About Chico Garcia

I am Chico Garcia. I was born June 17, 19** (clue: it was pre-Martial Law). I studied Grade School and High School in La Salle Greenhills, then College at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I took up English as my course, shifted to Journalism, then finally settled down in Broadcasting. I’ve been a radio broadcaster for more than 18 years, since January 1990. I’ve been through 3 radio stations (almost 5, but that’s a long story, maybe I’ll post about it someday), but I found my home in Monster Radio RX 93.1. I’ve worked there December 1990-February 1999, then June 2002-present. Our morning show is called The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar, and it airs Mondays to Saturdays, 6-9 am. The show is accessible via live streaming at http://www.rx931.com. We also have a weekly column with the Manila Bulletin called, “He Says, She Says”, which comes out every Thursday, Youth & Campus Section. We’re currently also teaching radio broadcasting in St. Paul College of Pasig, as part of their GIFT classes.Β  We have a class every Monday for Grade School, and another every Thursday for High School.Β  I have a book about Asian myths published in New York. I love animals, that’s why I have 3 cats, 4 dogs, and 9 Kois. Because of this, I was a vegetarian for 10 years, but I started eating meat when I fell in love (Again, long story. Trust me, it’s nothing sleazy). I love nature. I love going to the beach. I love diving. I love photography, especially underwater. I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years and counting.

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  1. hi Chico!

    congratulations on your blog!

    I couldn’t keep mine, though I don’t reveal much about myself there anyway.

    keep it up. this is just plain coolness!

    louise : )

  2. Thanks a bunch guys! It was a daunting idea at first, but it’s easier and more than than I ever imagined!

    • well..chico finally..nkita din kita..yeah right kahawig mo nga c derk ramsey..un nga lang pag nkatalikod…harhar..peace..more power to you and to del.god bless and be as green as you are..correction funny pla..pa.greet naman 2m..thanks..hope to see you in person..

  3. Hi! You know, everyday when going to school, i always listen to you guys!!
    I am just asking that if you and del lamar (not sure of the spelling) has a yahoo messenger.

    If you think that I dont really write things like these often then you are right!

    I dont really know what to right so….

    I Love you both on the radio!

    I know that you dont like it if people say only that you are funny because so may people already wrote that about you so I am going to say that you are brilliant! (sounds good?)

    I will really appreciate it if you send me your Yahoo messenger address. πŸ˜€

    Bye for now!!

    P.S. I am NOT a crazy fan but I am a fan and if you say good morning to my sisters and brother and mom and dad after the Top 10 i would really appreciate it!


  4. hey chico. welcome to the other side of the world (aka. the blogging world). i’ve been a listener of your show since i was in first grade (ohno) and i’m already in my second semester as an applied physics major. i really enjoy your show. haha. i sound like a fangirl. haha. congratulations on your blog. πŸ™‚

  5. hi! I’m a big fan of your show and of the whole radio station. Sometimes I even listen to you all day long, if I could.

    welcome to blogland and i’ll be checking your blog religiously, so don’t get lazy okay!

    btw, na-intrigue ako sa pics ni del ah… regards to all the djs..


  6. hey yah chico…and yah, im a rusher too!!…mejo silent nga lang..hehe..and whatever happens, my loyalty will always remain on the morning rush and on rx…

    anyways, nice blog entries…thank you for sharing your thoughts with us…

    i view this site almost everyday….and i will always be looking forward to reading more of your posts…hopefully you won’t get tired of posting…

    sana si delle din magkablog na…

    so there..bye for now…

  7. Hi Chico!

    This is a nice site you have here. I really enjoy reading your blogs and your flawless grammar is impressive. I have heard you mention quite a few times that you’re very particular with that.

    I have been a Rusher since 1990. I sometimes participate in the top 10 under the codename Carmine. Nowadays, i can only catch your show every Monday and Wednesday. The rest of the time, i just download the top 10 and listen to it on my ipod to get my fix. Most of the time, i listen to my favorites over and over and still laugh as if i’m hearing them for the first time. Some of your jokes and punchlines are predictable (esp the corny ones) but, ewan ko ba, they still work!


  8. Hi chico. Just started to browse your blog. And I find it really cool. I like it. So simple and elegant. I like your style and the pictures that you posted. Just wanna let you know that I’ve been listening to your radio program for years now and I’m glad that you decided to come up with this venue where you can give us a much easier access to reach out to you and just to let you know that we admire your wittiness, intelligence and honesty that you show not only on your show but through your writing. Keep it up dude. May God Bless you and your loved ones.

  9. Wow, thanks for all the nice comments on the blog! Mriano, Beryl,and Geyp, I’ll try my best not to be lazy! If you noticed I’ve had 3 days straight that I posted. Klaudine, nice to know you’re not crazy. Janelikestofly, thanks for staying with us (I recognize your codename!) Anne, thanks, I really love language so I’d like to use it properly. I’d love to be able to wield a proverbial pen as well as artists wield their paintbrushes. Chard, I’m enjoying this blogging experience immensely, so I hope it’s for keeps. Besides, the regular posting helps keep my writing skills sharpened.

  10. hi chico,

    just to let you know that you and delamar are doing an excellent job in not only entertaining listeners during the morning rush shows but also in sharing/imparting good values, lessons, words, perspectives, stories and what-have-you in our everyday life.

    wishing both of you the best in 2008 and may you live the dream.


    p.s. i have been a listener for the longest time and have even influenced my daughters to tune in (they were hesitant at first)

  11. hi chico. you should blog-hop and try to browse through the blogs of your fans (hint, hint). πŸ˜› then you’ll see just how crazy we they are… haha…

    and oh, i don’t know if it’s my browser’s problem or it’s your theme, the pictures are a bit misaligned. if you haven’t done it yet, when you post a pic inline with the paragraph, select (click) it and choose the ‘align left’ or ‘align right’ button. if you’re already doing that, then it’s probably my browser. (i use firefox :D)

  12. Thanks Choy, that was a heartwarming message! And Bursky, yes, I actually browse through the blogs that included me in their blog rolls. It’s quite an honor for me to know that some people put my blog on their list. And yes, they all have “interesting” thoughts!

  13. As compared to others, honestly, i’m quite a newbie. I started listening to you guys when I started my internship last april. Now, it’s almost 9 months and i still enjoy your show, the reason why I wake up early in the morning (and i’m not a morning person actually but you’re giving me a reason to wake up early). You and Del make my day.

    Anway, welcome to the blogosphere. I’m thinking of featuring DJs on my blog soon, and hoping it would be you and Del to be the first. But i just don’t know how I will keep in touch with you..(maybe through email or just through here?)

  14. Hi Chico! I’ve been your avid listener since college (I’m now 32..hint! hint!). Needless to say, I truly enjoy your show. You guys are so funny and I sometimes have to stop myself from laughing out loud especially when I’m in public commute just in case people might think I’m weΓ―rd. Anyway, your blog is really great. This is really good work…a good must-read blog.

  15. ived read about you and that confirms it mas matanda ka nga sa akin your post martial law and im a martial law baby, joke joke joke,,, jas want to congratulate you on your blog more power to you your blog and delamar, shes hot by the way, god bless!!!

  16. I’m so glad I listened to your show this morning. That’s how I found out about your blog. Such sadness! My radio, actually the radio here in our office, it hates me! When I switch to your station all I can hear is ZZZZZZZZ as in nada! That’s why I can only listen to you guys in my car, and sometimes my cellphone. That’s why I have to suffer to listen to those two DJ’s (am not gonna mention from what station) mocking each other, and trying to make a conversation.
    I’m so happy you decided to join the blog world. Now I can read about your Top Ten, and read your blog!!! Such huge fan!!! I’m psychotic wife by the way :)) You read three of my four entries to your top ten. Thanks!!! God bless you two!

  17. Hi chico .. am a huge fan! i was thrilled when i heard about your blog. ‘been listening to you .. since college .. when you mentioned that you’ve been in a relationship for 4 years, I suddenly recall, years back during the morning rush, you seemed to almost got pissed with delle for implying that you finally have a girlfriend … haayy .. really excited to read more of your posts!
    you’ve read some of my entries in the top ten, spoke to you twice .. and guess what, was so happy when i spotted you and delle a couple of times in redbox greenbelt … goodluck and more power (“,)

  18. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

    Finally, a blog! I heard you on the radio saying that you are not the diary-keeping type. I think. Or I might be in astral projection and I’m hearing things.

    If you’re in to some senseless writing, you can check out my wordpress account:

    Not much of a writer – most comments I get is spam, haha. But then, blog sites don’t discriminate. πŸ™‚

    Hope Del has one too. I’d love to hear her thoughts.

  19. Finally, I have seen your blog that you have said on the Morning Rush! It is interesting. I even saw the top 10 entries, which I have heard on the radio.

    I have been listening to you and Del for a long time. I even have the tape of your first album “Talk About Love”, which was autographed by both of you in Music1 in Makati in 1999. I now get to listen to your program with Del anywhere whether outside or in the office (at the DFA but not at the Passport Section)with an MP3 player. I see to it that I listen to your show on the MP3 player, even if the radio station being played outside is not of my liking. Listening to your program really makes my day and it makes me feel good. For me, your program is No.1 to me and you and Del are MY NO.1 DJS.

    I wish Del would have one. Nevertheless, keep up the good work.

    Hope to receive an e-mail from you.

    PS. Share this to Del.

  20. Congratulations! Good thing it’s wordpress.com… I hope you’ll always update this… and, hopefully I get to read and visit it religiously like what I do every morning with Morning Rush Ü

  21. hi chico!!!
    matagal na akong nkikinig sa morningrush…mga 3years na…tagal no?
    pero enjoy talaga lalo na tuwing papasok kami sa ofc. every morning
    kahit 8km ang trapik frm.alabang t0 bicutan then 2km frm. nichols to
    mantrade ok na ok parin dahil sa inyo guys(chico&delamar).tnx a lot
    for a smile every morning. paki greet naman mga kasama ko ronald cuadro,
    lhen cuadro, gg cuadro.

  22. Hi, Chico. I’m so happy that your blog is so successful. I wish to read more from you. It’s a very nice gift that you have- the ability to entertain people with very minimal effort. It’s your nature, I believe.

    I’ve been listening to you since I was in High School (Though I really couldn’t listen to you religiously since class hours shift every after 5 months in public schools). Now I’m two years done with my first course in college & a happy girlfriend to my son’s father.

    I just love listening to you and Del. And I so wish that you’d continue doing your thing until we are all very old, or if it’s not too much to ask, until you have blood running in your system.

    I would love my son to grow up to listen to you, just like me.

    You’re tandem is one of the reasons why I never thought of leaving the Philippines to work in another country. There’s no Chic n Del anywhere else.

  23. Chico,

    I’m taking the guts right now to write a comment on your blog. Congrats and keep em coming.

    I was trying to get a hold of you and Del for the longest time to let you know I exist. I actually sent a message through RXMorningRush.com forum but never got a reply from you. I got an email from Del however after my reply, I never got any reply back… so hopefully, since you are now a certified blogger… I could hear from you. hehehe…

    Anyway, you’ve got a great site and I always look forward for the un-aired entries of the top 10. Don’t get tired of updating pretty please!!! Please send my regards to Del and hopefully I get an email back from her as well.

    Niegel of Orange County, CA

    I had a girlfriend back when I wrote to you guys, now, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore, I now have a wife. I got married last Jan 17. I was hoping you could congratulate me. =(

  24. hi chico,

    mornings will never be the same without you and del!
    you guys never fail to put a smile, actually it’s more of guffaw, on my way to work.
    and with your new blog, congratulations! really interesting.

    more power to your show, to your blog and to whatever you’re into! hehehehe

    say hello to the love of my life..vasky! tnx πŸ˜‰

  25. chico,

    congratulation sa Blog mo. Okey ang dating… sosyal…. hindi siya baduy.

    keep it up. Worth it to endorse sa morning rush. good luck more.

    Tell delamar to make one too… para to know her brief history like you.

    More POWER sa MORNING RUSH , may your morning show 6 to 9 am

    airs for the next 10 to 20 years…. to eternity. corny ba????

    anyways, i LOVE rx BECAUSE of Morning Rush.

    sana kapag on vacation kayo ulit, huwag naman kayo mag sabay,

    kasi kapag mag kasabay kayo, walang TOP TEN.

    take care….

  26. Hey chico!

    Congratulations with the success of your blog, anyway keep it up i mean with the

    top ten and all, you guys can be so funny, and it just makes my day a little

    brighter just listening to you and Del.

    I’ve been you’re “unheard” of fan since hmmm 1990something, and you guys just never

    fail to make me laugh.

    More power to your blog and say hi to Del for me hehe.

    Chim CHiok!

  27. Chico,

    You’ve got a great site here! and what’s greater is — you really read your comments! I heard your greetings on-air today (Jan-30 here) and I was soooooo surprised to be greeted by the two greatest radio DJs “Chico and Del”. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t control the over-flowing joy knowing that finally, God answered my prayer! Naks di ba?!

    Unfortunately I can’t listen to you’re live show since they don’t allow web streaming in the office. Thankfully, Blue Ritz never fails to update her web blog (cdtop10.blogspot.com). Thanks to her I’m able to listen to the morning rush everyday religiously.

    Lastly, I know you’ve greeted me already but may I request you to say Hi and I love you to my ex-girlfriend and wife “Charizze Atengo-Leoncio”. Thanks for trusting me to be your lifetime partner.

    Thanks again!

    Niegel (Orange County, CA)

    P.S. again
    1. Is there a way for me to join the top 10?
    2. Listening to the TOP 10 dumbest things you ever said, your entry also happened to me. During my first year in the US, a cashier greeted me, “How’s the weather outside?” I responded by walking by the window and going back to her saying, it’s a bit rainy. He then gave me a weird look as if he was saying “What a weirdo!”. hahaha!!! just wanna share!

  28. Hi Chico!
    Congrats with your cool blog!!!
    Thanks for keeping us more entertained.
    More power to your blog & to morning rush!!!

    Thanks guys!



  29. Hi Chico,

    I’m Ann from Manitoba, Canada. My sisters and I are big fans of the morning rush and we still listen to you guys through the recordings by Blueritz. It was so great the he/she came up with the site. Anyways, just letting you know that you got fans here at Manitoba and thanks for the morning rush my mornings here on the ride to the campus are fun. It’s an hour ride on the bus but it’s worthwhile because I’m listening to you guys.
    Your blog is wonderful. Hope I can see you guys when I get back there and that would be 3 years from now. Hope you’re still on the air.

    One more thing, can I just ask who is Karen and what she look likes? This is sheer curiosity. Can you post a picture of her with you guys. Her voice sounds really great and we’re intrigued by how she look.

    thanks : )

  30. I find it funny every time you “plug” your blog every morning at your show. It has become a guilty-pleasure for me to read you blog eeeeevery morning. And you have inspired me to start my own blog as well. The lay-out is so cool and your entries are very interesting. When is Del starting her own blog? You can conquer the blog world together! You can do like a He-said She-said blog. That would be reaaaalllly cool.

    Now let me do my shameless plug as well…. eighttrackdemo.livejournal.com Hahaha!

    Keep it up and all the best to you and your morning show. Say hi to Del for me. πŸ™‚

  31. Hi Chico,

    luuuuuuv your blog site.
    luuuuuuv your morning show with Del.
    my kids luuuuuv your show too.
    they haaaaaaate it when their grandfather brings them to school bec “he listens to lolo music” they say.
    luuuuuuv my morning routines because of you guys. even in my “waking-up-in-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed” days, you guys Allllllllways manage to make me laugh.

    more power!!

    here’s to earl grey tea!


  32. hi chico,

    im an avid listener of RX since my college days ( way back 1994 ). and up to now “morning rush’ is one of my morning rituals before i go to work. im turning 31 this coming march. and one of my birthday wish is to finally meet you ang delamar in person:-)

  33. hello chico! i’ve a listener of rx since i was in high school and now im already working and already finished my college,…i remember ” nagtatalo pa kami ng nanay ko sa station ng radio every morning kasi naiinis siya sa inyo ni del,kasi ang iingay nyo daw at inglisan ng inglisan,..hehehe..” but then again i was still the winner,..morning rush padin ang nasusunod ..hahaha…until now ganun padin ang kalakaran before going to work nakikinig muna ko,..hindi kumpleto ang araw without listening to you guys!…. good luck chico and del! and more power yo both of you! ( paki greet naman ako sa radio…hahaha…dennis tyrone garcia po ang name..tnks!)

  34. hello chico..:)just want to say you guys (you and del) are so fun to listen to.. especially in the morning..
    you wake me up better than my alarm clock.. πŸ˜‰

  35. hi chico!

    i enjoy your blog though i’ve only seen it recently..hehe..anyway i also enjoy listening to you & delle every morning when im preparing for work..my boyfriend is also a convert ;),he even reminds me to turn on the radio when i forget sometimes..Ü
    i’ve been trying to be included in your top ten also,kayalang hindi ako napipili,but it’s ok,i still look forward to hearing other texters’ stories..
    please,please greet me & kokoy(my bf) when you get a chance to do so,around 7:30-7:45am(if possible,para marinig namin Ü)..thanks & keep it up!

