5 comments on “Bali, Indonesia (Day 4)

  1. Heeeey! I didn’t know you have a son!Ü ganda ng mga hayop. Ganda ng zoo nila, lalo ko naawa sa mga hayop sa Manila Zoo.

  2. akala ko something wrong with my computer i keep refreshing the browser, you changed your layout na pala. btw i like the new layout. less is more.

  3. how apt to describe the boar with a “Raging Erection”. parang Viagra overdose lang?

    my sis-in-law together with her parents are in Bali now. I think they are staying in the Ramayana Resort (?). I hope they experience these things you’ve been telling. Gusto rin namin pumunta next time!

  4. Hahaha..I watched the same Barong and Kris dance when I was in Bali last October. Imagine .. its morning.. we just woke up, just had coffee..travelled for 20mins..and these guys woke up our senses LOL! (This is a secret..that thingy is the boar’s tail actually..hehehe)

    But being in Bali is totally a different experience. Its actually not the beaches that will awe you, its their rich culture.

    Thanks for sharing your journal Rico…keep inspiring people 🙂

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