31 comments on “Sushi The Poodle Abused

  1. there are websites that say that sushi has died. life’s just not fair. sushi gave his owners love and this is what he received in return. i hurt myself cos i punched my cabinet when sushi was punched between the eyes. i am so angry at this man and the girlfriend who, from what i read, could see blood already. i wish i could use the cruciatus curse on these two. i swear. i am so freaking angry.

  2. Oh my God. I cannot believe you people. You get so riled up with just a poodle’s death? Get over it! Buti pa sa aso, may pakialam kayo. Sa kapwa ninyo tao, meron ba kayo pakialam?

    I’m sorry, but sometimes I see people who take care of their dogs better than they take care of the people around them. Every single day I see snooty dog owners who scoff at people who scamper and beg for their food, while their dogs get to eat good dog food, sleep in a warm home, etc. I just find it unjust that while dogs live comfortably, many people in the world cannot and do not do so!

    Before you get riled up so much with a mere dog’s death, try riling up for the deaths of many people in the streets!

    • I get your point, that we should care for the welfare of other humans first and foremost. But the case is different here in that the dog didn’t die on the street; the dog was abused and damaged to the point of death by people. That’s why people are riled up.

      And also, consider that in general, people on the streets are there because of their own fault. They’re not wholly incapable of taking care of themselves and yet, they rely on alms from people who do take the effort to actually survive.

    • When people give sympathies for animals, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about poverty, climate change, pollution, corruption in the government, and other issues. One is not larger than the other for we are all part of the same system. If you cannot see beyond this, then a few comments on this blog among the gazillions will not do it for you.


    • Are you a cat person? LOL if you hadn’t notice the topic is dog cruelty not snobbish rich people obssesively infatuated with their dogs and you shouldn’t judge its not your money anyways just as the same its not mine. Besides there are strick rules in foreign countries enforcing right treatment to aminals. Sabi pa nga ng tita ko, “para ka na rin daw nagalaga ng bata kung may pet ka sa states”

      And karl is right, its just their fault winding up as homeless. I dont believe in karma but in justice. Maybe they did something or their mom and pop did. Pasa pasa lng yan kung hndi mo pagbabayaran cgrado pagbabayaran ng anak mo o apo mga kasalanan mo

    • Miki_Niwa:

      You are an idiot!!! Get over it???? Who says no one is riled up with the death of many people. People dying doesn’t mean that we should not care about our pets….this mentality of yours is stupid…stupid….stupid!!!

      We are riled up with a dog’s death because we believe that no animal should suffer unnecessarily.

    • For many people a dog is like their child. A dog gives unconditional love and is a great help for some people who are alone and lonely. This is a creature of God and we should be kind to all his creatures.I do care about hungry people and donate food very often, plus clothing and items such as soap and shampoo.

    • ang bobo naman ng argument mo.
      as if naman aso rin ang may dahilan kung bakit comfortable ang buhay, its still the people.

      i think you are stupid. people just gave a reaction BUT eventually they will get over it.

      i hope you learn to make an opinion.

      laki mong tanga.

    • Gerard, you miss the point entirely. People who abuse animals many, many times become child,wife or elderly abusers. It is about control. Most mass murders started as animal abusers. Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dharmer, John Wayne Gacy were all animal abusers. They had no respect for life. “Whomsoever does to the least of my creatures does this to me” You don’t have to like animals, but it is entirely different to abuse them. Today an animal, tomorrowa child.

    • WHAT AN ARGUMENT! You do realize that humans and dogs are worlds apart? Yes, nakakaawa ang mga taong naghihirap, but the thing is that to a certain extent, they HAVE A CHOICE to work their asses off in a desire to get a better life if they really want it! HUMANS HAVE A CHOICE and frankly, minsang imbis na maawa ka’y nakakainis pa na these people would rather beg and make others see how ppor they are rather than to try to raise themselves from that low state.

      Dogs do not have that choice. And having that upper hand, it’s our moral obligation to care for them as much as we would care for humans. Actually, even more since they are not the ones who can move for themselves. They cannot give themselves a better life, it’s not even a matter of choice, and thus that obligation is passed unto us. Kung wala kang awa sa maliit na aso, paano namin paniniwalaang may awa ka sa mas may kaya?

    • Hindi ka ba nag-alaga ng aso?or any pet?
      Think about it.!!!?????
      Bakit ka nag-alaga ng isang hayop?
      pag-uwi mo ng bahay nyo,minsan sino ang unang sumasalubong sayo?hndi ba ang pet mo na maligayang naghihintay syo at hndang libangin ka at makipaglaro para mapawi ng konti ang umay mo or pagod mo at para ipakita na mahal mo sila kaya mo sila inaalagaan?
      Or para ba ipadama ang kahayupan mo pag badtrip ka,o baka nman gusto mong pulutanin sa paglaki ng aso?
      Wag mo sabihin yan,gusto mo bang nakikitang inaabuso ang isang munting tuta?ang pinag-uusapan dito is ung case ng isang poddle na nakararanas ng katakut-takot na pang-aabuso.ibang bagay naman ung ibig mong sbhin,lahat ng tao may puso.ang nangyayari ay nagbubulag-bulagan ang mga tao dahil inuuna nila ang sarili.walang gobyerno ang mga hayop,tao meron.eh kung may tuta ka at patayin ko?gusto mo?