  36. Hi Chico,

    I am big fan of your show (The morning Rush!), I love to listen to your daily Top Ten. My morning is not complete without listening to you guys. Thanks!
    I just wish you all the best! Please say Hi to Delamar from me.

    I love your blog πŸ™‚


  37. Hi Chico,

    wala ng paligoy ligoy pa. hehe.. are you and Miss Delamar available on March 28, 2008 to do hosting for a wedding, CasiΓ±o – Dy Wedding at NBC tent. the couple wanted both of you to become their emcees. Please please if you get this message pls call me at 6715496 or 6715497 / 09278872373. or email me at kutchie@gettingmarriedphils.com. I’ll wait for your reply. Please.

    Thank you so much. God bless

  38. hi chico!!!!
    im really a big fan of the show,the dj’s,actually every inch of the radio station…just curious why you and del are still single???????if you do want to answer that question just teaxt me at this no 09163956846 or just broadcast it on air,,hope you dont mind..just askin hahaha!!anyway godbless and have a prosperous new year ahead..luv yah both

  39. hi chico! i really love listening to your radio show. my morning is never complete without you and delamar:) i started listening when i was in 2nd year college, 13 years ago. phew! i usually stay in my ‘then’ boyfriend’s car and listen to the morning rush.we both love you and del! now, i’m 31, have had a 4 failed relationships – after my ‘morning rush bf buddy’:)hehe! a lot have changed but one thing remains the same – i’m still an avid fan! thanks for this blog, sarap basahin. i hope you’ll continue to write beautiful, informative, fun blogs. i hope you and del will have more, more, more years of morning rush:) thanks ha, you touched a lot of lives – in more ways than you can imagine. take care and god bless!

  40. hi, chicco! the morning rush is becoming a habit for me now…i love the daily top ten! can i just ask a favor? kindly feature here in your blog, your 10 topmost unforgettable songs, not necessarily favorites, but the ones that made an event or a person unforgettable for you. thanks!

  41. hi chico,

    do you still watch survivor? i know you used to watch that show; are you still a fan? i hope you’ll blog about it – your favorite survivors and survivor moments. after that, why don’t you blog about TARA too?! go marvilson!

  42. hi chico! twas nice seeing you in WP. at first i didn’t believe that it was the Chico Garcia of monster radio. i’ve been a listener of ur show since my highschool days, i’m now in dubai and no time to listen in ur show. 😦 i wish you sometimes post here your kulitan moments on board with delamar. I’ll link you up!

  43. hello chico, i’ve been an avid listener since college.. you’ve been a part of our (mom & bro)mornings since the 90’s.. we listen to your program on our way to school/work during the weekdays & during saturdays at home.. you never failed to make us laugh.. say hi to del for me.. take care!

  44. Fredereeeeeek! I haven’t explored your blog but as promised, there was the first of my “nasty” comments. I sincerely hope to one day wake up early and pay you and Del a surprise visit and have one of our “mini stop” breakfasts. Ah, those were the days, Ricotikbabes.(Sorry, I just had to put a rhyme to it!) Churs!

  45. hello chico πŸ™‚

    i just want you to know that i started listening since i was in grade school and i’m now through with being a student and i still tune in once in a while… i miss the old segments, especially the wake up call and good morning manilaaaa!!ΓΌ i was never called for the “wake-up call” segment so i am hoping it would come back soon. haha. by the way, thanks a lot for sharing your precious time (both you and del) for some picture-taking at the G4 cinemas last week…

    have a great weekend!

    [xoxo] i am linking my multiply account to your blog, okay? thanks sooooo much!

  46. Hi Chico, I am one of those “silent rushers”, I’ve always wanted to send entries for the top ten but I know you guys have lots & lots of entries, I just hope you said something more about your self…your BLOG is really the “hottest thing”.

  47. hi chico, i’m one of the “silent rushers” for a very long time now and i haven’t express myself to you guys…not even a hi on text or anything…ngayon lang talaga…as in! your blog’s great. i just started reading last week and i love the word “motherclucker”…hehehe! Know what, dati as in dati dati pa is listen to the radio because of the music but ever since i’ve learned about you guys, kayo na lang pinakikinggan ko…just wanna let you know. take care more power to you
    thank you for entertaining us

  48. hi, it’s me again. btw i’m a she. dito ko sa office ngayon(call center) bawal mgnet pero eto parin ako so far di pa nahuhuli pero until then i’ll just keep on going…hahaha.
    please greet me tomorrow. thanks a lot
    gud nyt

  49. Hi! I’m currently residing here in Seattle, Washington. Just want you to know I enjoyed listening to you and Del. You guys rock but how can I get in touch with you if I want to participate in your top 10? Pls. let me know…. ayt? Have a great day you two. And sayt hi to Del for me and tell her she’s so adorable. Tell her to wait for my son.. He’s 2 yrs old. Just kidding! Ciao!

  50. good morning chico,

    i got to work this morning listening to you and delamar on the radio and i have been hearing about your blog through the morning rush. thank you and to delamar for brightening up my mornings with laughter.

    i always here you talking about your pets and last year i decided to get a dog and you are sooo right. having a pet really changes your life for the better. (they are such great therapy since i have three now – dachshunds).

    stay your sane and witty self.

    who else,
    smelly cat

  51. Hi,
    Finally, I got the time to actually visit this site, and I must say its quite impressive! I’ve been listening to your show since……well, for a long time. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing the things you do on the radio, e.g. entertaining, educating, emancipating, etc… Unfortunately I never get to start nor finish your show. Good luck and more power to you and Del. Wish someday our paths will cross, so I would get to meet you and most especially Del.

    btw..who/how do i get in touch you if i/we would require hosting projects for parties/events for our car club? that is if you’re doing those sort of things.

    thank you amd have a good day!!

  52. hi chico, well, congratulations on your blog and for putting a really great show w/ Delamar, you have no idea how you and Del had touches my life and my relationship with my brother, he was the one who introduced your show and since then i’ve been an addict. Anyways, just want to thank you guys, coz whenever i listen to you, i always remember my brother, he passed away a couple of years back due to car accident and hearing you guys everyday, i just felt that his always beside me, laughing out loud and telling “si chico tlga…. nakakatuwa noh?!’ Well, just keep up the good work guy and Good bless to both of you and to all listeners of Morning Rush…

  53. Hi Chico!
    I’ve been such a big fan for more than 10 years. I remember you and Del hosted a DLSU fair back in college(can’t remember if it’s 1996 or 1997) and my friend and I wanted to approach you and Del but we got really shy.
    Unfortunately, I don’t get to tune in everyday because of work and I’m so glad you started this blog( I hope Del will have one too). It’s really very positive and extremely entertaining.

    Please don’t take too much vacation leave(this also applies to Del). Kidding! πŸ˜‰

    Say hi to Del for me! Take care and have a great weekend!

  54. thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea and thank you for making our mornings so full of laughter (my sisters and I are fans and now, my kids are addicted to your show).

  55. I am a 50 year old mom and I am quiet old when i discovered your radio program.
    our morning will not be the same without your morning top ten.
    both of you make me feel young.

  56. Hi Chico

    Thanks for sharing your blog!!

    I do not read much thats why my english was so limited, considering I attend meetings and my only baon is my “baluktot” english. Listening to you guys broadens not just my vocabulary but my accent as well, hehe. Thank you!! And with your constant plugging of your blogspot I got curious and here I am – – “hooked”. πŸ™‚

    I love the Daily Top Ten, there’s nothing like a good laugh every morning.

    Good luck guys!! Take care always!!! Waiting for you every morning!!!

  57. Just want to comment on what I’ve heard yesterday when you were doing the Top Ten (I think it was about the Most Rude People..). You exactly said: “My mom always told me..” which was the same line of KC Concepcion in her shampoo commercial, same reason why it was revised. It was wrong grammar, my dear! “Always” is present tense and “told” of course, is past. You can’t put them together, get it? I don’t mean to offend you or something. I’m just concerned, coz you have listeners who gets their English 101 from you.Well, that’s it. This just proves that I do listen to you guys everyday. I want to say sorry, too. Thanks anyway and God bless!Ü

  58. Hi Chico,

    I really love your show, The Morning Rush, with Delamar. A cannot last a day without it. More success to you and Del. God bless

  59. on and off listener of morning rush!! i love chico, del and brad trio ang saya and dun ko lang na realize kung ano ang meaning ng pervert!!! pero same pa rin funnyfunny pa rin and more funny pa!!! you makes me smile or laugh kala nila im crazy. . . . but for me, chico ur not a cornball ur a popcorn! hehehehe!

  60. hi chico.. and please say hi din kay delamar
    i always listen to your show since elementary (grade 6 nmn)pa ata… grbeh,,, saya nu tlg… and now that i’m working your show is part of my morning, and i’m one of those avid listener na napagkakamalang baliw… because when everyone thought i was sleeping in fx.. there are a lot of times natatawa ako…your the best tlg.. and ei… i just want you to know that in our thesis days in college,, i want to share this… cause you really helped us a lot… we had our thesis in b.s. archi.. and its really the most worst thing to experience as in literally you won’t sleep for how many months… because of it.. my friends and i rented an apartment and its been an arki habit to do the drawings at night and sleep at day… we stayed there for almost five months and we always always listen to your show.. but we don’t wake up early.. coz… we do our drawing from 12midnight – 9am your so bentang benta to us tlg as para kaming naka ganja(clean po kami ha)… we feel so alive listening to you guys.. but when your show is over.. para kming sundalo isa isang bumabagsak… we wanted to tell you guys this through text nung dati pa.. but its too long… di ba… nagtry pala kaming magtext that time… kso natatapos n show nu.. di pa rin nmn naririnig name namen… kaya tawa n lng kmi…
    and lastly i really love your song before ung “may tomorrow be a brighter day,may god blank you long the way,,, i am chico and i’m delamar til he brings us together again good morning everybody….,,, ” i always sing it when i’m badtrip… as in.. kala ng barkada ko praning n tlg… ko… sabi ko inde ah.. pinalaki lang ako nina chico and del…. hahhaa…
    hope to hear it again,,, at sana marinig ko nmn name ko sa show lagi n lang kse sina loi pogi, no name, jose de bangenge.. etc.. thank you.. lav you guys…

  61. hi chico…i hope i can copy ur RX top ten blogs and post them in my multiply site. i promise to give credit to you. i also hope you’ll allow me to post your link so other friends can read your nice blogs. God Bless always

  62. Yo-yo-yo Chico!

    Hi there! Ive been always listening to you guys everyday at your show in RX. With the Daily Top Ten and of course the songs, I love it. Before I know which radio station your workin, I always see you and Del do some guesting in some shows in the tube. Sad part is, I always haven’t got that chance to know your radio station whenever you’re doin the plugs until the last time I saw you (and Del I think) in a show @ 23. Now that I know its RX, I always tuned in everyday. I was very disappointed whenever there are times my radio can’t pick-up the radio frequency of your station (by the way,I’m from Bataan) and its pissing me off. Hehe! And at last, now I have the chance to visit your blog and now I can share some laughs with my family and friends with the Daily Top Ten posts on your blog. Now, atleast I’m not just the only one who’s been tagged β€œsosing makikinig” (because both of you are using the english language,not like some radio stations..Haha) by my peer. Now, some of them are also listening with you guys every morning.

    Keep it up! Congrats with the show and to your blog.

  63. Hi Chico!! I never fail to listen to you guys! Minsan while driving (alone or with my wife Dhang)people will look at me/us, cguro they’re thinking na weird ako/kami since all of a sudden we’ll burst into laughter, mas weird pa pag ako lang mag-isa!… You keep our morning’s Sunny and Bright!

  64. Hey chico! gas, you’ve just started blogging! youve missed a lot! but welcome, welcome, tehre’s always room for a blogger anytie!

    now remember: like what somebody just wrote – dont get lazy! we are not just listeners, we are readers now hehehe (did i scare you? *wink* *wink*)

  65. chico… I like photography din.. kso.. I don’t have the time and money for it kaya… inaabuso ko celphone ko.. nasira ko n kase ung antic namen na digi cam eh….. sana makakuha ko ng onting tips from u… nagiipon pa kase ko eh.. pro malapit na hundred years na lang.. me camera na ko… hahha… IDOL n kita… grabeh… I like the Quezon sitting,,, Is-tat-ue??? para kaseng foreigner eh… hehehe

  66. Hi chico!

    Iam a fan of your Morning Rush on rx. It’s so entertaining and hilarious at times10. I listen to you everyday, being my companion from home to office from 7am to 8. Traveling with traffic is no problemo to me, because i enjoy your company. para nga akong sira na tawa ng tawa sa car, nag-iisa naman ako. You REVved up my life. Pag wala kayo dalawa, wala — Malungkot. Keep it up.


  67. Hey Chico!
    Thanks to your show and now I have company when I am alone at night. =) I live on the other side of the world and I am thankful for the use of RX Live. Now I could listen to it =)
    Anyway, what is the YM of Morning Rush? =)


  68. Yo-yo-yo Chico!

    I was thinking, where can i find those pictures you have been telling in your morning show that we can find in your blog? Like the pictures you have got in Hong Kong. Thanks

  69. hey love love love ur show… too bad i cn only listen to it while im in d shower…my husband listens to AM shows…d jerk. =)
    i was d one hu advised a fellow ehem…”manugang” to force our MONSTER in law to make us leave…hehehe….i hope it worked for her…hahaha
    anyway, more power to u and del (wow, feeling close)…

  70. pre!i’m an avid listener since ’96 pa,in fact pag nagtayo kayo ng kulto ni del sasapi ako!
    more power guys!

  71. hi chico! i always look forward to reading your blog! i like the pics and parang professional photographer na!!congrats! i like the malapascua island pics,makes me miss home even more…all the best to u and delle! i miss listening to u guys!!God bless! πŸ™‚

  72. Hi Chico,

    I’ve been an avid fan of the morning rush since college and already working for 10 years. More power to you and your show. Say hi to Delmar for me (i have this crush on her). =)

    – gin

  73. it’s just this morning that I heard you say you have a blog. blogger ka pa la. anyway, i’ve been a fan of morning rush since 1997. i was a listener of your show from 6:30 am to 8:00 am: – the time spam that i am in the car. for the past 1.5 years i’ve not been listening to rx since my youngest is now in college and stays at a dorm. no more hatid in the morning.

    about 2 weeks ago, my grandson and i were on our way to manila ocean park at 7 am and we were listening to your show. delamar then greeted on air her 2 nieces arwen and anya who were also on their way to ocean park. ethan, my grandson, said “hey!, the lady said arwen and anya. is that arwen my classnate?” well. it turned out to be true. mag classmate nga.

    so, goodluck fellow blogger. more power to you!

  74. Dear Chico,

    Hi! This is karen. I handle th PR for Krispy Kreme and I met you before when we visited you guys in RX. I just wanted to thank you and Del for all you help with the Ayala branch opening. Also, we wanted to let you know that the winners of the 1 year supply and the 6 months supply of original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts heard about out it from you guys! And they came all the way from Bulacan. They fell in line at 2:30 pm, the day before the opening for a total of about 16 hours. So thank you! thank you! thank you for all your help. You guys have helped us bless a lot of people in that opening. Do let us know if there is anything we can do for you.


  75. hey, chico! this is really great. i have always been a silent rusher (but of course that’s not me) ever since i was in 6th grade (i’ve already finished my journalism course and has been working for three years, so you do the math, :P) your show has made a pivotal role in my life because it made me love radio more, appreciate life better and even get wonderful ideas from you when i try to do some writing…kudos and may you inspire more listeners and readers like me…

  76. hi chico!

    i’ve been listening to your show since…i dont know.. hehe pero buhay pa papa ko nakikinig na kami sa inyo. habang nagaalmusal, naglilinis ng bahay, at pag hinahatid nya kami dati sa school. at sobrang nageenjoy talaga kami sa topten nyo. sabi nyo dati, uulitin nyo yung top ten grammar boo-boos. yun yung hinding hindi ko makakalimutan sa lahat ng topic nyo sa top ten kasi gumugulong ako sa sahig katatawa. literaly. di ba nagtrabaho din kayo sa kcfm dati? well, nakikinig din ako dun dati eh tapos bigla na lang nawala yung station. anyway, sana mabati mu ko sa radio (huu… pumaparaan.. hehe) paki hi din nga pala ako kay del. at tsaka patugtugin nyo sana yung theme song ba yun? yung may lyrics na “im chico and im delamar, together we’ll reach for the stars good morning everyone.”? hehe sana igrant mo yung wish ko. more power! God Bless!

  77. Hi Chico!

    I’ve been listening to you since 1990 when I was still in university in the Philippines. Thank god for the internet I am able to connect with you guys again after migrating to Canada in the mid-1990’s. I love the morning crew unfortunately I could call up and give my thoughts on the Top 10 on the air but I love the interaction, though. I’m in Law School right now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I often listen to your show while studying in the library which is 6:00 in the evening here. It’s really weird to hear that it’s summer there and we are still in the tail end of winter here, eventhough it’s already spring. We had the worst winter in years, a snowstorm every week. The thoughts of traffic jams to Makati, wow, I don’t know if I miss that. Anyways, maybe I’ll drop by RX when I go back home someday (no definite plans yet). I remember picking up a prize at the station before. Was it at the Strata building in Pasig? Anyways, keep up the good work guys! You make me feel closer to home when I listening to your station.

