13 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You’re Not Doing “It” Right

  1. Waah.. I miss listening to you. Since I got a job, I was not able to listen to you. Not that I’m working, but because I’m sleeping. Yeah, got a night job. Teka, sino bang interesado dun at un ang nkwento ko. Basta, i miss Chico and Del. =]

  2. Ewww tlaga ung #20! Hahaha!

    Btw Chico, check this video out. It’s a great cover of Telephone. 🙂

  3. Hey Chico! I’m an avid listener of you since the millenium could you please help me and tell me what’s the difference between a DSLR and a generic digicam? I know that you’re hobby is photography that’s why I’m asking you about this and I want to make it as a hobby too so please help me and kindly give me advice and tips thank you so much Chico! More Power!

  4. hey Chicco, u’r date is misleading: April 14, 2010 ????
    too advance dear 😀
    anyway, I love uy\r show as well as ur blogsite…keep it up! 😀

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