18 comments on “The Top Ten Things To Say To Someone You Miss

  1. my then psuedo boyfriend hated being cheesy and loathed saying stuff associated with romance. One time, after a whole day apart, he said: ‘sup, pheebs? Namiss mo ba ko?’ he said ‘namiss’ so fast that it sounded like ‘iniinis’. I pretended i didnt get it and asked ‘bket naman kta iinisin?’. He was so annoyed, but repeated it in d days that followed. I gave d same answer, until he realized that i got what he said d whole time, and my playful answer is actually a ‘yes’

  2. i effing miss my boyfriend who lives in finland and he was here just around two months ago. i hope he can come back this december. so, this is how it feels when the geographical distance between you is 8000kms/mis. (or around that number) or almost 20hours of airplane travel. i think this is also how my mom felt when my dad back in the late 80’s was working in saudi arabia then he moved to u.a.e. my dad still works in the latter but he goes home every other month. it’s a bit difficult because i can’t talk to my mom about this because i haven’t vocally admitted am gay, let alone i have a boyfriend. at least there is skype then sms and facebook and email. 😀

    • Hi Chico! I’ve been listening to your duo since highschool. I’m one of the silent rushers…silent lang sa txt pero maingay sa car pag tumatawa na dahil sa inyo ni Del…malimit pa pinagtitinginan ng mga nasa jeep kasi I’m smiling & laughing on my own. Anyway, may namimiss lang akong friend and nakakarelate ako sa ibang responses ng top ten na ito…keep up the good work.

  3. Every time I miss my fiancee I always tell her that I don’t want to miss her anymore… Kasi gusto ko na siya maging misis. Corny and cheesy but effective. hahaha. My gosh! Stress from the wedding prep is killing me! Can’t wait to see you guys when I get back.

  4. “If I could fall into the sky
    Do you think time would pass me by
    Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles
    If I could just see you, tonight,”
    – A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton

    Though a lot of people associate this with White Chicks, it always say what my heart feels whenever I’m away from whoever my boyfriend is at that moment.:D

  5. my friend who is far away from here sent me text messages saying “i miss holding your hands”, “I mis ur brown eyes.prehas pla tyo brown” and “miss ko na din boses mo. palagi pa din kita alala.lagi ko ask,kelan kya ulit kita mkkita? “and i miss my friend too..

  6. I realy lyk al msges here.
    sometym’s i mis my bf when he did not replied me the msg. i just want 2 tel him that i love u so much…


  7. I miss my ex so much, it hurts. Its like the day he left, I lost a part of me. Sometimes I feel so empty inside, trapped in a lonely dark place in my mind.

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