    Till I get back home!

  78. hi chico, u’r prolly tired of reading/hearing how a lot of people have been listening to you guys way back in 1996 but i must say i am one of them…i remember in one of my most difficult times and even though i know i have friends, i wanted to hear someone — a stranger’s opinion on what should i do and u were there, u dnt know how thankful i’ve been for getting a response to an email i sent u back then, u do give REAL advice…drama! thanks again and for the record i’ve been listening to you guys since 1996 until 2006 and only found you late last year thru eradio portal…from PI all the way to the carribean! God bless! and stay in love!

  79. oh and i almost forgot, that building in HK is called IFC Tower, i asked my friend who works in HK and he said that the office rent in that building is soooooo expensive that’s why it’s quite popular..

  80. ey chico! i love your show with delamar! “the morning rush” when i get up i turn my radio on just to hear u and del, everytime u read the top ten i laugh really hard when u read it as u were the one who did those things, it rebuilds my energy so i was able to do what i need to do, u really made it perfectly and since i heard u i start to lock in to this station rx93.1 monster radio noone can replace…. hehehe godspeed!


  81. Hi Chico,
    Is it you with username Lorbie in Traderspizza.com? It carries your url.
    Nice blog and sharp photo shots.
    I love photography but it didn’t like me.
    Cheers! from here in Norway.

  82. can’t believe that i’ve been reading your entries here for a while and i just checked this out. 4 yrs ka na pla in a relationship?! haha! kelan kaya si del?! peace del! haha! keep it up chico! the top ten usually makes my day and cheers me up when i’m gloomy πŸ™‚

  83. i’ve been an avid listener of the Morning Rush thru the ever reliable net and i love your radio show a lot… i’m here in malaysia and been tuning in to your show for the past year already.. great show and give my regards to del too..

    btw… 1st time to see your blog and man i love your photos… great captures!!

  84. hi chico!

    listening to you and delamar over rx 93.1 everyday makes morings bearable. i have been an avid listener since med school days. i am now a certified shrink. laughter is indeed the best medicine and i do encourage non-rushers to listen to your show. sometimes, i find it hard to believe that there are still those who have not heard of your show. unbelievable! what a snotty remark! he he he!
    reading your blog is another matter. it is very refreshing. i like your wit and candor…you make UP proud! i also find your photos very interesting. you do have an eye for beauty…keep up the good work! looking forward to more great shows and interesting blogs. regards to delamar!

  85. hey chico,

    finally! finally! finally! after having a very close lean on my computer speaker here at the office, i finally heard it right!…ur blog’s URL i mean.

    been an avid listener of morning rush for over a decade now though i dont participate in ur top 10 but surely laugh with it.

    one of d reasons i browsed ur blog is because u always left us hanging with those nasty entries and promise to post it on ur blog instead so we can have an access to it. curiosity kills me and so here i am, spent almost more than half a day of my paid hours here at the office browsing ur writings and d “uncut” πŸ˜‰ top 10s.

    hey, u’re funniest when u inject those corny super old jokes during top 10. keep it up! mornings are lighter with u guys around…

  86. Hi chico nakita ko na rin ang sikat mong blog? Ang ganda at ang lupeeet! Congats. Matagal na kong fan ng tandem nnyo ta sa inyong morning show. Since nung 1st yr. high skul ako up to now. Kaya ako naging loyal sa inyo kc kpag naririnig ko kayo sa radyo gumaganganda at pinapasaya nyo lagi ang morning ko. Dahil din sa show nyo natuto akong mag-ingles. If i could remember, lagi kong inaantabayan yung sang segment nyo na kung saan nagbibigay kayo ng mga advices: about love, relationship and even sa career. Dami kong napulot dun kaya lang nawala ito sa ere kc lumipat kayo. Tsaka favorite ko rin yng segment nun na puro opm yng song nyo rmbr? Pero syempre hindi pa rin nawwala ynf fave namin which is yung TOP 10. Kung di nyo lang alam halus sumakit na ang tian ko sa kakatawa. Up to now na nasa RX na kayo piakikingan ko pa rin kayo, pg may time nkakasali rin ako sa top 10 every saturday. And dati gusto ko tlga pumunta sa mall shows nyo nung naglabas kayo ng album kaso may work ako. Ang hindi ko makakalimutan sa show nyo: nung 29th b-day ni del, dba bumaha nun ng gift tsaka flowers na hindi nya expect tapus naiiyak sya, alam naiyak rin ako nun kasama ko pa yung pinsan ko nun don yun sa dati nyong station. Yung nawalan ng cp si del sa bar, at yung nalink sya dun sa kapatid ni Brad Turvey. Chico salamat sa’yo at kay Del kasi kahit konti lang friends ko kapag nkikinig ako sa inyo pakiramdam ko hindi ako nagiisa. Salamat sa binibigay nyong inspiration sa kin. More success sa both of you and God Bless.

  87. Hi Chico,

    Please vote Tubbataha Reef as one of the New7wonders of nature, if i’m not mistaken you’ve dived tubbataha reef. Please help spread the word. As of the moment it’s ranked number 8. Btw, love your blog and your show πŸ˜‰ Please say hi to delamar. Here’s the website http://www.new7wonders.com/classic/en/index/

  88. Hi Frederick!
    Oh.. Chico…
    its been years since i learned to listen to the both of you.. i was only a 12yo then,, now I’m finished college and now working for 5 years! whoaa. matanda nako.. o ikaw? heheh..but im really happy to know that youre in a relationship na. Don’t wori Del,, we’re on the same boat.. pretty girls never rush. haha..

    Anyway. i hope u encuorage Del to make her own blog like you. at least,, we get to know you guys more…

    More power and wedding bells..

    God Bless…

  89. Wow! Quite a spread you got going here. Props to you. And I’m in it! TBATR 27!

    Remember the time in November when your Top Ten was “Signs that you’re popular or that you’re an outcast”? My entry then was “Two years na akong nagba-blog pero 6 pa lang ang comments ko, dalawa dun, spam pa for viagra.” (Thank you cdtop10.)

    Well, I’ll have you know that that blog is still up despite non-existent public demand. The viagra comments have been expunged but were replaced by two more spams. That just about sums up reader activity for this year.

    It’s called “Rambling Juan” (I write it under my online handle JdelaCruz) and the url is (drumroll) http://inrandommode.blogspot.com

    Would be an honor to have you visit and add to my dozens of page hits.



  90. hi chico.

    i’ve been listening to you and del since the 90’s. there were times i was late for school because i didn’t want to leave unless you guys were through and now, there are times, i am late for work for the same reason. i have to finish taking a bath in time for the top ten which is every 30 minutes and my normal bath time is 25-45 minutes so i have to cut down my routine hehehe kulang na lang mag-alarm ako sa loob ng bathroom para sure na maaabutan ko yung next batch.

    anyways, i am fascinated by your photos and it will be great if you will display/exhibit your photos at my coffee shop here at u.p. village πŸ™‚

    u.p. students display their works of art at my shop and some students go here to enjoy our coffee concoctions and look at the (they call it) mini-gallery πŸ™‚

    btw, rx is always the background music here at the shop πŸ™‚

    i feel silly because i’m going to send you a message. it’s as if i know you personally hahaha i intentionally didn’t mention my coffee shop’s name and address because it’s like writing to santa, i will never know if you will be able to read my message and if you will reply hehehe

    thanks for your time πŸ™‚

  91. Hi Chico,

    Just want to thank you and Del for making me laugh everytime I listen to you guys. Although my sister and I have a ten-year age gap, we both share this habit listening to your show every morning.

    I do hope you share your growing love story here, coz I don’t see you as a boyfriend. You’re like a big brother who always has wonderful things to share to everyone.

    Keep it up! More blog entries!!! :))

  92. i remember when i first saw you and del singing in a video way waaaaay back.. i think you guys were walking to your studio or something .. while singing..? that’s when i started listening to you guys on the radio.. πŸ˜‰

  93. Greetings, Chico and Delamar!

    I am an avid listener of your morning rush! I truly appreciate the candor by which the both of you would discuss a particular issue. Do keep it up! By the way, should you need any medical opinion (I am a medical doctor) on a perticular medical issue or term, do feel free to please get in touch with me via cell phone. I could provide you my contact information via my email.

    God bless to the both of you and do keep up the great job of making us laugh!!!

  94. Seeing someone listening to his/her celphone/ipod and smiling is not new. But really laughing out loud is not a usual scene. Keep up the good work. And i’ll keep on listening. =)

  95. Good day, Chico and Delamar!

    Just want to congratulate you for having such a wonderful show every morning. I’ve always been listening to you guys since i was in 4th year high school, now I’m already 28 and still a big, big fan of yours. As long as you guys are on radio, there will always be people listening and enjoying each and every part of your show. Keep up the good work and always stay happy!

  96. Hope your doing well. How’s everything. I’m a Big Fan of Morning Rush, I was listening everyday online,and visiting you blogs everyday, I love your photography very interesting shots you got.

    Let me introduce myself. I’m Mia but you can call me “Aim” and currently living in Dubai and working on a leading business and finance information Company. Anyways Keep it up on your show and Hi to Del I’m waiting for your Blog to be online.

    Keep it up. Cheers

  97. Hi Chico,

    I listen to the morning rush every week day. Really enjoy it. Keep up the good work.


  98. hi chico i love listening to you at morning rush besided what is your Y.M. is i can hane it tnx

    your fan
    -cj 13

  99. Hi chico, 10 years ago My girlfriend and I use to listen to RX morning rush, theres no cellphone yet and most of the messages come from pagers, I woke up early then just to write down and copy quotes from your show and send to my girlfriend, how innovative ha, after 8 years she’s no longer my girlfriend, she’s now MRS. ESPINOSA, until now while driving on our way to office, we still listen to morning rush, and we will pass this habit to our kid who is 5 months old. We wish you all the wish you wish and hope the hope you hope. More power and more success.

  100. Hi! me and my husband love your show. We’re always tuned in every morning, on the way to our offices. Our ride to our offices is boring without hearing you and Del. Hope that 20 years from now we will still be listening to you guys! Hi to my son, Gabe Wyeth!

  101. Had to check it out … you keep advertising over and over again … Hello, Del (I am sure she reads this anyway … inggit … intriga …)

  102. my turn at the confessional:
    > a listener since ’95/’96 (circa Spider, Purple, V44 or was it V40?)
    > once hung out with other rushers at a recording studio in Makati
    > owns cassette copies of your albums
    > watched your TV show
    > was shocked by your transfer to some station
    > … and relieved when you returned
    > listed down top 10 entries for some time til i realized they were posted on the net

  103. same here, had copies of there albums, we were all so excited then when the first album was released that the whole office (10 employees ) spent our lunch break going to odyssey to buy the album… we were saddened when you transfer station(mind you we followed you there..)and rejoice when you guys decided to go back to rx… you guys are the best…

  104. I am an on and off listener, but a truly avid fan of you guys (one of your early rushers in 1996). On and off maybe because at that time my classes in college were in the mornings and I have to travel quite far to the university. I would be lucky if the jeepney I am riding in is listening to your station. Your move to the other station gave me mixed emotions. I was sad that you were leaving RX when I was starting to like the station because of your program, and happy because you were moving to this station (WKC then) which I listened to when I was still in high school. Anyways, now that you are back to RX everything is fine again.

    I think that was last Friday (May 23) when Del played the old Morning Rush theme song that made me remember all of these. I was singing along the entire time it was played and as I was singing I also remember your TV guestings promoting your album then. Haayyy….tumatanda na ako.

  105. hi chico! im ricci, 15 year old girl. when u were about to say goodbye awhile ago to your show, u mentioned your blog’s url. so here i am:) i started listening to your show early this year, and until now i’m still listening to you guys:) When we still had school classes, I used to listen to your show while preparing for school. Your voices are really great, and they somehow inspire me. How? I learned and i still am learning new things from different people; different experiences and different ways of living life. And listening to you guys is one great thing to enhance my skills in english. it’s my first time to let you know that i exist :p and i would like to say that i enjoy your show so much. at this very moment, it’s an honor posting a comment for one person who achieved so much in life from an ordinary student like me. keep it up! i love your show! p.s. can i invite you in my blog? it has nothing much, but it’s a great honor having you as one of my readers. i’ll wait for your reply. thank you very much for reading, thank you!!! (say hi to delamar:))

  106. Hi there Chico! I’ve been listening to the Moning Rush since 98′ Keep it up ayt? BTW, I’ll put your blog’s address in my blog links… Hehe, I expect more write ups! Thnx and God Bless…

  107. hi chico…… im one of your many fans in the morning rush…. i love listening to you and del… i just want to congratulate you and also to all the staff in rx…. you really make many people happy in your blog and also in the morning rush…. keep it up and godbless….

    ur fan,

  108. Hi! there.. Im a fan of your morning rush since 2000.. keep it up!! its never thesame without Delamar by your side.. you two click together.. πŸ™‚ BTW.. where is the picture of Delamar you have been talking about… hehehehehehe…

  109. I’ve been listening to RX everyday and I heard chico stroking his own ego with this “wonderful” blog…

    Finally, dropped by…

    Looking forward to Top 10 everyday..

  110. hey chico, im’angeline the one who giggles all the time whenever I call you guys haha.!!!!!!!!:D I was encouraged by my cousin tricia to listen to you guys, and she`s right, you and delle are so hilarious ahaha. Bye!:D

  111. hello chico!

    just viewed your blog. i must say it is very interesting and entertaining with you posting the daily top ten. πŸ™‚

    congratulations!! hope to see you again soon. πŸ™‚

    keep up the good works, reagards to del. πŸ™‚

  112. I’ve been listening to your show since I was in highschool, and now I’m already a Special Ed Teacher and taking my Master’s and I’m still a fan.:) God bless you and more power. πŸ™‚

  113. hi chico…

    im a big fan..lol! i LOVE your blog and i love listening to you..

    god bless you and more power…:-)

  114. Hi Chico. I am an avid fan of both you and delamar. I used to listen to your program back in Manila.Too bad we do not have RX here in Isabela province. That is why I make it a point that the first thing I do whenever I go back to Manila is tune in toyour station. I miss RX. I am still exploring the possibilities of listening to RX vie live streaming. I cant get to make it work via my PC. More power to all of you.

  115. Hi Chico! Finally gotten around to visiting your blog. I’ve heard about it in your Morning Rush. I’m a fan of RX πŸ™‚
    Unggoy ka!! Married ka na pala!! hahahhaaaa akala ko pa naman, umaasa ako na magkakatuluyan kayo ni Delamar hhhaayyyy sayang! heheheee j/k!! ako rin pala yung nag-text dati sa station nyo, months ago, about Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love, yung lukaret na nauubusan ng load heheheee sabagay, maraming nagt-text sa inyo AT marami ding lukaret!! *grins*
    O tsige, happy blogging!! Thanks for keeping your listeners in RX happy, lahat kayo, thanks!

  116. Hi Chico!

    Greetings from Malaysia! I would greet you in Malay if I only knew how… Mabuhay na lang para mas madali hahahaha!

    My friend Eric and I love listening to you and Delamar. Greet us sometime (let us feel that we are still part of the Filipino community… ang pathetic ba hahahaha!)

    I finally got brainwashed and visited your blog. All that advertising paid off hahaha! When will Delamar start her blog? =)

    Ever had a show about the lamest or craziest absent excuse?

    Here’s one. My colleague sent an sms saying ‘I won’t be able to report for work today. I’ve been kidnapped… in a good way’. We found out later that her friends suddenly dragged her to Galera.

    There was this other time that she said ‘I’ll be late, my train did not stop at my station’.

    Bwahahaha! ang labo!

    Thanks and more power to you and Delamar!

  117. Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan…

    Nawa ang kaligayahan ay patuloy na umapaw sa iyung puso…

    At sa datnan nawa ng samu’t saring pagpapala mula sa Lumikha..


    hapi bday..

  118. hi chico,

    I love your show.. swear!.. im ur avid fan since i was in highschool upto now that i graduated BS Nursing, wish me luck for the upcoming board results..
    May God Bless You all the time.. Thanx a million for making me smile whenever i listen to your show. Wish you the best of luck.. and also Del..

    HapPy BirtHdaY to YOU
    hAppY bIrtHDaY to YOU
    hApPy BirthDay
    hAppy BirtHdAy

    Happy Birthday Chico.. Be Happy.. =D
    Kuya Chico Take Good Care of Yourself because your Health is your Wealth.


    btw can i ask what kind of DSLR u hv puleezzz.. coz i want that too.. tnx po.

  119. hi there chico… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (i’m a fan of your tandem since 1997)
    i just wanna say a few simple things…
    1st, thank GOD for givin’ us listeners such a wonderful voices to wake us up every morning!
    2nd, thank you chico… thank you del!
    thank you meralco (for keepin’ us in touch with you guyz!);P korniiiiiiiiiii!
    lastly, more power! long live!!! and GOD BLESS!

