2 comments on “Earth Hour 2010

  1. Si Justin Timberlake kaya at si Timbaland makiki-Earth Hour? Di ba “for a cause” yung concert na yun? Ano kayang klaseng “for a cause”…

  2. What use is this Earth Hour if the Philippines still does not do something else? This is just one hour and it is televised all over the world, which is why, I think a lot of Pinoys join. How about supporting the conservationists effort in other ways?
    How about segregating, cleaning rivers, not throwing trash everywhere?
    Maybe I am a cynic. But everytime I look everywhere and see all the trash, the smoke coming from cars, the dirty rivers, I get reminded that turning off the electricity is not enough.
    I appreciate Bayani’s efforts in trying to get people to clean up but if the people will not cooperate, and would rather turn their electricity off for one hour, rather than spend time segregating trash or going out of their way to throw trash in proper places, well…

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