same as the actress. She has a sister named Nora, because her bday was same as Nora Aunor!

  14. hala! I know # 26! He used to be my officemate

    ..some of the best names I’ve come across include Princess Y. Principe, Godknows, a certain Mr. Panti and a girl whose surname is Paa. She got married to a guy whose surname is Zapatos…talk about meant for each other

  15. I laughed my head off!! Sabi ko parang di ko matandaan tong top 10 na to. Kaya pala, walang podcast! Hehe!

    Thanks Chico!

  16. Hilarious! 🙂
    huwaw, classmate ko si number 16!
    Bennett, kilala ba kita?
    kala nya kasi Lord Alien yun pero “allen” talaga dapat. So she was using Alien until 1st year high school nung narealize nya siguro na it sounds… alien. LOL

    last time I heard you guys eh nung nasa KC pa, yung last day dun. Nakakamiss.

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