    πŸ™‚ shin

  120. kuya chico d m nko nreplyan, sbi ko po ano po ung dslr nyo pra mkbli dn po ako hehe (demanding)
    everyday ngccheck ako ng blog mo po


    tgnan nyo po inivte ko din kau s frndstr.. tnx po hehe

    super Godbless..

  121. Sorry for the late reply, Aubrey. My DSLR is the Nikon D40X. My lenses are the Nikon 18-55mm, Nikkon 18-200mm, and the Sigma 10-20mm.

  122. Hey Chico, cool site. I often visit this every morning before I start my homebased work. Im a frequent texter too sa RX kaso hirap lately coz naka-unli na hahaha, kuripot no? Hope to meet you and Del someday. Pareho ko kayong idol and you inspire me guys to live my life the way it should be and the way I want it to be. Who says you cant enjoy life kahit 30 years old na di ba?

  123. hi chico. I listen to the Morning Rush, to be honest, not really everyday from monday to saturday. But when I do bec i found the time, like when I’m driving or when I am in my room doing something in the computer, i really enjoy it so much. I laugh with you guys, as in laugh aloud, and when I become conscious of my laughter, i look sideways at the other cars to see if anyone noticed me. They might think I have become “baliw” like you guys. Nice job. First time I visited your site, first time to send a message. My regards to delle. will be listening to you in the Morning Rush.

  124. Hi Chico,

    hi to Delamar too!

    I’ve been listening to your show almost everyday – since i get off work around 6am or 7am. You both make my mornings a happy and funny one –

    last week, it made me really really happy since im the first winner of your Cebu Pac Promo – i was still shaking even after i hang up the phone – hehehe – thank you so much guys!

    i know this blog of yours is not work related but maybe you can help me out clarify something? hope you dont mind…

    Delamar gave me a number to contact to for details – how to claim, etc… i’ve called 4x already since last week – up until now they said to call back again – they dont have the details yet daw…. is this possible? that you would run promos without details of it? just enlighten me on this – im loosing hope of getting the two free tickets already – i plan to go to Shanghai (since i can choose either Kota Kinabalu, Guangzhou or Shanghai – based on the promo that day)

    anyways, hope you get some time to reply to me – i know you’re a busy man..


    take care and cheers,


  125. kuya chico, super tnx wuhooooo… hehe gling nireplyan ako ng sikat.. hehe
    Godbless.. sumaya po ako..

    tnx po.

  126. Hi Chico…

    I always listen to your show every mornnig before I go to work and even before when i was still in college. You never fail to make me laugh and smile especially with the top 10 entries. Just a question though, why do you always deliver the news at the 17th minute of every hour? i mean, what is the significance of 17? hehehe… Congrats on your new job by the way and belated happy birthday!! keep on making other people happy and keep up the good work. Im pretty sure that there are a lot of people out there who are inspired by the both of you and you just dont know how you have touched their lives in one way or another.

    Hi to Delamar as well!! You should start your own blog too!! Maybe, we should start a petition for del to have her own blog as well!! haha.

    If you guys out there want Delamar to have her own blog, please post your name and let Del do the decision. We should gather at least 100 names for her to feel the need (the pressure) of starting her own blog (hhahaha… just kidding Del!!)

    1. Leechris – 99 more names… hahahaha… just kidding though…

    Hi to my baby of 2 years and 9 months, Chris… love you so much…

    Tnx Chico…carpe diem!!

  127. i created a monster. ever since i introduced your morning rush show to my two kids i couldnt listen to the morning news anymore my kids insist on tuning to your show when i drive them to school.

  128. hi chico..im been your avid listener since you were in the other station i was in my highschool back then and now im 27..i still enjoy your company of delamar. Hope to see you both in person. and by the way..i was curious about the entry about the top ten guard moments..regarding the mall where in you could find the guard who is well versed..:D

  129. hi chico you are a talented individual and i adore you and del i hope one day mameet ko kayo ng personal and party

  130. hi there chico..i really love listening to your morning show with delamar. i’ve been a listener since 90’s . i even talked to you and delamar once on air, still remember it was in 1997, you called me up coz my then ex bf dondon wants to say something to me. I didn’t say much coz i was really shocked ( i recalled you asked me to say something to dondon, i think, i said something like i hope we can be friends and i hope you are happy …) needless to say i really broke his heart before ( another long story…)

    more that 10 years, now i am a mom of 2 boys already, happily married ( i influenced my hubby and my sons to listen to the morning rush and they’re also hooked. They love your show so much…Now i’m working here in singapore…i still listen to the morning rush online everyday before going to work…it is my connection home…thank you internet!!!!!!!!!!!

    god speed…

  131. Hi Chicco! I heart Morning Rush.

    And I am so glad I could access your website from the office. I enjoy reading your entries, especially the Top Ten.

    Just a comment though. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but the right panel/column/whatev is eating a portion of your blog entry space. That’s why I have to copy the article and paste it in a Word document so that it’ll be more readable.

    Well, just so you know. =) More power to your program, blogsite, teaching career, and your photography. \m/,

  132. Hello Chico!

    I enjoyed your blog! especially the top ten! I just wanted to say that i have been an avid fan and a listener even when you and delle were at the other station. I had to search were you transferred and luckily I found a home with RX as well because of you guys πŸ™‚

    You have good photos as well! Im a frustrated photographer by the way, hehe. What camera model are you using by the way?

    Hope to hear from you!

    Godbless and more power!

    Phoebe26 πŸ˜‰

  133. hi! I’ve been listening to morning rush since I was in college (… so that’s like 10 years or so ago… ) since the first time i heard your top 10 πŸ˜€
    kahit I’m living in singapore na, i still listen to morning rush! I hope it’s ok if i post and link ur blog to my blog. πŸ˜€

    God bless you guys and more power to you & delle!!!!

  134. Hey Chico, I don’t know if it is just my computer but there is something wrong with your blog-site when viewed in Internet Explorer 6. I can view it fine when using Firefox. The menu bar on the right side overlaps with the main content area.

  135. pls. help!
    i want to register as a member of rxmorningrush.com, but every time i tried to register, i could not see the verification code…and if i listen to it and input the code, it says Error..sorry for this off topic question..thank you.

  136. hi chico, i hope you don’t mind me adding your blog in my blog’s favorite reads. been your listener since i was in grade school.. and now i’m going to be a mom. thank you for the gift of laughter every morning!

  137. hi chico! i always read your blog to check the top-ten-episodes i miss on your show. if you get to read this and you happen to remember it during your show, please please greet my sister on air πŸ˜€ SHE IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN (and Delamar’s too) she was disappointed when you guys went to their office in PhilAm tower last friday and she only learned about it yesterday… please say hi to her between 7 and 8, jsut call her anababes, im sure it’ll make her day. thanks! keep posting, i love reading your blog and listening to you everyday hehe, i don’t sound like a stalker do i?

  138. Hi chico! My best bud really is your fan because he tunes in your show literally every day. It’s one of his morning routines. Kind of a morning clock. Well, I’m dropping you a line because I believe we have a common friend, Dr.J (diver guy, ring a bell?). There was this one time I hitched a ride with him, his wife, Ms. Arlene (I’m not sure of the spelling), thought I was Rico in the backseat (it was at night and probably my silhouette resembled him). When I said hi, she even thought I sounded like him, too. “Actually, I am Rico,” a sloppy joke I uttered, which was a definite “head-turner” because she looked at me and checked if I was kidding her or not. Definitely I was. I still have bucketfuls of rice to eat before I can be you (a direct translation of the Pinoy adage “Marami ka pang kakaining bigas”)
    One thing I’m not sure of though, is Rico=Chico?
    It better be otherwise…sheeesh, fart. You know how that’ll make me feel.
    Oh, if you reply to this (and God please let Rico be Chico, my fingers are crossed) that’ll be awesome!
    Whenever there’s a chance to listen to your show, which is as crazy as your “You know it’s over when….” episode, I must admit, I enjoy it very much—that, I guess, makes me a pseudo-fan…or a slight fan…or a mini-fan…or a fan-nette! I’ll settle on the last. Kudos to you!

  139. ei chico,

    Kim Roland Banson here, bagong wordpress blogger po!hehe.. i always listen to The Morning Rush everyday dito sa Los Angeles.hahaha.. actually I’m listening at work..because The morning rush starts from 3PM to 6PM here..you guys are sooo funny β€œnkakawala kyo ng antok!”.hahaha! I was influenced by my girlfriend since 2005.. do you have yahoo messenger account? so that I can also join the TOP 10 everyday.hehehe..

    Anyways, I like your photos! Galing! Keep up the great work!

    God Bless Chico and to Delamar!

    Yngats lagi!

  140. hey chicsss…i just started my blog ..just now because like Del i dont know what to put in here…hehehe…visit mine and guide me and show me technics how to beautify it,….goodluck to ur show….. -pointless mike

  141. hi chico,

    i’ve been listening to your morning show for quite some time now. and though i hear about your blog almost every morning, i just got to take a peek today (jeez, don’t ask why coz i actually don’t have an answer Ü). I just have to say that your pictures are AWESOME! You really have the talent in photography. More power to your show and God bless.

    – meyÜ

  142. Hi there Chico! Hi also to Delamar! I just want to say that The Morning Rush rocks my every morning so well and helps me keep awake and be energetic. I liked The Top Ten segment and I never miss even one day listening to your show. Keep up the good work and hoping many more years for your show.

  143. Hey there Chico! Please check out my blog just in case you have time.. my site is http://jdrocket.multiply.com

    I have an entry there named “Transitions from 1994 to 2008”..its about regarding a former FM station..I want to know your comment and even Delamar’s comment if that’s ok with both of you..I’ll appreciate any comments from both of you..thanks!

    Again keep up the good work and God bless you both always!

  144. hi chico,

    ive been a fan of you guys for abt ten years now, amd its nice to know that everything is doing great to both of you guys..you complete my days just by listening to you every morning. i love the top ten moments..u put a smile on our faces every morning..thanks for that, hope you guys will not b tired of doing graet things to other people..plsss greet me on show hehehe.. godbless and tc

  145. FINALLY. I get a chance to look at your blog. Awesome. I’ll be reading your blog everytime I listen to the Morning Rush. Haha.

    How’s Del doing with hers? LOL.

    I love your show. Makes even the rainy days sunny. And it makes my mom’s nagging sound like a love song. Haha.

    Hit ma blog if you guys get the time. It was dead for a couple of months but I’m back now and Imma start updating it more now. πŸ˜€ So leave a comment or two. It will be muchhh appreciated. πŸ™‚

  146. finally! a chance to look at the “world-famous” chicogacia.wordpress.com. πŸ˜€ I’m excited to read through. I’m sure my reading experience would be as thrilling as listening to you and Del every morning for the past 10 years!

    keep inspiring people πŸ™‚

  147. what a great show you and del both have…aus tandem nyo ahh…hehe…
    I always listen to your show every morning and it becomes a habit na nga ehh…

    well, ndi ko na uulitin ung mga nasabi na ng ibang tao na nagcomment…it’ll be redundant…haha…

    basta Godbless both of you and keep up the goodiest work of both of you…!!!

    please greet me on air…


  148. hi there chico,

    I was wondering if you and Del will be available on November to host our wedding. πŸ™‚ I’ve been a silent rusher since 1996 and i haven’t switched to any station ever since. Please, please, please.. need your emcee-ing skills on our special day. You can reach me at 0921-4753401 or email me at mykisses14@yahoo.com Thanks!!

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  150. I love the pictures chico…nice blog also.so nice to see someone like you to be a succesfull person.more power to you,to your show and to dell also….

  151. Hi Chico! I really love your posts that I always read when I’m in the office. Your blog is sooo cool. You have a really great radio show too! Hope it stays for so many years to come so that the new generation can experience the fun you bring to us! Take care. πŸ˜‰

    …And also, how can I change the website linked to my user id registered on your site? I mistakenly entered a different one. It should be: http://kathleenmanebo.wordpress.com


  152. Hi Chico, I really love your blog! I hope your show stays for more years to come so that the new generation can enjoy the fun you give to us! πŸ˜‰

    Take care and more power. I hope that Del also has a blog that we could read.

    …I already got the answer to my question earlier. Thanks!

  153. hi chicks… listener ako since nagstart ung program nyo .. high school yata yun… grabe tanda na pala natin… gusto ko lang sabihin na grabe talaga show nyo kc i always came back to where i started listening to a morning show.. matagal na akong nakikinig kaya lang silent lang … sana tumagal pa ang show nyo kc nakaka-adict every morning… thanks

  154. finally found your blog! I’m such a fan of you and del! hehe ^^ but I didn’t know you were into photography, too. Grabe ang galing nio po kumuha ng pix. sana forever na ang show nio ni del.. pampasaya ng aking mga umaga (hehe^^).. tnx!

  155. Hi Chico,
    After so many months of plugging your blog, i finally found time to check it out yesterday morning. Know why? Coz i forgot the #1 entry in yesterday’s top 10 (sexy lines)…i wanted to share it with my officemates. I realized the entries will be posted a bit later than 9 am. Hehehe. We (my husband PJ and myself) were laughing so loud in the car, and i was even texting an officemate about the entries (remember PHILIPPINES? Haha!). We’re avid listeners of your show, i don’t remember the exact year though (I think it was back in 1996 (?)). We’re just the “silent” ones, though we don’t send entries or attend your tea parties, we are WITH YOU. Now, we have a daughter who’s turning 7 this month, and whenever we bring her to STC, she’s sometimes even the one who turns the radio on so we could listen to you in the car. FYI, I get mad when i notice somebody set my car’s or my husband’s radio to other stations…it should always be RX!!! More power to you and Del. Send her our regards.

    PS, Nice blog!

  156. Don’t stop writing kasi pag tumigil ka, si Del naman ang magsusulat siguradong sisikat. Naku, mawawala ang limelight sa iyo!
    I love reading your blogs. At dahil rusher na ako for more than a decade now (tumanda na ako kasama kayo), kahit paano kilala na kita dahil sa mga pinagsasabi mo tungkol sa buhay mo sa buong span ng panahon na on-air kayo ni Del. Para kang si Kris Aquino, lahat na halos ikinuwento, pero okay lang enjoy naman ang listeners…katulad ng enjoyment na napapala namin sa blogs mo.

  157. I enjoy reading your blog… was just able to come across it today, and now I just found myself reading all the top-ten… I think I just spent two hours on this blog (and still counting).
    Anyway, i just thought of sharing this observation:

    March 25, 2008 β†’ The Top Ten Most Memorable Summers
    11. Bineth Log – One summer I was stung by jellyfish. My crush volunteered to pee on my thigh. I snuck a peek…

    May 5, 2008 β†’ The Top Ten Flirting Moments
    KiD BuKid – During our company outing in Batangas, my hot supervisor sat on a sea urchin. Of all the men there, she asked lucky me to pee on her thighs, and I also carried her to the aid station. It worked, she later became my girlfriend!

    Your blog has released the inner detective in me! Hahaha.
    Hope all is good with you, I can’t wait to tune in to your morning show again — I hope I can catch it via live streaming.
    Keep blogging!

  158. Hi, Chico! This blog is great — very informative and I love your travel photos. Just keep on writing awesome stories. Btw, how’s Delamar? :- I used to see you on TV before.

  159. i wonder why you and delle dont wanna get married hahaha
    lagi n lng nla sinasabi delle is cute and you look funny
    well i disagree
    ur cute din kaya

  160. hi chico, i had the chance to visit your blogspot just now, and i must say that your travel photos were awesome! hands down to you! i always listen to you guys via eportal and once called the rx station from auckland as well. well, i just hope i could join the top ten. btw, i do have voip naman pala, hehe… keep on keeping pinoys abroad laughing via the eportal! regards to del as well!

  161. hi chico,nahanap q din ung blog site mo hahaha
    everyday kming nanonood ni dad,kau lng ni del ung nakakapagpangiti sa dad ko lalo na pag mainit na mainit ulo nya hahahaha
    especially pag mainit ulo nya skn hahaha
    sana lgng msaya ung episodes nyo,sembreak ko ngaun pro sa 27 may class na ulit ako,bummer hahahahaha

  162. Just wants to greet Del a Happy Birthday and those eggcells may really found their partners to make them whole.

    Also would like to thank you guys for getting life a bit easier here in Singapore especially in the morning, my wife also listen to you guys when sending the kids to school and going to the office then whatever she miss in the top ten I Skype it to her.

    Want to know how to txt u guys when I’m abroad or even call you guys and why can’t I add you in in YM.

  163. hi chico! nice blog you have here. i really enjoy reading your posts. πŸ™‚ i don’t know anything about photography but your pics look pretty good to me. heheh! happy blogging!

  164. I first knew about you back in highschool through my ate who used to listen to you in RX (and in other station). Though i didnt really focus on you and del before, i liked the music you’re playing. Then my ate and her family flew to Australia eight years ago. I still tune in to RX but not regularly until three years ago when I began to really love your show. I never switched in to other stations. Last December, she and her family visited Philippines for my wedding. Then she heard you and del on the radio. She was surprised, she could not believe it was really you and del. I was touched when she said, “Feel na feel ko ang Pinas”.

