19 comments on “Zambales 3 (B & W/Infrared)

  1. I totally agree! I’m from Miriam College and we were taught to leave nothing behind. I always tell my friends, family and even strangers not to just throw garbage out of the window. Whenever we go camping or at the beach, I always tell them to bring non-disposable things. even though it’s hassle to bring, atleast you’re not tempted to leave it behind or throw it away.

    Anyway love you and del. you always make my day..even though i look like a crazy woman inside the jeep smiling or chuckling out loud. ahahha

  2. Hi chico, i like your shots. Sali mo photos me sa lonely planet, you might win a world trip for two. 🙂

  3. aww, i love mono. it gives that feeling that you are looking at something timeless. nakakainspire ka talaga magpicture chico. 🙂

  4. Hi Chico,

    Very nice pictures and article. It might have been a good idea if you were to put the pictures of your last trip to Anawangin. The contrast might be an eye opener to all those people visiting and leaving their trash.

    Anyway, just an idea… Nice hobby you got there

  5. Chico,

    I made a little tribute for you in my blog. You can check it out through the link above. Let me konw if you will like it or not. Or if we also want something edited the said post.

    Have a great day!

  6. Chico,

    I had posted something on my blog about you. I am not sure if you will like it or not. Please let me know if you want something changed on that post. I am not sure if I sent this post twice.


  7. I just went there last week and I can attest to your statement regarding the influx of tourists would cause more garbage, more destruction, and more misuse of natural resources. That’s the reason why I only had less than five photos taken from the place. I was really amazed when I saw pictures on google exhibiting the beauty of Anawangin but my expectation wasn’t met when I got to the place. But there’s another cove in the area that saved me from that disappointment where I got the most beautiful views of nature, so far. And as a way of responding to your call, I will not name it. hehe! TMI lane=======.

    The Morning Rush Rocks!!!

  8. i didn’t read the text when i first came across this post. the photos were so enchanting i didn’t even bother reading the text itself which turned out to be a mistake. i may not have travelled a lot like you have but even here in the city the pollution is rampant. and by fact, it started here and we are taking it to places.. special places once untouched.

    and i agree with what you said, “No matter that everyone else is tossing garbage here and there, do right by yourself. At the very least, your didn’t contribute to the ruin. At best, you can actually make a difference.”

    we can only do so much. we can only say so much. in the end, the only control we have is the control we have of ourselves.

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