4 comments on “Maldives (Day 2)

  1. I love the part that it you imagined it was your wedding. It really must have been SUPER romantic. 🙂 enjoy the experience, Chico! And please continue sharing your experiences with us. We mere mortals cannot go to such a paradise.haha 🙂

  2. hi Chico … your post is “crazy amazing” … one moment you made me laugh with your thought bubble over our beloved country’s “cool” name then you made me swoon over another bubble thought imagining your romantic wedding scenario … wow! i hope you will post more photos here, i don’t have an instagram account, so i am missing out on your beautiful photos — keep safe! —April

  3. Nag-ala Miss Universe pala kayo. Parang Top 5 na: “Germany!”, “France!”, “South Africa!”, “Peru!”, I was tempted to say, “The proud land of the Pinoy Republic of Jejemon!” The snorkeling experience is totally AMAZING as you have described!

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