    You and del always make my day. You’re like a vitamin that I should not miss. Lalo pag top 10 na, naha-high na ako sa inyo. Thank you for always making me happy.

    If there’s a chance, please greet my ate Lorna Inamac in Perth Ausie. I gave her the RX website where she can listen to you live. Thanks again!

    Lovely – dexter’s lab

  165. hello my drop dead super duper handsome chico hehehe ….nice blog you have here..we might not know each other on a personal level but for the longtest time that i have been listening to you and delamar i know how creative and talented you really are.your not just funny or got some sense of humor you actually got skills.and even if your not that professional yet when it comes to your photography for me your already are.the pictures already spoke for itself it feels alive,it feels like theres more to life in that four corners of every pictures that you’d taken,that anybody who would look at those pictures feels they’re already saw what you saw through those pictures.just continue on what your doing and keep on making good pictures.you and delamar will always and forever be have our undying support..if ever na maghimala at magkablog na ang DIVA hehehe.:)

  166. chico,

    nice blog…. pan mayaman ang dating.

    okey yan, para hindi cheap ang blog.

    MORE POWER sa BLOG mo. for eyes of the rich.


  167. chico,

    good job on the blog…. MAGANDA SIYA.

    pang MAYAMAN ang itsura. HINDI SIYA CHEAP.


    may taste ka sa pag put up ng good blog.

    because of the pictures, okey ang photography skills mo,

    have a niv day.



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  169. Hi chico,
    Honestly I don’t know how to start.. Maybe I wil just tel about myself first. I’m joie sabordo from marikina city but now I’m currently working here in dubai.when I was stil in manila me and my collegues used to talk about your show always through our company emails coz it makes our boring day fun. *sigh* you knw what.. The truth behind this post is the fact that I’m desperate.desperate to seek some help for my sick baby sister.I’m thinking now that maybe if I’m lucky enough you wil help me to tell to the public our plea.. I seek for financial help mr. Chico..my salary here in dubai only covered 2 weeks of my sisters medication.. She’s suffering from lupus and now undergoing dialysis for more than 1 year.our resouces is already drained.literally.she can’t aford to lose medicine..the last time it happened she got seizures.. I am so afraid..I’m far from home and can’t send mone.. God..this is like torture. I hope you can help us.. If you can’t do anything.. No worries..I knw you tried your best to help. Till then! πŸ™‚ waiting to hear from you.. -joie

  170. hi.. wanted to stay depress today but the top ten gave me so many reasons not to. I don’t know whether to thank you both for enlightening me or for making me let go of the bad feelings. Haaay.. have a great day and keep up the good work!

  171. wow.. really like your BLOG and the so called PHOTOGRAPHY, and specially your tandem with DELLE on the MORNING RUSH, more power to the both of you..
    god bless

  172. hi chico..i started listening to your tandem when i was working as an OJT in pampanga that was year 2000..your show have been my system every morning..since that day i never missed a show,but when i went back to manila,i havent had a chance to listen to you anymore..now that im working in the office suddenly i thought of you and searched on the net and found the C & D top 10 and luckily i found all the audio clips…ive been listening since morning and cant stand up until you finish a session..my co workers have been asking why im laughing by myself..and i replied..”sbi ko di ko tlga mpigilan eh”…nkakatawa tlga..and your laugh are contagious..i arrive at our office 9am,unfortunately your show ends at 9am and never had a chance to hear you..lage lng akong ngbubukas ng top ten s net n nddownload ko….hope your tandem will stay long…goodluck..and godbless…thanks for making me laugh always…never a dull moment..promise…

  173. Hey Chico! I’ve been listening to the morning rush since highschool days back in our province. You’ve become a part of my morning rituals when I started working in Makati. And now that I’m working abroad, a millon miles away from the Philippines, listening to you guys via Blue Ritz’ site makes me feel somehow that “home” is just around the corner.

    Kudos to the “best blogsite ever” a.k.a. chicogarcia.wordpress.com! You’re photoblogs inspire me to visit all the wonderful places back home.

    If I may just suggest a topic for the morning rush top10, a lot of people (especially with all the ofw’s out there) commit themselves to long distance relationships (L.D.R.s) nowadays. Hope you can have the top10 “tips on how to make L.D.R.s work” in the morning rush someday. πŸ˜€

    All the best!

  174. hello,,,nice blog,,,very… kaya tagal mag loading sobra laki, pero once na ma-view mo, ang galing,,,i wish i could do that someday….hahaha, joke,,,,regards to del….hope to see you accidentally!!! someday, di ko alam anu gagawin ko kapag nagkaganun,,,
    goodluck and stay happy…
    di ko makaya ata yumapos ng pusa,,,nice pix….

  175. Hi Chico,

    I’m Jane and my husbands name is Ronald. I work in Citibank Makati and Ronald is from Metrobank Cards Corporation. We always enjoy listening to the top 10 on our way to work.

    Anyway, would like to thank you for always keeping us entertained. Congratulations to you and Del for a successful career. Continue being an inspiration to many people, both young and not so young. I hope, by the time our 10 month old daughter Jesse Elouise learns to speak and comprehend, may Chico and Del tandem parin. Buti nalang bumalik kayong dalawa ng RX //=P

    By the way, we think you and Del are the best DJs ever. Regards to Delamar!

    Take Care and God Bless!

  176. With so many people going through your blog, I don’t know if you can see this comment of mine. But I would like to host your site with a domain name of your choice (such as chico-garcia.com, if available) all for free. πŸ™‚ I so love your show and I guess, this is a way of thanking you for making my mornings funnnnn~!

    If interested, just e-mail me. Oh this is nooo scam, alright? πŸ™‚

  177. chico and delamar! the morning rush! yoohoo! you guys are both great… i was never an avid listener of radio segments not until i discovered the morning rush a few months back. and it later on became a habit for me to listen to you guys every morning before i go to school. my favorite part would be whenever you’d discuss those funny topics and i’d be laughing out loud by myself. and when i get to school, i’d be sharing to my classmates what i just heard from your discussion this morning. you guys are soooooo cool!

    i also love your blog. you’re not just a great DJ but a great writer and photographer as well. keep it up chico! more power to you and delamar! morning rush rocks! monster radio rocks!


  178. i am an avid listener of your program, although a silent one. love every minute of it! too bad you’re up only till 9am. wouldn’t it be nice if we could have you guys for more than 3 hours everyday? exciting thought, don’t you think?

  179. hi chico im a big fan of your blog..

    I always listen to rx 93.1 top 10 every morning at the office..
    Im so aliw in every topics and discussion you have with delamar..

    guyz more power..

    can i ask something?
    how did you do the about chico link under the strange fruit image in your blog?

    Im starting my own blog kc..


  180. hi chico,

    i love reading your blog… and listening to the morning rush, of course ^_^

    but when i checked your friendster account, i saw some rather “disturbing images” there… do you automatically approve comments? i really wish you don’t because your account is bound to get spam comments like those…

    more power! \m/

  181. yung friendster naman ni delle di na niya ata binubuksan.. teka, sa kanya nga ba talaga yun?? o may nagmagandang loob na gumawa ng account para sa kanya??

  182. Hi chico,

    I love your blog and have been listening to you and del since 1996. I think the two of you should also have a blog.

    Dr. Phil

  183. Hello Chico and Delamar,

    I’ve been your listener since in the middle part of the 80’s. Nasa school pa ako noon. Mas naging avid listener ninyo ako when I started working back in 1989. Ako kasi iyon nagbubukas ng radio sa department namin, pero radyo iyon ng supervisor ko at nilalagay ko agad sa RX. Ayon at naging convert silang lahat. Noong una ay mas gusto ni Bisor na makinig sa AM station. Siyempre kapag nauna akong dumarating, sa Monster Radio ko nililipat. Hanggang nagustuhan pa nga nila iyon farewell song ninyo dati. Sinasabayan pa namin…hahaha…baduy din kami at that time. Kapag natapos na ito saka lang nililipat sa AM station. Katagalan, maghapon na kaming nakatutok sa RX.

    I just want to thank you for always cheering me up. At dalawa na lang kaming natira sa department namin na dating sampung tao. Cost-cutting daw?!

    Anyway, my day is not complete when I missed you guys in the morning. Kung minsan kasi may dapat asikasuhin work sa labas ng department ko at utos ng may-ari. Hindi nga ako nag-e-skedyul ng appointments before nine para hindi maabala ang pakikining ko…hehehe.

    Sana nga ay magtagal pa kayo ni Delamar hanggang iyon apo ko ay magkaapo!!! Masyadong matagal iyon considering wala akong anak! Ngek! hahaha

    Laking tuwa ko nga ng accidentally ay makita ko kayo in person ng mag-host kayo ng event sa SM North. Band break-out. Tinapos ko iyon show ng makita ko kayo. At super bonus pa ng mag-performed si Bamboo that day! Super high at super happy ako that day! But I did saw you already sa Farmer’s Plaza with a few friends, gusto na kitang batiin at itanong nasaan si Delamar kaya lang inabot ako ng hiya. Baka kasi hindi mo ako batiin. Pero next time may ganitong opportunity, I will say “Hi!”.

    Again. thank very much for making a difference in my life. Adding more laughter and joy especially during sad times. God bless both of you.

  184. wazzup chico.. I love your blog, and you know what, this is really cool.. and the top 10 entries are so funny hahahaha….i’m an avid listener of RX esp your morning rush, and i can’t stop to laugh every time you’re doing the top ten.. your program has lot of fun but with moral lesson. thank you entertaining us… keep up the good work chico. god bless.

  185. hey chico, check this out:

    you’re perfect for the position! i mean, you’re smart, funny, a broadcaster, a photographer and a blogger! what more can they ask for!?! you can actually nail this! you can do Morning Rush via phone or YM voice or whatever is available *hehe!* This is a once in a lifetime experience! Morning rushers, what do u think?!

    *we will miss you for 6 months! *hehe!*

  186. Hey there.

    I opened your blog for the first time today. Finally got curious enough since my wife and I listen to the Morning rush as we drive to work every morning. I just wanted to say I am very impressed with your photos. The fireworks really are nice. Just to share check our http://www.timecatcher.com some of your photos remind me of this page. Also maybe someone like you can join the timecatcher team, representing Asia

    Best regards,


  187. hi chico, i’ve been a long-time listener to your morning show, for more than 10 years already. i’m also a regular reader of your blog.

    i’m only 29 years old and i’m currently battling breast cancer. i used to think that i am too young and too healthy-living to have developed this disease. now, i’ve learned that this disease can strike anybody, no matter what your age is or lifestyle. i’m not really a writer, but i’ve written a blog in an effort to create more awareness to the disease. the location of the blog is at 29andfighting.wordpress.com. i hope you can link it to your page so that your young women fans may know that they are not immune from this disease, learn how to catch it before it’s too late, and make the right decisions when they do find out that they have it. thanks.

  188. hey chico, i’ve been a fan for the longest time and so is my mom. i know it might not be the right place for me to ask this but i dont know how else to reach you or delle.

    we have a pre-valentines party event on feb 6, that’s next friday, which is gonna be held at the absinth bar in greenbelt. i just wanna ask how can i get you to host for the party? you can contact me at 0917 8870922. thanks very much!

  189. chico,

    Don’t know how to ask you this..
    It’s not really a big deal..
    I really just wanna know..
    You played a song today on Morning Rush, I first heard it on One Tree Hill…
    It goes with: Aha…aha…(beginning)…….Can you feel this…(Chorus part I think)
    I just wanna know the title…
    Sorry if I disturbed you with such nonsense…
    I don’t have much time to listen to you, guys…
    I may sound desperate for just a song title…
    But I hope you can help me…
    Thank you in advance…

  190. hi chico,

    about the panti thingy… yeah there is a person named panti. he has already published 3 funny books under PSICOM publications. i stumbled upon his book last december.

    here is his blog. jaypanti.blogspot.com his books are great =)


  191. I know this may sound weird but I grew up listening to you. Always have a blast listening to you and del. I’m a huge fan! πŸ™‚

    Equally interesting blog. Added you up in my blog list (thestarryboy.blogspot.com)


  192. dear chico,

    just want to let you know that me and my family loves your morning rush with del of course but recently we just catch a portion of it lang nakakabitin actually i was wondering if you have archives of your show just to update my self of the programs i have miss hehehe

    thanks a lot and more power


  193. (Sir) Chico,

    I’m a silent rusher since college (1997)…Tumanda nako kasabay nyo ni Delle. I borrowed some top tens and posted it on my multiply…is it okay? If not i will erase it right away…

  194. hi chico, i’ve been listening to you guys for years and even when you left RX.

    i have a huge favor to ask. i know that you are a lover of animals (you mentioned it here),

    can you please support the CARA welfare philippines? it’s a non-profit, non-government organisation for local/stray/ rescued animals.

    sorry to barge it on your blog but i don’t know how ot reach you guys.

    i’ll probably text later during your show.

    more “birds” for you and del!!!

  195. hi chico! i love the top ten this morning especially..

    b:are you blind? g:no! b:can you see me? g:yes.. b:how about tomorrow?…

  196. been listening (with intervals though) to you and del’s show every morning for the past four years and still on it. i just so love your show and the daily top something ehehe anyway, thank you for making me and my housemates laugh everyday

    more power!

  197. hey !
    iam a student from st.paul collage pasig.my name is freya paulienne suguitan (GRADE 4 ROOM 6) big ”fan” of rx.93.1 tom ang the other crew went to our school fair me and my classmates/kabarkada’s were waiting for you and delamar to come out of ”themonstervan,” but sadly we didn’t see you hope you come pls do feb.15-21 hope after yoou air you may come.

    p.s hope you and delamar can sing a love song duet pls. and pls. send to my email (suguitanfreyapaulienne@yahaoo.com) your reply

    hope you come to the fair:) truly yours freya:)

  198. And this will be comment 237. Nice work on the blog bossing. I’ve been away from the Morning Rush for quite a long time now, and from the internet too. It’s nice to know that you’re not forgetting about your blog! Congrats and more power to the Morning Rushers!

  199. And I am 238!! Hahaha!!! Hi Chico!! I have been a fan of your tandem since 5th grade. Now I am 23 and still LOVING your morning show. For the last 3 months i have not been able to listen to your show except for this one time you mentioned about your blog. keep up the good work. :p

  200. hi, wlould like to ask whats the best photography class that i cld join?., i do alrdy have a back ground., thnk you. . .

  201. can i get the address and number of “8 suites in tagaytay. by looking at your posted pictures, the place looks cool.

  202. Hi chico! I got curious with your blog when I heard you mentioning it just this morning at your show and promised myself to check it out as soon as I get the chance. I’m glad I did! πŸ™‚
    I also just started listening on your morning radioshow. Maybe just a month or two when I got a phone with FM radio on it. =D I listen during my ride to work, and now I’m officially a rusher! hehehe!!! I love that your show have depth and humor all at the same time. I first started listening to another show… I enjoyed them for a while but I got bored and tired of listening to them talking about almost the same topic over and over and I think only perverts can stand listening to that early in the morning. hehehe… Not to say that I don’t like your every now and then teasing or touching this subject in your most subtle way? hehehe… Anyways, Keep up the good work… I hope I too can start my own blog soon, I just don’t have cool stuff to write like you do… well, I can just learn from you for the meantime. =D


  203. hi chico!

    i love the way you’ve packaged your blog…and i sooooo love the pictures (witty, smart ass comments and all..hehe), amazing! keep on letting your gifts shine, really am happy that we rushers get to share what you love to do (pampa-tanggal din ng stress while working in the office, hehe).

    I’ve been a rusher since fifth grade, I’m 23 now. My broadcast partner along with our broadcast communication group in college even made a radio show inspired by the Morning Rush as one of our final requirements.

    Looking forward to more mornings with you and del.

    God bless you chico and God bless C&D!


  204. Hey Chico!

    i really love the morning rush…mY FAMILY use to listen to the morning rush everyday.it’s like our bonding time..hoping you could greet my family on air..thanks..more power to the morning rush!

  205. Hi Chico,

    Its my first time here. I just started my own blog, if you look at it, it’s still empty. I created my blog so that I can reply on your awesome posts. I’ve already read some of it and I’m telling you I’m starting to be a fan. I’m one of your listeners at RX and all I can say is that you and Dellamar really make my mornings great even on heavy traffic days. I’m not that good in English so I hope you’ll bear with me. I really learned many things just listening to you guys and reading your blog. I hope I can learn more from you because I want my daughter to grow up, if not best, good in English and a child’s development in learning things always starts from the parents. I hope I could be a god example to her especially in communications skills. I don’t want her end up like me having a hard time speaking or writing in English. So here I am trying so hard to learn the English language.

    Anyway, thanks for being Chico Garcia. I know you are a great person even though I haven’t meet you, and hoping someday we will together with my family. It’s funny that sometimes I day dream that my daughter is calling you Uncle Chico. Freaky huh? hehehe.. I guess that’s all I have to say now. So take care Chico. Oh by the way, I love those photos you took at Tagaytay.


