35 comments on “We Have A Billboard!

  1. I make it a point to switch stations when Gino and Fran are on. They are so frakking annoying!!! They’re shallow, so-so sounding and they laugh at their own jokes like they’re loaded on brownies. Seriously, how good can a show be when the only ones laughing are the hosts? I have major reservations on how deserving they are of their show, let alone this billboard.

  2. @Caturay, i happen to love gino and fran as much as i love chico and delle. go cry to your yaya.

    level up morning rush! sana merong desktop wallpaper neto..hehehe.

    • I asked my yaya and she said she hates them too. What can I say, yaya has better taste than you.

    • hehe.. u already! 🙂

      parang tumanda sila dun. pero ok naman. pantay pantay naman sila lahat.

      coool 😀

  3. CHICO!!!! im waiting for your solo!the most anticipated Zinger/Zongwriter billboard!!!! *screams* *faints* 😀

  4. Tuwing sinasabi ni chico na may ire-release siyang bagong single, idinidiin kong mabuti ang earfones ko sa tenga ko. yung halos wala na akong marinig sa sobrang diin. haha.

  5. chico, sana palit kayo ni del, ikaw yung may hawak nung mic tapos sya yung naka earmuffs…err headphone pala!

  6. Cool man. Just cool .

    And guys reading the blog, keep it on the downlow. We each have our own tastes, and we can express our own opinion about it, albeit in a nicer way.

    Peace. =)

  7. now that you said it, you kinda looked like dobby in that billboard! hahaha!

    but still, we all love it. today boni/ortigas… tomorrow hollywood! 😀

  8. S O C O O L!!!

    Love everyone on the billboard!!!

    Chico, you’re not anything close to looking like Dobby. Hey, I love that elf. Hahaha! Your caricature really looks cool! 🙂

  9. chico, i was baking chicken last night but it turned out matabang so I told my family to put toyo. Suddenly, Gusto ko Toyo started playing in my mind, and it did ALL night. Grabeh, hindi ako maka move on sa hit zongs mo.

  10. hey chico,

    sorry but this photo belongs to me, i posted it in my wall then tagged you and delle on it. raimongonzales just do some post editing and used it without my consent 😦

    tsk tsk my fauly i didnt place any watermarks on this… hayz 😦

  11. I saw your billboard last week and I thought, “It’s cooler than the billboard beside the chico-delle-gino-fran.” For weeks I was questioning what’s with their billboard? (the one beside yours) What’s with the apparition behind the guy? lols.

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