17 comments on “My Pussy’s Hairy Again!

  1. Ganda ni Isis!

    I’m not really a cat person pero parang gusto kong laruin ang hairy pussy mo! (Pangit pakinggan… hahaha!)

  2. cats are really adorable 🙂 i just love them.

    hey chico, do u want to PLURK? everyone’s plurking right now hahaha! it’s where you can share and comment about short random thoughts, present state of mind/status or questions to your friends and fans.

    http://www.plurk.com/ check it out. a lot of bloggers are doing it haha

  3. cute naman ni isis! it was just so sad when you had to shave her fur… kawawa. pero at least now ok na sha! boy ba si isis? kse ang alam ko mas malambing ang boy na cats e.. like my cat din hehe 🙂

  4. Gorgeous cat. But I don’t recall that post anymore. Maybe you can try hyperlinking? Sorry for the unsolicited advice. =)

  5. ahhh…mabuhok na ulit ang pussy mo…
    ay panget pakinggan
    honestly i hate cats
    but when i saw ur “pussy” hehehe
    im considering of owning one
    tignan mo nmn ang influence mo

  6. Hi! This is the first time I visited your blog. And true to your word the first blog i also read was “They Shaved My Pussy!” Best to be late however, coz i enjoyed the before and after pictures 🙂 Isis is such a darling and so beautiful! From looking like the disgruntled angry shaved cat to the proud primadonna queen that she is!

  7. I’m a CAT LOVER talaga, and i almost cried nung nkita kong shaved yung PUSSYcat mo.. *big grin* thankfully her hair grew back again.. She’s so beautiful! 🙂

  8. “that is how pussies were meant to be: HAIRY.” Loved that Chico! Hahaha! I’m lookin for a pet cat right now and thanks for sharing Isis’ photos. I now know what to have for a pet cat. 🙂

  9. Just saw some of the pictures you have taken.I would just want to know if how did you learn to take good image?thank you

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