  206. hi Chico!

    after scanning your blog, I’ve learned that you are not just FUNNY on the radio, you are such an interesting person pala,hahaha, i love the pictures, etc. By the way please send me list of foreign language schools, i remember you and del talk about about it, I’m planning to take french and my sister wants Japanese whatever! Thank you guys for making my mornings happy and crazy funny while i’m driving on the way to work. God bless you both guys!

  207. Hi Chico!

    I’m really a big fan of “The Morning Rush”. It’s just that my day is not complete when i don’t hear you guys. More power to your show. Regards to Del!

  208. at last i saw your blog. i have always been busy that’s why i always forgot to open it. anyway its always been funny listening to your show in radio. keep it up!

  209. Hi,
    Chico I’ve been listening to RX since last year, I was amazed and Qrious when heard ur wordpress.com. Hope you can visit my site Im just a beginner. To be honest Im having hard tym to fix everything hope you can help me..

    I want my wordpress to be ny yours. Hehe nice to see your site, It’s cool hope you can help me.

    Thanks and Godbless. Keep rockin’ Chico and RX please say ny Hi to Ms. Del I really love your tandem especially Top 10..
    I can’t live withput RX

  210. Hi Chico!

    I would like to suggest some topics –

    For Holy Week:

    1. Top 10 Pinagsisisihan ko moments
    2. Top 10 Sacrifices
    3. Top 10 Tormenting moments – any painful to the soul, body, and mind

    Thank you!


  211. hi! i’ve been listening to you and Del since i was in 3rd year highschool, in 1997! i used to listen to your show every morning on our way to school and although the top 10 will always be my favorite segment, your “wake-up calls” to complete strangers every morning was something to look forward to. πŸ˜‰ me and the boyfriend plan to get married within the next five years. i had initially forced him to listen to your show and now he always texts me what your topic of the day is on his way home (he works at a call center while i have a day job). sana our future kids can get to listen to you guys din, para matuto din sila ng tamang english and the appropriate amount of “green” knowledge. hehe. more power to the next level, you guys!!!

    by the way, how can i follow you on twitter? πŸ˜‰

  212. Hello Chico! Just wanna say hi, and let you know that i’m a fan of you and Delle. Me and my sister started listening to you when you were still in kcfm when you lost some rx listeners, you gained us, and i followed you at RX. Right now i’m completely monsterized. From your show up to Tom Alvarez’s, my radio’s tuned in.

  213. Hi Chico. I’m a fan of yours. I’ve been listening to you and Delemar for 4 years. I like your blog and your radio program very much.
    I would really like it if you post some pictures of your dogs. I’m a dog lover too. I have 4.
    Bye and more power!

  214. youre looking good! keep it up πŸ™‚ more years and best wishes to you and your inspiration!Itzbogium! πŸ™‚

  215. i was an avid listener of your show for many years, you used to wake me up in the morning and it was of great help since i was never late for my work… but its all different now, i left manila for a bigger uppotunity in dubai…it is indeed difficult to leave Pinas and what makes it all difficult is that i am not gonna hear you and del anymore… One morning, i was teary eyed on my way to my work because i totally miss your show…

    thanks for having this blog i still get to read the top ten, unfortunately i dont get to hear the laughters… morning radio shows here does not even compare to yours…

  216. Hi Chico,

    Its just recently that I tuned in to RX but My fiance in Nuts about your morning show. I used to listen to another staion but as I started to listen to you and Del more I felt more connected and laugh hard too! Simply, you guys are irresistable! You do make my morning drive thru Edsa painless. Suprising to say, I thought you would look more nerdy but you look cool specially with the peircing hehehe. Loved the photos btw. Keep it up.


  217. hello chico, i’m an avid fan of the entire radio station, especially the morning rush.
    i hope that someday you’ll greet me on your radio show, i think tomorrow you can greet me may 1, 2009 8:00 am because i’ll be listening. i can’t help listening to your morning rush. i always in a rush when it’s already morning rush!!!!!

    could you please include my classmates of university of caloocan city,ab-english 3a in my greetings,,

    thanks a lot!!!!!

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove morning ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush!!!!!!!

  218. hello mr c,,

    i’ve been a loyal listener since high school..and until now im stil loving your show..

    sna i greet nyo nman ako bukas.. wala lang akong lakas ng loob na mgtxt..

    more power to your show at sana my blog na din si del…tc love you both……

  219. Dear mr. Garcia:
    Hi. Uh… ummm… (damn, what do i say to a big guy like this?)
    Err.. I mean, I’d like to give a big hand to ya… those photos are top winners, I must say…
    by d way, let me introduce myself. My name is Rafael, a Masscom Student from Cavite State University in Indang, and an avid fan of TMR. I find ur show very informing and entertaining. For a masscom stude like me, i get a lot of ideas from ur partnership with delamar. my day isn’t complete without ur show.(Heck, enuff praises already, man! Tell him what u really want!)
    Er… I mean, though i am just a silent rusher and d only thing i can do during the top ten is listen and laugh, may i be allowed to suggest a top ten for the coming Thursday? I wud lyk to suggest: The top 10 henpecked moments ala my sassy girl(the korean version, not d American adaptation)…. Uh… thanks for makin our day and being an example, sir!

    PS: u can bang me up at my blog site, if u hav sum violent reactions… thanks again!

  220. hi chico!

    I am a fan of your show and Ive been downloading the audio files from blueritz and me and my bf wud normally spend our time together, listening to the recorded show. πŸ™‚

    I say, your tandem is so great :)) can i say perfect fit? anyhow, I hope that we (my bf and I) can meet you in, maybe one of your shows, really we would love to. πŸ™‚

    Keep it up and congratulations to both of you and to your blog πŸ™‚

  221. hi chico.. im a silent fan of you and delle you keep my everyday life happy kahit sad minsan lalo sa office all my office mates keep asking me what happen everytime they see me laughing out loud sa top ten. eh computer lang nman ang kaharap ko and i just always answer to them with a smile just tune in to monster radio hehehe..

  222. hey chico! I’ve been listening to your program with delle since grade 4 influenced by my

    cousin who’s an avid listener of RX. You and Delle are my “silent” teacher up to now that am

    working. am just so happy that i was able (NOW) to join the 2 of you in your programs by

    sending my entries! Congrats and God bless always!way to go chico!

      • hello sir!!

        This is just to ask permission to repost some of the blogs here (espicifically the TOP TEN)in my page in facebook w/c is Definitely Filipino…Im only using blogs that are related to the mission and vision of the Page…thanks in advance and im hoping you’ll give me permission(im a HUGE fan by the way..lol)…By the way,im deleting some posts that has kinda-obscene language and im putting in a disclaimer note..^_^

  223. hi chico..
    im having the worst day of my life ever… i’m so broken hearted… what should i do… hay,,,

  224. DJ Chico,

    Hi po! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the continuous success ng The Morning Rush. I just started listening to your show last April but I’m really lovin’ it. Nakakahiya nga po minsan dito sa bahay at sa OJT workplace ko coz bigla na lang akong tumatawa. Eh di ko po mapigilan eh. Kaya sumubok na din po ako magpadala ng sagot sa Top 10 segment n’yo. And luckily, nakapasok yung unang dalawang tries ko. Sabi nga po ni Astroboy, try ko ding magsend ng topic suggestions kaya ito po ang gagawin ko…

    Top 10 Topic Suggestion:
    1. Signs that you’re broke
    2. Signs that you’re addicted to coffee

    hehe…hope magamit n’yo po yan one of these days…again, congrats po sa inyo chico and del! Keep it up!

  225. Hi Chico,

    It was really cool for rushers in abroad when TMR created a twitter account!

    Now, not only can we listen to the live show thru internet, we can actually participate to the top 10 and tweet our entries πŸ™‚

    And since I’m also a big fan of the world renowned blog: chicogarcia.wordpress.com, i’d relay my suggestions for TMR topics here:

    (1) Top 10 things you consider as real source of pleasure
    (2) Top 10 signs that you’re too stingy
    (3) Top 10 reasons why you think you’re profession is not right for you
    (4) Top 10 quotable quotes that inspired you
    (5) Top 10 reactions to the statement “all you need is love”
    (6) Top 10 answers to the question “musta na?”
    (7) Top 10 ways to complet the statement I _____ a _______ and I liked it!
    (8) Top 10 unconventional ways to propose (any kind of proposal)
    (9) Top 10 public figures you would like to have a reality show
    (10)Top 10 things you love to do on a rainy/stormy day

    More power to your show… Jai ho!

  226. hi! chico!!! you’re so funny tlga i always listen to you and delle! keep it up and godbless you both!!!

  227. hi chico!

    i am an avid listener (morning rush) and reader (strange fruit) of yours. im also into photography and i would like to ask if you have any idea where i could attend photography classes maybe a short course and somewhere i could learn more without having to own a dslr coz i dont have a budget yet to buy one. ive been using a point and shoot since 2006.

    thanks so much!


  228. Hello Chico,

    I heard a lot about your blog and finally saw it.
    Congrats it’s really cool, the pictures are great!

    I’ve been following morning rush since college, yeah even switched to KC when you and del moved to the latter πŸ™‚ but i was not able to buy the tape of your songs…bt still remember the used to be finale song of morning rush…”may tomorrow brings a brighter day…”

    anyway, happy blogging and am looking forward for more entries, good luck to the morning rush and please say hi to del for me πŸ™‚

  229. hi chico, i’m an avid listener of morning rush for i don’t know how long already….
    i just happen to see your pic here at your blog… you resemble so much of doc recio of born to be wild of gma 7 aired every wed nite…. late nite though…. how are u related?

    wl lang npansin ko lang….

  230. Hi chico! happy birthday! I miss your show! 😦 M now based in US.. And I’m just starting to find ways to listen to your show again.. Help anyone?

  231. hi chico! i have been checking your renowned, highly acclaimed blog for quite some time now. i have been listening to you and del since i was still in college way back your DWKC days. i am a silent rusher but then i’d like to thank you and del for not failing to put that smile on my face every morning. i must say that both of you have been part of my daily life and i consider you 2 my big brother and sister that i wish i could have. it’s nice that del have started her own blog too. just keep up the good work and happy birthday πŸ™‚

  232. hello sir chico! πŸ™‚ is it okay if i’ll ask some questions regarding your show the morning rush? its for my final paper in intbroad. thanks so much πŸ™‚

  233. hi tsiko! i’m so in love with your morning show. my tita was the first who influenced me into listening to your show. you are super hilarious with del. i can’t help but feel that sometimes i alienate people around me when i’m listening to you on my headset especially when i’m commuting. i can’t help but laugh my head off. sometimes, when your jokes and antics are over and done with, i find myself laughing along the whole commute. if i could get laugh cancer with you guys, it would be terminal at this rate! thanks for always pickin up my days for me.


  234. hi chico! hmmmm ive always wanted to send you a message and now that im here typing now, i dont know where to begin. alright…. hmmm…

    i’ve always felt connected with you (no malice to) it’s like if there’s a guy me, then it’s you. i sooo can relate to things you say and feel and think. it’s like whatever you wrote, i’ll be like “wow, someone feels exactly the same way!” ok im not a stalker fan here… its just incredible to feel like you know someone like this.

    your being aloof to people in the beginning as your defense mech, your being shy with your crush, the nega vibe we give to people, and the friendly us not a lot of people are lucky enough to see all these when you wrote i was like he wrote what i want to say i just dont know how to say them or put them in words. there’s so much more i want to share but again dont know how to put them in words. hmmmm

    don’t worry im not crazy at all heheh…. i just think you’re pretty smart and cool and fun to be with… delle too. given a chance i guess we could be good friends. if its not too much to ask maybe we could chat sometime πŸ™‚

    ahmmm to your partner i hope im not sending any nega signal/vibes here….

  235. btw, i love aras the jologs cat. i soo love the first photo the fierce one i could just imagine he looks like that when he flipped out! and the photo when he’s under the table i love the expression of the face, you really caught that.

  236. hey chico…

    i used to listen to your programme in th 90s. then i kinda outgrown it when i got married but i still remember your voice and delamar’s. nice to see you here in wordpres and nice to hear your streaming on line. probably i could still still listen to you and relive my youth. do you you still do “back to the ’70s” on radio? i really loved that concept. if you still have your scripts it would be nice if you post it here.


    (sorry i didn’t have the time to write a short comment)

    ely m.

  237. Hi Chico! I’m a listener even before you transferred at RX.( I’ve contributed at Top 10 under the name of midnight blue.) Since I got a job abroad I was not able to listen anymore. Recently my sister informed me of your blog. Since then I make it a habit to read your blog.
    I just want to know where can i download recorded Rush Hour.
    Thanks and more power.

  238. Dear Mr. Garcia,

    How is everything sir? I have to be honest, I’ve heard so much about your blog from my friends who are avid listeners of your show. I hope you don’t take this against me but, I listen to your show only once in a while, specifically Fridays, since I am an avid listener of another station. Despite everything, I have not really had the chance to really go through your blog site as I have not really had the time to do so.

    It was perfect timing that we, here at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, conceptualized a new promo & contest that will be running soon. Basically what we want to achieve with the promo is to get internet savvies to promote our hotel, specifically focusing on our 7Pecados By the Bay, to the best of their abilities using the internet as a medium. Whether they choose to blog about it, do a vlog about it, or maybe do a photo slideshow, it’s all up to them. In line with this promo, we also want to invite certain internet icons / celebrities, such as yourself to also partake in this promo and to visit our hotel and enjoy our 7Pecados outlet so that you may also blog about it on your site. Like I said earlier, it was perfect timing because this gave me the ample time I needed and wanted to be able to really enjoy Strange Fruit to the fullest. Though I have not seen and read every post you’ve made but so far, I am really enjoying reading some of your posts, in fact, I find a lot of them very helpful and informative.

    With that said, I would like to invite you, maybe over a sumptuous lunch or merienda in our hotel to further discuss with you, in detail, the mechanics and background of our promo. Anytime this week that you’re available I would love to sit down and maybe pick your brain a little, and of course hopefully come up with an arrangement with you to help make this promo a success. Please do get back to me so we may schedule a meeting, my contact details are below.

    I look forward to hearing from you and finally getting to meet you in person.

    Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

    Sincerely yours,

    JM Zozobrado
    Sales Executive
    DL: 832-6950
    Cel: 0918-9304393
    E-mail: salesexec@sofitelmanila.com

  239. I love listening to the morning rush… have been listening to Chico and Dell since i was 15, now i am turning 27 this coming 2nd of November. hope chico and del will stay till i turn 70.

  240. hey chico!

    you write such “poetic” blogs..haha..i like them all=)
    too bad i’m not good at writing blogs..

    anyways,you and delamar always make me laugh especially during the top ten parts..your topics are very hilarious,sometimes i have to stop myself from laughing out loud during my ride to school coz my fellow passengers might think i’m crazy..which would be an understatement but still…

    thanks for the happiness you bring every morning to all the rushers!
    hope you guys will stay on the air for many more years=)

  241. Hi chico! i really love your blog especially the pictures :)Id love to learn how to take those majestic pictures. where can you recommend the best photography classes that i can attend? and what SLR is the best? thanks!

  242. Thanks to you Chico! I now able to come up with my own blog. Its nowhere near as of course as controversial as yours but its a start.
    I love reading your blog and your pictures are great!

  243. hi chico! this was the first time that i’ve seen your blog site, it’s really good. but i lisen to you guys always before i go to school. i’m looking forward to see the two of you soon..

  244. It was an exciting to hear you guys during the morning rush. Most specially the top ten. I love photography but hadn’t got a chance to hold one after graduating from DLSU. I have been photo editor for Ang Pahayagang Plaridel at DLSU. My favorite shots are black and white. Probably I want to see images in the eyes of a dog. Dogs see black and whites no grey areas. But come to think of it, it does makes life easier. While we complicate things with the grey areas. Better for the dogs! I love dogs. Specially my own choco labrador. She is one playful bitch!

    More power to you guys!

    Morning rush rules!!!

  245. hi chico! I enjoy reading your blog!
    btw, i think it’s you that I saw in Fully Booked Eastwood Mall (2 weeks ago?).
    twas nice to see you in person ^_^

  246. hi chico,!gz2 q0h Lng p0ng mLman qung san siTE p0h mk2Ta LhaT ng T0p TEn,?im L0oking f0r This onE T0pic buT i canT find iT hErE in y0ur bL0g,!h0pE you wiLL rEsp0nd,!tnx a L0T chico,..supEr God BLEsS in y0ur cArREr,aLso wiTh dELamar,!i Lyk y0u b0Th,u Two arE so go0d T0gEThEr,hEhEhE,..ingaTz p0h pLguE,mwuah ng mdmi,hihihi,..(“,)

  247. hi chico.
    ang cute nung snow effect ah…sumusunod sa galaw ng mouse pointer! cool!!..hehe!
    thanks for cheering me up every morning!.. : )

  248. Hi chico,

    listener nko for more than 10 years now.
    minsan nagui-guilty nko. may mga ofc work ako na na-ooverlook some morning due to your show. very addictive kse. Haha

    Honestly, i find you and delle an inspiration.

