27 comments on “Old Pinoy Ads

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  2. I’ve been a fan of your morning show with Delamar.
    I would always consider buying a cell phone with radio so that I won’t miss your
    funny-to-out of this world- conversations.
    More power.
    This entry on commercials is a superb collection.
    Sometimes I want to make a shirt about entries in your daily TOP 10, is that OK?
    Please email me. Also, you can visit cyanplanet.blogspot.com for you to see the designs.

  3. Haha funny to see old tv ads nung wala pa akong kamuwang-muwang sa mundo! Ilan lng ang familiar sa akin but they were quite catchy n funny. New gen comml maybe from those mcdo ads, “gina” and “pacheeseburger ka nmn!” Hey, maybe u and del should do a Top Ten on this?! Wouldn’t that be fun to close the week? 🙂

  4. Mas maganda ang mga commercials dati kesa ngayon IMHO.
    My all-time favorite is Jollibee’s “Ligaw”. Can still remember the dialogues and the ad’s jingle. 😀

  5. Thank you Chico for posting this. I came home very late only to find my son fast asleep and didn’t have the chance to ask how his day was. This post, somehow made me feel better. Thank you Thank you!

  6. You should have included this, Chico. Baka konti nga lang ang maka-relate! Kahit ako ndi ko naabutan to, hehe!

  7. I so love the Philippine Airlines Song. It’s really a classic. I hope they do a remake of it.

    • Indeed! When I was seeing this on TV then, hindi ako sure sa lyrics (sobrang bata pa at dahil ingles, hehe). Listening to it again, I realize that it’s in fact a really nice song! You can feel the sincerity of the song through its melody and nicely penned lyrics!

      Yes, I would love to see a remake, too!

  8. My favorite is the old Mcdo Commercial with the senile Lolo who kept addressing her apo, Karen, as Gina. Later, he affectionately reserves a burger piece saying, “Ito, para sa paborito kong apo, si Karen”

  9. I remember most of these ads, being a couch potato at a very young age.

    However, the most iconic of my childhood/pre-teens was the Jollibee ad, “Nawawala si Jennifer!!!”

    There are a gazillion out there, don’t wanna start. =)

  10. hey chico, so can you give us some of the commercials where you were the voice talent 🙂 pls preetee pls 🙂

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  12. Hi Chico,

    Thanks for all the old commercials. I think one of my favorites was the old Bear Brand Commercial with the “Is that you Lolo?” line.

  13. Thanks Chico for posting these commercials! “I can feel it” haha! Love it! The “goodbye Carlo” commercial hanggang ngayon kabisado ko pa yung lines!

  14. Here are some that I remember:

    Lilet’s May Bukas Pa Coke Ad

    I love this song!

    Bear Brand TV Commercial (I remember yesterday)

    Mc Donalds Classic Philippine TV Commercial / Karen

    Nikki Gil’s Coke Commercial

    Coke’s I am the Future of the World (UK)

  15. great post! you have to note though, together with piolo and toni in that sprite commercial is no aubrey miles as one of the background girls. 😀

  16. indeed, that “shining through” commercial of PAL was a well-made ad classic…

    the rj ledesma royal commercial on the other hand, was one of those ad that is so unforgettable from my childhood days…ah, the nostalgia is killing me! nothing can make you feel good and awful at the same time than going back to our younger days!

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