15 comments on “Laiya, Batangas (The Experience & The Pictures)

  1. hi chico, i pass by the star toll almost everyday and i could say it was always breathtaking, the greens and the sunset. it was like a different painting every sunset. i am always tempted to stop and shot but i dont have a camera yet. hehe

  2. Nice place. just want to know, which of the resort in batangas you visited, is the best for you. in terms of the scenery, accomodation, food, ammenities?

  3. hi, chico. i hope these patches of weekend rests do help you nurture both body and spirit. i notice that some of your vacay blogs’ intro mention a “difficult” month or time prior to the trip… just keep going (no pun intended)! and you know what, you’re amazing! your energy in your show is “up there” every morning no matter how bad (perhaps) you feel on that particular day. hindi halata. in fact, you and delle are my uppers in the morning. with you two around, i don’t need coffee! hehehe. thank you! 😀

  4. grabe sir chico, ang sarap iframe ng mga kuha mo, parang mga painting! ang sarap nya gayahin, nakakainspire tuloy maging photographer..or painter na rin.

    btw, i love your show with del, keep it up! di kumpleto araw ko kapag hindi ko kayo naririnig, sana hanggang sunday meron kayong show, hehe


  5. wow! Outrageous shots! I’ve been to laiya, i think more 5 times na(the roads leading to the resort then was very very dusty, ngaun cemented na..), me & my coworkers really enjoyed the place(he he, obvious..), i’m surprised na may ganyang isda dyan…, i should’ve explore more pag pupunta kami uli.. incredible! =)

  6. hi chico..virgin beach resort is really nice…dapat nga lang summer ka talaga punta sobrang clear ng water and you can really see little fishes along the shore..kahit nakaupo ka lang dadaan sila sa harap mo hehehe…the beach and the cottage ang panget lang sa kanila is the food..sobrang tagal nila magserve mga 1 hour before nila iserve sayo un food mo..and then the taste is not even worth it sa bayad mo…i’ll definitely go back there but i’ll bring my own food..i’ll just pay corkage..kesa naman magbayad ka sa food nilang walang kwenta. hehehehe1

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