28 comments on “The Top Ten Funny Names Of Barangays, Towns And Cities

  1. number 15 is a bit wrong.. i’m from imus cavite and that’s called “patindig araw” .. and i live at “tanzang luma” which is entry # 32.. =))

  2. In bulacan, there is a barangay gaya-gaya and gaya-gaya elementary school. Ganito magturo yung mga teachers: class, gayahin nyo ako..

  3. Thanks for the chuckles! I know for some names, they are in their own dialects. But what about the Tagalog ones? Sino kaya nag-isip ng mga pangalan?

  4. Number 1. These are barangays (with Batong Malake, Malinta and Maahas) in the Science and Nature City of Los Banos. Anos and Bayog are not towns.

  5. I once saw this in one of my co-passengers bag tag, while waiting for a domestic flight:

    Jeanette Bayot
    Brgy. Bading, Butuan City

    I also have a block mate before: her family name in Bualat and they live in Buagina St., Oroquieta City.

  6. “15. In Imus, Cavite, Barangay Buhay na Tubig is right beside Barangay Matinding Araw.”

    There is no “Barangay Matinding Araw” in Imus. Instead, there’s a PATINDIG Araw, next to Buhay na Tubig.

  7. There’s a town in Germany called Fucking.
    “Where are you going?”
    “In Fucking Germany to study in those Fucking Schools.”

  8. Barangay Tulo in Calamba Laguna really exists. (Entry no. 31) Taga doon kasi ako..hahaha…everytime na sasakay kami ng jeep magtitinginan ang mga pasahero at tatawa na lang…sa bus naman, mahihiya kang sabihin kung saan ka bababa kasi kapag malapit na sa barangay namin, sisigaw na ang konduktor ng TULO, o yung may TULO jan lapit na lang po! kaya ako kapag sasakay ng bus ang sinasabi ko yung kalapit na barangay namin…pareho lang din naman ang bayad…hehehehe

  9. i think everyone’s familiar with Macabebe, Pampanga. nothing wrong with it… until an American asks directions and pronounces it “make-a-baby”… as in ‘Do you know the way to Macabebe?’ πŸ˜€ heehee

  10. 3 Dadykid – In Cebu, a town called Baklayon.

    In Cebuano dialect, Baklayon (from the word baklay)means “to hike”
    The town is just on the foot of a mountain.

    That’s the legend of the town’s name. πŸ˜€

  11. There’s a town in Capiz called Sapian. If someone asks you where you are, you answer: “Nasa Sapian ako”. πŸ™‚

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