40 comments on “Lingam Massage

  1. Very sensual! I think gusto ‘to ng lahat lahat! Almost an every day thing for those who have “special someones”! Di ba? What we all call foreplay…. Oooopsss!! Got to go!!!!! I need to practise, lapit n magonline hubby ko ! Thanks chico for posting this. Hehehe better i learned about this earlier kesa sa hubby ko..! Kung hinde…!!! Ewan ko n lang anu mangyayari !

  2. mas ok tong massage nato kaysa ung mga lalaki mam babae,bsta wlang extra service na mangyayari.
    asside it therapuetic and relaxing safe pa sila.kya approved ako sa massage nato.i want my husband to try this kind of massage.

  3. Chico, you mentioned about “happy endings”, is that the opposite of lingam massage for Ladies? i remember the movie Happy Endings starred by Lisa Kudrow… where she gets the service of a massage therapist to get a sexual release…

  4. lingam massage is for male and yoni massage is for female… just found out na dito pala sa makati may lingam massage I don’t even know what’s lingam massage just heard it sa show yesterday hahahah chico you’re soooooo…. you are indeed the fountain of wisdom lolz!!!

  5. i’ve heard of this during our Kas II lectures. (guys, you should get Prof. Bamero of CSSP) 😛 never knew aabot sa pilipinas ito!

  6. naman!yun pala yung lingam massage na sabi ng kasama ko sa work nung isang araw…sabi nya kasi may gusto syang maexperience na bagong massage: “Gusto ko ng Lingam..ooohlala!”
    akala ko naman may langgam na involved sa massage na ito. san ba yan? makapagapply nga.LOL salamat sa video, at least makakapagpraktis na ako…san kaya nakakabili nung violet na stick na yun?ahahaha

  7. Tried the lingam massage in Cebu, and would say that it was a good experience. No hanky panky involve, just the massage that focus on what it should focus on. They do have a branch in Makati Ave. Coco Spa ata name, just go there and try. Though heard that Cebu Therapist were better, will soon find out

  8. I tried this too dun sa Makati 2 months ago and I like the massage itself, ayoko lang sa therapist kasi mas malaki pa sa akin hehehe.

    cons – CURTAIN lang ang divider! ok sana kung may privacy ka with your therapist but it sucks dahil na tela lang ang nagpagitan. Another is that Lingam massage in Cebu stated na may choice na pwedeng dalawang therapists sabay! I asked them about it and they told me na kelangan daw magpapa appointment a day ahead at least! imagine mo na lang having two therapist sa isang space na curtain lang ang namamagitan sa kabilang client!

    pros – new experience

  9. I tried this too, sa banawe naman, 1200 yung service. It is different from spakols kasi minamasahe nga talaga yung patotoy mo =) pero yung thera ko nilagyan nya ng happy ending eh. =)

  10. I tried this in Malaysia and Singapore(where i am from) and once in Makati and there is nothing dirty or evil about it. There is no touching of the therapist at all and they stay fully clothed at all times. If done correctly it is a very focused and relaxing experience that does not always end in a climax. In fact it can be used to help men learn how to have greater control over their ejaculation and prevent a premature climax. You’d think some of these women would be sending their hubby’s there to learn that trick.

    Maybe one of these people making such a fuss is mad because they know someone close to them that is going to have this treatment and they want to have revenge. Also, to note that I have been offered a ‘happy ending’ in a number of the so called respectable who are blasting away at these Lingam spa’s who are at least honest in what they do.
    I think it is very hypocritical of the Cebu PB and now some busy bodies in Cebu City to spend so much time and effort attacking these very few establishments while they ignore the Mango Ave. bikini bars and KTV’s that are everywhere. As it is these that are the actual sponsor’s of prostitution and every one knows it. Can it be that these bars pay the right people to be left alone….Hummm. How about someone write about that.

  11. hi chico! i tweeted you last night,
    I told you i will ask you something ‘private’

    well… its about this :))

    for my thesis!
    *fingers crossed*

  12. hiiiiiiiiiii , good day about lingam massage honestly im a therapist and im proud to be one ,,, its really bad to hear sbout that its unfair , its really a mess for the world massage,,,,, and for the people who work clean to earn enough ,,,,, hahahahhahahha emotionalllllll thanx for the people who believe that not all msssage are dirty as other do,,

  13. Hi, a friend of mine mentioned this lingam and yoni massage. Os i googled it and landed on your site. Just want to know where here in Makati yung SPA na nagooffer ng service na ito? thanks.

  14. A friend of mine have tried this 3 times in Cebu, he says two of the spas he went into are good and massage only policy though one therapist at another place tease him to give bigger tips and let him touch her.

    He experience the same at an expensive hotel in Shanghai, China, of course unexpectedly! He even put into the room all the charges including the extra service but it was really expensive.

    • My friend have been there, normal naman ang suot but not like scrub suit. May magaganda daw na therapists but mas maganda daw yung receptionist na nakaduty..hehe!

  15. l would like to be massaged in any way l can, lingam sounds good, and for sure feels better too! l like also to give and receive

  16. I also try linggam as well.. masarap tlga… but i also try doing linggam.. im a massuer as well so you really need to adopt if ano ang bago.. hehehe masarap .. cge lng if sino wala nakatry dito.. try natin but walang bastosan ha…

  17. “Even if say, the therapist is serious about her craft, and really studied and mastered the craft of lingam massage, if the client is some douchebag who’s just out for a cheap thrill, then it doesn’t really matter what the intentions of the therapist may be”…

    Congratulations on propagating the myth that men are the problem and women the conscientious victim. Here in Victoria (Canada) I would love to find an authentic lingam masseuse but, sex wokers being legal, every ‘lingam masseuse’ I can find is in fact offering a jand job. So how about: “Even if say, the client is serious about his treatment, and really tried hard to find an authentic lingam massage, if the masseuse is some douchebag who’s just out for a quick buck, then it doesn’t really matter what the intentions of the client may be”.

    And even given your argument, why is a man who feels the need to pay for sex a ‘douchebag’?

    I think you should meditate for a while on the true meaning of equality.

  18. Try our newly RAIZEN MASSAGE SPA located at 9817-B Kamagong St. corner Anubingst. San Antonio, Makati. We are at the back of Petron Kamagong Corner ZobelRoxas and Agatast Stop light besides NEXTSPEED Car Wash. along mayapis and osmenia highway. near in PRC Shopwise, and Cash and Carry Buendia.
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    2 therapists working on 1client using synchronized moves and free coffee or tea in our coffee bar. 1hr php 499
    Body scrub with a choice of 1. SEA SALT GLOW, 2.OATMEAL WITH FRESH MILK, AND 3.COFFEE SCRUB WITH OLIVE OIL/45mins. Php 349.
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    Full Body Massage combination of swedish massage, Lingam and ganitalia massage good for 1hr and 30minutes.
    Massage oils is used to provide a smoother gliding motion of the hands and to heighten the experience. The massage starts on sensual, but not sexual parts of the body. massaging the face and neck, move down to the shoulders and chest, then down the sides of the body. Pass the genital areas and slide hands completely down the side of the body to the feet. masseur Spend some time massing the feet as this is a very sensual and loving act. Then move up the inner calves and thighs, taking your time to add excitement. Then finally at the genital area, slowly massage all parts of the genitals, ending at the erogenous zone. For only php 999..
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