    God’s blessings be with you!


  249. Hi Chico,

    Can you and Delle host our wedding this December 2010? Where can I contact you guys? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks! More blessings!


  250. Hi Chico!

    Same query as above–can we get you and Del as emcees for our event on February 20? How can we contact you?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚



  251. I’ve long been looking for your blogsite. It’s just that I always forget to search when I go online. Now that I finally found your site, I’ll forever follow this. *stalker* Haha. More powers, Chico! Regards to Delle. πŸ™‚

  252. hi chico!how are you? i heard u on the radio years ago na then now nkita ko blog mo finally u.just wanna ask din anu nga ung songn u ni delamar before?english xa friendship song un e and i like it so much! ilang times ko un search e i forgot d title din po kc hehe so i hope u could help me thanks and be safe!

  253. Great blog. my wife and I are silent rushers and we would like to know how can we drop by the station while you guys are doing your show. thanks

  254. Grabe! crush na kita chico πŸ™‚
    I am a silent rusher (since 2007)and hubby tease me always listening to morning rush. He is not into it but he laughs whenever I make kwento about your entries (kunwari pa eh!) I wish I had a chance to see u guys nung nanjan ako kaya lang kaka-intimidate, hindi ko alam kung paano ako makikipagkilala. Anyway you guys brightens my day! And you chico is really funny and cute!!

    and Great BLOG! btw.. pang-world class talaga πŸ™‚

  255. sana sa lunes or kung maaari pbb related or kung hindi man sa reality show related ang topic sa top 10, hindi na ako madalas makapakinig pero nabasa ko sa pbb thread sa pex na bibisita ka nga daw sa bahay ni kuya.

    good luck at sana manalo si melai, sabi lamang na daw si mariel at sya daw ang housemate e???

  256. wow! I have been a silent rusher since college… (RX>KC>RX) and still wanted to listen but I have to move to another side of the planet…

    maybe you can blog more about your photography… I love your photos (I dare not call them pics because I see them more as photographs rather than just pics) and I wish you can share tips/tricks too…

    keep it up!

  257. A rusher, Roy Balana has passed away during the weekend. His untimely death has become a shock to us, taking away of somoens life, his passing away was a shock to us, especially this was so unexpected. He would like to say his goodbye to all his friends and apologizes to all who he has offended and annoyed. Roy Balana was misunderstood and always been taken for granted.. ine good thing I could say about him is that he always create a pleasant athmosphere. he does not want his Alyas to be known on air since.. He really likes listening to your show and always makes the start of his day so NICE. He say thank you guys for being there every morning…

    We will miss Roys Smile and jokes… And how I hate the people who has misunderstood him, making him do this… where ever he is… we know now that he will be happy.

    Interment will not be announced since his wishes is to be cremated, just offer a prayer for him pls. Pls tell on air of his passing away since he would like iut so much. malay nyo dumalaw pa siya sa inyo.. lalo na si DELAMAR, he liked her so much, even before nung hindi pa niya kamukha si maui taylor. I know he will be smiling at this joke….

  258. Dear Chico, You may or may not remember me. I have been a silent rusher since I started working. Last week, I visited the station to observe for my communications course. I was also supposed to ask a few questions about the radio industry and its use on technology, but I had to leave soon because I was also covering a medical convention.

    I know it’s a big imposition on you, but I’m a bit desperate. is there a way i can very briefly chat with you, even on the phone (5 minutes max), for these questions? I hope you would oblige. My sincerest apologies if this would be an inconvenience for you.

    Ivan Olegario — Dev Comm student
    09178045507 / olegario.ivan@gmail.com

  259. Hello Chico, i’ve been a silent listener of your show for quite a long time now and i always look forward every wednesday to your back to the 80s show. I was wondering if maybe i could request an opm artist to be featured or part of your program because i just recently heard songs from that artist and liked it so much.

    If ever you do grant my request an email would be greatly appriciated

    thank you very much

    by the way nice pictures and nice blog !

  260. Hey Chico!

    I’ve been a silent rusher for quite some time now and I must say you and Delle crack me up every morning. I must look stupid laughing alone in the car.

    Anyway I’ve been really itching on commenting, so now’s my chance. Your photos are just the BOMB! I’ve been a frustrated photographer since my college days, and fortunately my job gave me the opportunity to have some of my photos published (just because they can’t afford an honest-to-goodness photographer! HAHA :p). But your photos just rock! Hope to see more of your photos! I swear I turn green with envy every time I see your pics. I wish I could have like 1/8 of your talent!

    Oh and I was listening the other day, I hope Nairobi’s ok now with the “anal sac” incident. πŸ™‚

  261. hi chico!

    after reading and so much browsing your posts i have decided to have my own. Inggitera??! hmm di naman cguro?? ayun you just became my blog idol hahaha thanks!!

  262. Hey Chico, I’ve been following your posts for quite sometime now all the way from SG.
    Are you keen to be one of our event affiliate (through your awesome blog?) πŸ™‚ Let me know how we can contact you..


  263. Hi Chico. Where can I email you personally? I’m giving out free network storage and router for your blog. You might be intested. Thanks!

  264. at last i have nnow an idea on how you and del look like…you both loook good..
    please keep youe page as cool as it is…we love what you’re doing…you and del always makes me smile in the morning:) thanks for the inspirstion and more power:)

  265. I have been working in Qatar for 2 years now. It’s really home-sickening so pinoys here tend to find something that would remind them of their hometown. Honestly, i have never listened to the Morning Rush when i was still in the Philippines but ever since a friend here started sending us Morning rush episodes through email, i instantly became a fan of the show. Aside from making me smile and laugh, the show makes me feel like i’m just around the corner of Manila City. I actually began to feel sorry for myself for not being able to listen to the show before. But I made up for lost episodes by downloading them from cdtop10.blogspot.com.

    When i was listening to the May 28th episode, i was at my desk doing the usual reports. Hearing the Monster Scholars’ stories and appreciation of the program made me cry. I was teary-eyed and sniffing during that time. I just hope nobody saw me.

    Please continue the good deed and please don’t stop entertaining your listeners. This is truly inspirational. Congratulations to your show and to the Monster Scholars who i’m sure will return the favor by studying very well.

    (P.S. Is it possible for you to greet on The Morning Rush, my friends in Qatar (special mention to Anne, Renee, and Elvie), my family back in the Philippines and my boyfriend Efren. Will you tell them that I love them all? Thank you and more power!

  266. How does one subscribe to this blog? Is there a link for podcast recording for the Morning Rush?please advise

  267. Hi Chico. How can I get in touch with you? I have free storage and router for your blog. You might be intested. Thank you. Email me.

  268. happy birthday chico!

    i’m not sure if you remember me, but my husband and i had our picture taken with you and del last Friday before we deplane Cebu Pacific in Tacloban. =)i wanna email you a copy of the picture…remembrance ba.

    i hope you enjoyed your stay in tacloban and samar.

  269. hi there chico,

    i’m a fan of your radio show and an avid reader of your blog since 2008, this is my first time writing(commenting) to somebody i don’t personally know.
    i just want you to know that you’re the one who inspire me to think about starting my own blog, it’s still in conception though but should it turn out as great as yours then most of the credits is due to you.


  270. Hi Chico,

    Maaari bang magamit ang isa sa mga retratong kinuha mo at maging bahagi ng pabalat ng aking libro? Naibigan ko ang kuha mo ng mga bato malapit sa dalampasigan.

    Mga tulang tuluyan (prose poems) ang aking koleksiyon, at isang karangalan kung magiging cover ng aking aklat ang retratong kuha mo.

    Hindi ko alam kung saan kita susulatan, kaya naglakas-loob lang akong sumulat dito.

    Ipagpaumanhin kung ako’y nakagambala.

  271. hi chico,

    ngaun lang ako nagkalakas ng loob magcomment..or ngaun lang ako nagkatime..i’m a fan of your radio show ..really love u and delamar…ngaun lang ako nagkaroon ng time mabasa blog mo..LUPET!!! lalo n mga pics mo..galing mo talaga..parang ang sarap sarap nyong kausap dalawa ni delamar..baliw pero may sense..more power to you guys..god bless..

    thanks for making me smile..

  272. Hi Chico,

    I’m an on-and-off fan of The Morning Rush, since, well, years ago… Not because I intend to, but circumstances many a time force me to miss out my daily dose of happy pill: Chico and Delamar.

    You and Delamar are quite a pair on-air: witty, grammatically correct, and always humane. I love it that you can always get away with something naughty without sounding sleazy (hehehe). And Del (I think she’s younger by less than 5 years than me) is a constant equilibrium, reminding us that life isn’t always perfect, but that it’s always great to be alive.

    I don’t know what makes you and Del tick that cannot carry you two to a serious, wedding-bells relationship. (It’s probably made obvious during my “off” time from The Morning Rush). If only real couples can resolve things the way you two did it: openly admitting the faults, laughing it all off, and just plain respecting each other’s space. Uncomplicated and unconditional. Hope you two find each ones’ happiness with your current partners (it’s all over news, Del has a new boyfriend!)

    Btw, the last 2 weeks of The Morning Rush have very interesting Top Ten Lists. Do you religiously blog them? Where can I find them? Does Del have something akin to this blog, or is it just you?

    I love you, guys! You don’t know the impact of your verbalized thoughts to us listeners (it’s a testimonial of about 3 pages long. My own.). You’re part of my thank you prayer each day: that I get to keep my hearing faculty so I can hear more of your show. I hope there would still be C & D when I get old, infirm and weak. Then I’d get to keep that naughty grin all over my face each morning.

    Keep up the unpretentious stance, stay healthy and keep going.

    Lastly, thanks for being REAL.

  273. Hi chico! Howdy? uhmmm… Is there any chance that you’d allow us meeting u personally? We wanted to have an autograph of you in a special photo collection album I and my friends created as a birthday surprise for an avid fan of yours. It’s her ultimate dream. Seriously, we so much adore your shots. Please please please… Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  274. I just stumbled on ur blog today while researching about Bataan for my trip later. haha too bad I dnt listen to the radio much but gosh! you have a great blog and I bet millions of readers too and I love ur photos! You deserve your own domain, ads and sponsors.Oh well, never mind, your rich and famous enough to get sponsors. hehe I’m gonna follow this site now! Keep the posts coming! πŸ™‚


  275. i love your show especially you chico, your greenness never fails to make me laugh. you have so much passion in writing/blogging and in photography that makes me like you more. i hope to meet you in person someday. wish you well always. =)

  276. hi Chico, Im a super silent rusher for so many years and guess what I followed your careers (including Delamar) from your old station and now to RX..Im too shy (if not busy) to join the morning rush top ten…Every day I drive from Cavite to Makati and listen to your show starting 6Am and Im so sad if I have an early meeting or events for I will surely miss your radio program…My husband Pol is a fan now..(Shhh he used to be like a lolo listening to AM every morning:-) Yahooo he is a certified rusher now …

    Keep it up and more power..

    PS: Can you greet us on Monday at 630AM pls ? It will be a first time for us to hear our names on radio….


  277. hey chico. im getting a DSLR as a graduation gift. Just wanna ask your opinion. what’s a better pick nikon D5000 or canon500d/canon550d?

    • oh no, i’m a nikon user, so i’m afraid i’m not familiar with the canon cameras. i have a canon point and shoot, but my 2 dslrs are nikon.

    • i can probably compare nikon vs nikon, but not so mich nikon vs canon. by the way, i have a d40x and a d90. VERY happy with both.

  278. I love your blog! I had a WordPress account before but I never managed it properly so I just switched to Tumblr where I can just post pictures and post little captions and not worry about updating too much. Also, I was wondering if you have a brother named Chris? I saw a picture of him on Tumblr (it was a snippet of an article) and you kinda look alike πŸ™‚

  279. Hi Chico, I’m a web designer, I’m planning to put up a community website about pet lovers. Can I invite you to contribute some contents?

  280. Hi Chico!

    I’m a high school teacher at the Ateneo and we’re having our alternative class day on December 14, 2010, Tuesday, the theme of which is “Think Philippines.” Basically we want our students to discover their love for their country by becoming better individuals. I was wondering if we could invite you and Delle as resource speakers.

    Please let me know (and please say yes). Thanks!

  281. hello chico, this atoy45 sa text…. great blog.
    ano ba yung site ni delamar sa blog.

    take care …. MORE POWER sa radio show niyo…. hoipefully , sa rx na kayo mag retire at 60.

  282. hi chico, would like to know if your top ten is still on podcast. i’ve been checking it regularly but there have been no updates since Sept 24. I hope you guys update the episodes. Even my 9 year old son is asking why there are no new episodes.

  283. hello chico, i hope you get this message bec i’m not good at using blogs to communicate. anyways, i just want to know if you will still have new programs in podcast. the last show was Sept 24 and after that it stopped updating. hope you will be able to add new programs so my son and i can listen to your top ten every night. thanks!

  284. Hi Chico!!! I’m the one who visited the booth earlier. Ms. Chantal’s student. hehehe Yung sinabihan niyo ni Del ng Jejejemon. hahahaha Thank you for being so nice to us! I hope I can visit again. πŸ™‚ I’m a subscriber of your blog, I super love the pictures you’re taking. πŸ™‚

  285. Hi Chico! I’m a big fan of the morning rush. You both are so hilarious! Plus I get to learn a lot about random things. I’ve been reading your blog entries and seen you’re a fan of photography too. I just want to know what brand of dslr and lens you are using . Your shots are great .Thanks much! πŸ™‚

  286. hi chico! i was wondering if you and delamar are still available to host a wedding in January 15 2011 at the manila polo club for my client. let me know where i can reach you! you can reach me at 09178140223. thanks so much!

  287. hi chico!
    me & my family are such big fans of TMR (we’re silent rushers) and i often read your blog (i have it on bookmark =D ).
    i just remembered that you are an art-lover/HP geek like myself. so i wanted to tell you about this artist called Justin Hillgrove. i just recently discovered his work and i wanted you to have a look at http://www.justinhillgrove.com and see what you think, be sure to check out his tributes page (i think you’ll find some cool discoveries there).
    pls let me know what you think.
    thanks a bunch! (and keep up the good work on TMR & Strange Fruit! you guys really make my day)

  288. hi chico.
    want to share something about the funny pics with signs.. just wondering how can i send it to you,..
    read your posts especially that pic with “pek pek carinderia” πŸ™‚
    pls inform me where to send the pic πŸ˜› hehheehe
    thanks much πŸ˜›
    mwah :-*

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  290. hi chico,

    i have been listening to the morning rush for more than ten years now. and so i was wondering if you and delamar do host weddings? my fiancee and i would like to have you guys be the hosts for our wedding program. we would be delighted if you guys are available on June 25, 2010. hope to hear from u guys soon. you can reach me at 09178063515 or through my email so as we can discuss the details. thanks and more power.


  291. Hi Chico! i’ve been a avid fan of the morning rush for a
    long time now and i adore delamar’s voice so much! but what really
    got me motivated to post a message is when my sister in law
    introduce me to look at our pictures it was so great seeing it coz
    am a newbie in photography and i do practice just by learning in
    youtube! So just like to ask is do you give out lessons to newbies
    like me? am trying to get a tutorial lesson by next month and i
    already saw to photographers namely Nathaniel Salang n Jo Avila bt
    am trying to squeeze it in to my schedule so i could fit in to the
    dates of the seminars. So what do you suggest? Thanks!

  292. Hi Chico. I came across your blog while I was looking for some articles about the new peso bills, and I from among the pages I viewed yours had the nicest resolution. But anyway, when I looked at the wordpress URL I said “could it be Chico?”. I’ll read through your posts, man. I grew up listening a lot to music and radio but I can only remember about 5 DJs and you’re one of them πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

  293. hi chico, i love TMR! it always make my whole day bearable! haha! i love listening to you guys as i am off to Makati for work – and all the way is just a fight to hold back my laughters – people might think i’m crazy!! hahaha!

    anyway, i am hoping if maybe if you can email me your rates (of course you and delle hehe) to host a wedding? (for me and my fiance β™₯). i think it will be a nice surprise for my bf since he’s an avid fan of yours way back in high school (while i just started listening a few years ago).. i hope lang kaya namin ung rates nyo. hahaha!

    (fyi: i once won an ipod shuffle and i gave it to my bf for his bday last year — he was so excited when he learned it came from a TMR promo)

    Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon. πŸ™‚


  294. Hi Chico…

    We are interested to invite you and del to host the debut party of my friend’s niece. I just don’t know ‘ho to contact you, Ito na Lang naisip ko..

    We want to know sana your fee para masabi naman then pag key we can meet you Kung avail kayo. Party is on the first Saturday of June.

    My email add is hunnywendy@yahoo.com

    Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚


  295. Dear Mr. Chico,

    Our company has a request to contact you and Ms.Delamar for a hosting gig in December 2011. Please let me know your contact details (email/telephone number) so I can discuss further the details.

    Thank you so much and hoping for your reply the soonest time possible.