    • God your a moron,
      I feel really sorry for you because you are a heartless cruel moron and that puppy probley has more morals and feeling then you ever will in your little miserable life and you wouldnt know what was going on in the world if it hit you between the eyes. Karma comes and what goes around comes around so watch out mate you will get yours.
      Peaceful sleeping 🙂

    • Yeah ok you have every right to have your say. But at the end of the day I dont see little poodles or any other dogs beat the crap out of a human with every inch of his life!!
      Humans need to evolve and stop been cruel to everyone and everything on this planet if they are to move on to something higher, we must value everything or humans are on the path to self destruction, its called conscious awakening.
      Look into an animals eyes and all you see is pure love and wanting to please, thats where the difference is between humans and animals, animals are on a higher plane than humans and humans could learn alot from animals , this little poodle might be just a dog to you but to that dog he is flesh and blood and doesnt deserve to be so cruelly treated like that. He deserves to be treated with respect and a chance at life like everything does. He wouldnt have been in that position if it wasnt for one thing and that is HUMANS.
      Karma is coming for these two people , what you do in your life good or bad comes back to you ten fold. RIP Sweet Sushi and enjoy all the love and respect you can get and deserve in your paradise and to be free of this cruel world . Justice will come sweet boy. xxxxx

  3. what on earth is wrong with that person?! was he on drugs or something? i couldn’t finish the video, i just couldn’t. it was so brutal, the raw violence on a tiny, helpless animal. for his sake, the person who finds him better be a very very compassionate one. i know violence begets violence but his actions on the video really raises strong emotions. i think he and his girlfriend should get some help. i don’t believe a sane person would do something that horrible to a pet.

  4. So sad. It looks like the girl’s fb acct was tracked and sushi was there. There is also another dog that was pictured and the other dog was also standing up. 😦

  5. what the hell?!?! ‘can’t even finish watching how the poor baby suffer from that lunatic! waaaahh! there should be a law or something on acquiring pets…would be pet parent should take psychological exams too!

  6. waaaaaaaahhhh…I couldn’t watch the full video! It makes me so sad that such people would want to have pets but couldn’t even take care of them…I have a dog and 4 cats…I know it’s a hard time taking care all of them but I never even thought of doing such things! I can’t even leave them alone in the house….poor sushi..I wish he was just mine… 😦

  7. reminds me of the UP student who killed a cat and even wrote about it on his blog! tsk, this one’s more disturbing, seeing the cruelty. i have a “pusong-mamon” so i can’t watch this without getting weak. i’ll take your word for it chico. tsk… this is really bad, bad, bad.

  8. i didn’t watch the video after 5 mins of watching it. grabe my teeth are grinding in anger. as i watch the video, my eyes was stuck on the dogs face and i can see and feel the dogs fear as his owner abuse him. so sad.. i just hope authorities will be able to locate sushi and rescue him. 😦

  9. i didn’t have the “guts” to actuslly watch the video…simply seeing the still photos here in your blog made me feel queasy about seeing the poor poodle abused…

    this may sound mean, but sushi’s owner should be beaten the same way as he did to that puppy…

  10. i stopped the video at 00:46, i can’t stand to finish the video. it’s so heartbreaking, made me cry really. I have a poodle myself, and sobrang magkamukha sila ni sushi 😦 I wish this abusive man finds his karma real soon, as in really really bad karma.

  11. why don’t u just shush your mouth Miki
    if u can’t say anything nice at all about sushi
    then don’t even bother posting stuff
    and yes there are many people out on the street
    but u need to understand they are LAZY! They got hands and feet
    and speak a language. Animals do not speak english nor can they
    defend themselves especially at sushi’s age and even if sushi can
    where would sushi go when doors are locked up. Understand that
    and if not then maybe when in life if u ever recarnated into an animal
    u will find out what its like.

    My heart and prayers go to sushi and other abused animals who can not even
    defend for themselves. Remember humans have feet and hands they can always work
    and make money to feed themselves.

  12. bakit kasi pinipilit patayuin gamit ang dalawang paa eh apat ang paa nya?!? grabe tong lalaking toh…ang lakas ng saltik sa ulo…tsk tsk tsk….:(

  13. dapat siguro magpalit ng lugar ang aso at ang taong ito para malaman niya at maranasan ang ginagawa niya kabayolentihan sa asong ito—tsk,tsk,tsk–kung may asawa ang lalaking ito–panigurado bayolente rin siya sa asawa niya–hindi ko na kailangang panoorin ang video na ito–sa descrption mo pa lang mr. chico garcia bumabaliktad na ang sikmura ko—

  14. i don’t wanna blame malaysia’s police but im trying to search all over the internet for an update of this poodle’s case but sadly wala ng update since january..all of a sudden parang chismis lang na nawala..how can this be??? They already have a lead and other int’l animal welfare are already helping them but still they even can’t find the abusers?!?! nakakalungkot..And sure ba talagang dead na si sushi? im hoping for an update na sana the dog has been rescued..a lot of dog lovers will be willing to adopt this lovely angelic dog…:

  15. This girlfriend who owned ‘Sushi’ (abused poodle), Doreen Loo, says on Facebook that they have bought 2 more dogs and a picture. Sad to say, reports are Sushi had died. It breaks my heart to see dog still managed to obey, in fear when his body was dying. It says he was only 8 mths old. Sushi could take no more and dropped, then filming stopped. Allan Tan & both of the abusers, finally killed Sushi with his barages of bashing at end of video I think. Sushi was panting at the end too. I hope I hear someone does a Slow, Gadaffi style finish of them both. And remind them of what torture & pain feels like. And hope they beg for mercy they denied their little dog. They have to be found!

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