8 comments on “Ghost Month

  1. that’s the spirit chix always think positive.expect for the worst and always hope for the best.you’re right some good things never last so is bad things,they don’t either.i don’t know why and i wouldn’t ask you either but i’ll pray that you’ll surpass this pace sooner than you expect.sometimes life gets so tiring but it doesn’t mean that you have to quit.only losers quit and you aren’t one..cheer up, you’ll find your way in the sun again like me 🙂

  2. hi there chico, i hope you don’t mind if i leave a comment here inspite of the fact that we haven’t met yet but rest assured that i’m just one of your listeners and my wife and i have been listening to you since we were in college, 1996 specifically. nonetheless, i’d have to agree with you on what you said regarding the “unexplainable number of deaths” occuring lately. my wife and i have noticed it at the second quarter of this year. let me put it this way, my father died on the 29th of may, then a month after his first cousin also died. also, i had friends whose grandmothers died (separate individuals), another one whose father also died at the time my dad died. and just recently, another friend’s mother also died. we’ve kinda made our conclusion on the matter and its somewhat disturbing because you see all these people who recently died were all religious (or spiritual) persons. tita cory, ka erdy, my dad, my friends’s grandmothers and mother. we sort of thought that their deaths were part of the rapture and that the year 2012 is really the end of everything we know, but then again we really wouldnt know as to when the world will indeed end but the coincidences just cant be ignored. one saving grace though, i don’t think the term religious or spiritual would best describe michael jackson but then again, one might label him as an innocent being the eternal man-child. but then again, we really cant say, we can only assume. best regards and more power to your show, regards to delamar alsol, thank you.

  3. i live in Hong Kong, and our lease is up so we’ve been busy moving to a new apartment.. funny i should read this, coz not only am i in a Chinese community, our landlord told us that the sister-in-law of the flat’s owner jumped to her death 20 years ago. we haven’t felt anything spooky yet but i just hope we don’t get malas moving into a possibly haunted flat right smack in the middle of the chinese ghost month. c’mon good vibes!

  4. Hi Chico,

    I am one of your lurkers, since more than 10 years ago (haha). I met you at one show of Martin After Dark (I was the talent coordinator)waaay waay back. Like you, I tried to ignore the fact that it is ghost month but there are just some things, some painful coincidences that really cannot be ignored. But yeah, like you, I am looking forward to next week and the end of this. Oddly, the stock market is not affected and people seemed to have decided to ignore the advise to “lie low”. Wala lang – nabanggit ko lang because I like finance (but I’m a lawyer by profession). More power to you and Del. Naloka ako nung topic nyo is about bisexuals. I kept glancing at my daughter – buti na lang walang tinanong. Kisses and more power!

  5. Feeling ko affected rin kami ng Ghost Month. In more ways than one. Well, I’m not Chinese pero feeling ko nung past life ko I was. Haha! Stay positive. Anyway, malapit na siya lumagpas. This too shall pass!

  6. kaya pala.. it’s been years i’m wondering why in this timeframe, lagi may di maganda nangyayari sa akin at sa buhay ng mga nasa paligid ko. and now it’s been answered. i don’t usually believe on things like this but now, i have to admit, on my part it’s real. and the ghost month of this year ended with my s.o. breaking up with me. so now, i should believe…

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