    Training and Events Director
    Tweaks Training and Events Management Team

  296. Hi Chico! My fiance and I are both silent rushers for years now. I can’t say how long since it’s an on-and-off thing for me as I don’t always have time to listen to the radio. But when I do, its always RX. Now, that I have plenty of time to listen to the radio, I always listen to you and delamar on my way to work. Anyway, my fiance and I were talking about hosts/emcee for our wedding and your names came up. I vehemently turned him down and gave a lot reasons why I didn’t want you guys to be the hosts because I wanted to surprise him on the day of our wedding, but, of course, only if you agree to do it. Our wedding is on March 17, 2012. Still quite far. But I’d like to be able to discuss with you early on the details thereof so kindly contact me at jsbongat@gmail.com or 0917-5855227. Thank you!


  297. Hi Chico im a big fan of u and Del since high school pa kahit di ako regular na nakakapakinig because of work. I just downloaded nalang ung s blogspot account para updated pa din ako.just doing tha makes me happy.. i want to join the show kaya lang di pa marunong mgtweet heheh.. im satisfied na just listening.
    naglakas loob lang ako mag message now kasi i have a problem, i dont know how..i need help and advice from an IT man, wala po kasi ako gano kakilala..last week i remember s mga entries how ur listeners will send message without the boss knowing, and how they will compare notes on how they do that.(i think si Del yata ang nagsabi nun).and how someone make a tweeter account just to join the show for the viao promo..gusko ko po sana mag reach out sa mga listeners nyo or baka you know someone who could help me.. someone is sending me emails,and using an account on my name, i just cant get into complete details..i need to find out who it is cause i might lost my job because of it.. please help me po,sound desperate na yata ako,kakahiya but i have too.
    i dont know how it works s mga blog if tama ba na ngpost ako d2, pasensay na po, ito lang ang way na naisip ko..

  298. Chico… natuwa ako sa recent blogs mo so i created one for me even though i’m tamad to blog πŸ™‚ I hope you remember me. I’m a friend of Trina’s (Belamide) and i also went to UP-CMC.

    Your “songs” are so funny! You and Delle complete my mornings.

  299. chico and delamar,

    I listen to you as I drive my daughter to school every morning. You two are witty and have a good chemistry together. However – I object to your explicit sexual conversations which sometimes give me the idea that it’s all that you are so engrossed with. There was one point I even wrote to a daily broadsheet columnist and to MTRCB to complain about your obsession with sex and anything that alludes to it. Maybe you’ve been warned because I noticed a slight caution on your casual handling of sex. I am not prude, do not get me wrong. However, my objections come from the desire not to show your young listeners that sex is all there is and that it is ok to be promiscuous.

    Now – Delamar is pregnant. I am afraid that she is being an example to your young listeners that indeed what you are so obsessed ‘talking’ about on air – you practice off air. And it all the more sends the wrong message to them.

    I know being an unwed mother is rather acceptable already these days. In fact I know many who are or had been. The only difference for Delamar is that she is a public figure – somebody that young people know and listen to. And with that comes a lot of responsibility. I dont need to say anything more. When her kid grows up and listens to role models on the radio who displays obsession with sex, then she will probably understand where I am coming from.

    Chico – I admire your discretion, your very very careful non-reference to the gender of people you get involved with. I hope you will be more careful on air and off it.

    • Beng this is just unfair. Tell you what if you don’t like them then do not listen to them. AM stations might be suitable for you. If I see you face to face this is what you’ll hear from me…”STOP LISTENING TO RX YOU F***ING B*TCH!”

      From your message alone it seems that you are a fat, miserable, single mother (just an assumption since you said you know what unwed mothers are). You are a hypocrite and a self loathing MUDDAF*CKER.

      Leave Chico and Del alone ok b*atch!

    • Just started following this blog although I’ve been reading it on and off over the years and this comment got my attention!

      This is just so wrong. No one is forcing you, madam, to listen to The Morning Rush. If you really are a regular listener, you would know that whenever Chico and Gino would venture dangerously into “green” waters, it’s even Del who would remind them that they’re about to enter danger zone. They are NOT obsessed with sex. If you want to know what being “obsessed with sex” sounds like, then you should listen to the Boys Night Out on the other station. I would think Chico and Del (and Gino) would know what’s appropriate and what’s not for morning radio, given their long years of experience.

      Please just stop listening to them if you don’t approve of what you perceive as their obsession and get a life. Maybe you’re being judgmental and self-righteous because you’re suffering from the lack of “it.” Maybe YOU’RE the one obsessed with “it” and are projecting this obsession to other people.

      You are a sad, sad woman. Seriously, get a life.

    • Hi Ms. Beng,

      Let’s not complicate things. Just switch to another station if you don’t want what you’re hearing. In all honesty, Chico, Del and Gino are just goofing around. They won’t last 15 years in the business for nothing. Well, no one can please everyone, that’s true. And nobody’s perfect, even you. So if I enjoy such funny conversations between them, will that make me less of a person compared to you? I don’t think so. And why would you even bring up Del’s pregnancy? It’s just wrong. Let’s not be judgemental, instead let’s be compassionate, I think a “great” mother would know the difference.

  300. Hi Chico, where can I find the link for your songs? 😦
    Um, are all songs available for downloading? [Please? Arte ko, ogag!]

    I recently downloaded a top 10 and listened to it in the bus while traveling from Vigan to Manila. The guy sitting next to me thought I was crying, as I was making hissing sounds. Since the lights are out, he can’t see my twisted face laughing so hard! I just love your songs, esp. Pepper Crusher. πŸ™‚

  301. hi! chico & Delamar! it’s almost 16 years (I’m 14yrs old then…rx-kc-rx) of listening to your show everyday, (watching your shows noon sa Channel 9,& TV guestings’)laughing on Mr. Frederick Lagbao’s CORNY(double meaning words)JOKES, sometimes feeling the vibes of Del’s “Happy Days” or another bad hair day (habits),or even feeling bad whenever she’s crying with somethings(or someONE)and learn through the years (like her-Del)U know D Bee’s & D Birds! listening to every MEANINGFUL & twisted conversation,(L.O.L. while everybody is looking @ me like I’m a crazy woman)! Missing each of you pag me absent(feeling Teacher”me attendance?”)… Pero hindi pa din ako nagsasawang makinig at sumuporta sa inyo!!! You and Del complete my mornings!!! Wishing ” Our Show ” to last until your 60th Birthday!!

  302. just so lovely and sooo REAL of you! i seldom read blogs (personal) but you got mine & family as well the real attention every single day, specially the traveling and photography part so AWESOME!!!! keep it up and keep it going for everyone else like us who’s up and away our Perlas ng Silangan. Hopefully to come back in Manila!

  303. Hi Chico,

    I’m a silent rusher since high school (1996) though sometimes I’m not able to listen because I wake up late hehehe. My sister and I loves TMR very much. I wish you all the best of luck and same to Delamar. Congratulations to her. I’m also pregnant and I’m on my 8th month now. I’m happy that my child will be the same age as her child hehehe. Take care both of you.

  304. Hi Chico! I’ve been a silent rusher for over a decade- I just love listening to you and Del every morning! πŸ™‚ Anyway, I was just wondering how I can contact you without the rest of the world knowing! hehe. I do have some things that I would like to share with you- hope I dont sound like too much of a weirdo! Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚

  305. hey chico!
    aside from listening to you and del I enjoy reading the top 10 here. there is so much to say coz I think I am a rusher since I was in highschool, im in late 20’s now. imagine?! hehe
    good job and keep on writing!

  306. hi chico,

    i just want to ask if you and del are available to host a wedding event this August 2011? the event is just within Ortigas, I am a bit concerned about your talent fee πŸ˜€ sana I can afford your rate…please send me an e-mail …thank you (lilaczz@yahoo.com)

  307. Hi Chico,

    I’ve been a silent rusher for years and listening to your radio show has been part of our morning… πŸ™‚ I should say that I started listening to you guys when I was in HS while on my way to school. Now, I’m employed for several years and the habit is still there… πŸ™‚

    I’m getting married this coming December… I’m wondering if you and Del could be part of this memorable event in my life… Hope to get a reply from you about your rates and availability as well. How I wish it’s affordable… πŸ™‚ Wed date is on 12/10/11 in Tagaytay…


  308. i just found myself singing your green lantern song in the office!.buti walang nakarining sakin.,i’m listening to yesterday’s podcast kasi,, πŸ™‚ nice one chico-zinger-zongwriter πŸ™‚

  309. hi.. I’m a big fan, medyo malingkot lang kasi like ko sana kayong dalawa magkatuluyan. Masaya sana kasi alam nyo na ugali ng isat isa.

    Missed ko na si delle, kelan ba sya babalik.

  310. it was equally strange to find the title of your blog as it is. reminds me of a billie holiday song. is this a mere coincidence or maybe it is relating to something else? i listened to your station before and after you moved to 93.1, you and delamar is awesome to the nth level.

    thanks for intelectuals like you on radio. i love pinas!

  311. hi i am an old fan of both you chico&delamar when i was younger than now,juz want 2 ask is there some1 out there could gonna give me the full lyrics of your parting song in ur morning rush,something like” may ur tomorow be a perfect day,,,ect” tnx more power chix&delmar

  312. Hi, my husband and I listen to MR while going to office, and kahit magkagalit kami pag morning, nagkakabati kami dahil it’s hard to keep a straight face while listening to you guys! Anyway, I heard you this AM about the yaya investing in stock market and how amazed you were about it… No its not my yaya, but its true… that’s why I want to share this book/link to you and Del… (there’s 101 tips also about stock market!)… :>

    Click to access 00000–My_Maid_Invest.pdf

  313. Hi there, I woudl like to ask if you are open to host our wedding with delamar. Please email me your rates. Thanks and more power πŸ™‚

  314. Hi, would like to ask if you still do hosting of weddings, would like to get you and delamar for our wedding, please mail me your rates. Wedding will be around 2nd week of may 2012. Thanks!

  315. Pingback: Early Birthday Gift: Getting Featured on Freshly Pressed | Stories of My Wandering Feet & Mind

  316. hi chico, I would like to inquire on your wedding hosting rates. my wedding is in May 2012.

    Thank you!


  317. I rediscovered The Morning Rush again literally just yesterday when my little sister gave me podcasts of your show. I have been away from Manila for over a decade now and I miss listening your show’s bubbly laughter that used to be my must-have everyday. Now that I learned that you guys can be reached by podcasts, I’ll be listening once again and insanely giggle until I cry. Totally YAY! πŸ™‚

  318. Hi Chico, i was just 15 years old when i heard the Morning Rush from KC fm, i was a working student then. We were poor growing up so, nung wala na ko sa auntie ko wala na radyo :)I was able to watch Ms.D’s interview with you guys! i was so happy to see your faces! While i was studying in college, nasa RX na kayo. may cell phone nang may fm so, i was able to listen to you guys again. Now, im 28 years old i find it hard to follow through your 6-9am show because i’m a high school teacher in Adamson University. because our class starts at 7 and the recess is 10.honestly, i don’t even care about the songs on the playlist..gusto ko lang kayong marinig ng marinig.I have 2 kids magiging 3 na because i’m 6 months pregnant. Kayo parin ang favorite ko. Keep up! i’m so happy to have known you kahit as a fan lang. BTW, my whole family knows you as well, my husband, my mom and my 3 siblings.

  319. hi there to the icon of philippine fm radio!

    just wanna say thanks for making ouy mornings fun!!

    not sure if you have seen this vid already but im sure you and gigi (im sure delle too) can relate with this.

    it’s about the stages of relationship from being strangers to lovers and being stranger again…

    thanks again and more power to your show!

  320. Pingback: η†Ÿγ—γ¦γͺい chico γ‚’ι£Ÿγ£γ¦γ€Œη”˜γΏγŒγͺγ„ζžœη‰©γ€γ¨ε‹˜ι•γ„γ™γ‚‹η”· II « 寒汰物θͺž

  321. Howdy very nice site!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally?I am glad to find so many helpful info here within the post, we want develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  322. Hi Chico,

    Me and my fiance is getting married on Dec. 6, 2012 and would like to have you and Delamar as our host. Can you email me how much is your rates? (sana kaya namin rates niyo πŸ˜€ *crossing fingers*).

    Will wait for your reply. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€


  323. Hey Chico, first time to read your “About Chico” portion here on your blog. And I think it’s not updated anymore, since TMR is not airing on Saturdays…? However, I’ve been listening to your show since I can’t remember when, just because my boyfriend told me TMR is way funnier and entertaining than Good Times. So one day I tried to listen to you guys, and you really proved what my boyfriend said! And now, I rarely listen to the other station, cause your show is full of positivity and good vibes, and super laughtrip, especially dumagdag pa si mega crush kong si Gino! Too bad didn’t catch you yesterday at Bon Chon. Anyway, enjoy your Hong Kong trip! πŸ™‚

  324. chicoooo!!! you guys are so cool. you know what? everytime me & my cousin see each other, we always talk about TMR. :)) I even bought myself and him copies of your book. and my day wouldn’t be complete without tuning in to you. Thank you for making me positive everyday, on my way yo office. Godbless always! β™₯

  325. Hi Chico and Del,
    My Fiance and I are silent rushers, for more than a decade of our relationship TMR have always been a part of it. We are getting married this coming March 17, 2012. We would really…really…really like to have you as our host. I’ve sent both of you an email. Would really appreciate your reply. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


  326. Hi Chico,

    Thanks for signing our books earlier, I already told my fiancΓ© about it. Will be waiting for you & del’s confirmation email about hosting our wedding on March 17, in case something goes wrong with my other e-add here’s an alternate e-add: cheaverg@yahoo.com

    Joe and Che

  327. Thanks for any other informative blog. The place else could I get that type of information written in such an ideal method? I’ve a challenge that I’m just now running on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

  328. Hi Chico! Ethan Allen, a US home furnishings brand, would like to invite you to an exciting design challenge. I would love to tell you more about it! How can I contact you?

  329. gosh, nice knowing you dj chico! πŸ™‚ I’ve been an avid listener of TMR since 2009.. oh my! you’re so inspiring! I’m also an English-major and soon to teach.. hehehe. Hope to really meet you this year! and of course with Ms. Delamar. hehehe. Mor epower to your show po! πŸ™‚

  330. Hi Chico!

    We would like to invite you to the HTC One launch on April 13, 2012,
    Friday, 6:00PM at SKYE RoofDeck W High Street Bldg., 11th St. cor. 28th.
    st. Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig.

    Hope you could join us.



  331. Chico! Honestly speaking, I made a blog because of you. With your free will to express something throught the net, I was captivated. *Chos!!* Give feedbacks about my blog please! I want to hear from the expert. Lol. greeenmustache.wordpress.com πŸ™‚ Btw, do you participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge?

  332. Just dropping by to say hi… and hoping to get visitors for my blog hahaha… I’ve been listening to you guys for more than a decade! I’m one of the so-called SILENT rushers! =)

    Nice blog!

  333. HI Chico! I would like to invite you sa First Vita Plus (www.firstvitaplus.ph). I hope you’re not busy or mainit ulo or badtrip when you’re reading this. para di naman ako mabadshot sayo. Anyway attached are short video clips for me to introduce to you this “raket” and how i am able to earn from it. Hope you wont jump right away to conclusions while watching it.

    Sorry. I know how improper this is.. pero wala lang.. nagbabakasakali lng ako, baka kasi you might get interested. Syempre if you’ll get to join it with our team edi sosyal.. marami ng doctors (mostly from la salle health sciences), may celebrity pa kami sa team and with you’re wide range of contacts. Im sure this is just a piece of cake for you. Just in case you are wondering, all of these are legal. Anyway, I also want you to know that super fan nio ako ni delemar!.. at lalo pang naging adik sa inyo nung sumali na si Gino sa morning rush!.. super nakakalibang kayo pakingan. More power to you guys!!!

  334. Hi! First of all I’ll come clean πŸ™‚ I’ve been a silent rusher for the longest time and there has been many, many, many times that I was tempted to join the daily top ten ahaha but I’m just too shy, either that or I am too busy laughing to come up with my own entry! :D. Anyway the reason I’m writing, there’s a dance ministry called KALOOB (my sister is a part of this group) , who’s going to represent the Philippines in the Lefkas International Folklore Festival in Greece and then on the second festival, the Earth Dancers Culture Festival in Athens. For the 1st time, we will have representation in these events. Anyway, the support that the government was able to provide is not quite enough to finance everything, so the group will be doing a show called Layag as a fund raiser, they will perform the same dances they will show in Greece. I was hoping, if you could perhaps mention this on TMR, baka lang me interested manood (Aug 3 – Fri 8pm; Aug 4 -Sat 3pm). Hope you can watch, too. Folk dances maybe boring to the younger generation but these are our own dances and music, sadly too few knows about them.

    This group is trying very hard to revive or keep our traditional dances and music alive, so I’m doing all I can to find ways to get more support for them.

    Thank you! Hope you get to read this.

  335. Hello Chico! I love The Morning Rush and I am a silent, undeclared “Rusher” since college. I love you and Delamar. MORE POWER TO YOU Guys! PS Im also following your blog now. πŸ™‚

  336. Hi Chico, how can I contact you guys? We need a host for a corporate event this November. Hope I’ll get your contact details from a friend. πŸ™‚

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