111 comments on “The Morning Rush 15th Anniversary (July 8, 2011)

  1. dear chico and delle,

    thank you very much for being part of my mornings, too. life in college was also hard for me but waking up to you guys had always made those days rather bearable..

    i am also ashamed for sending some lousy entries and off-topic comments..i understand that not making it to the top ten doesn’t mean you are ignoring us rushers all together..

    again, i would like to thank you for you, the show, and the ever-creative rx team..let us all welcome another fifteen more years of great times! πŸ™‚

  2. happy 15th Chico and Del!

    ang arte nman nun write ups, wushuu totoo b yan?

    Haha, more power, and eventhough I don’t always listen to your show, daily, you’re my favoritest! and although when I listen, I always send out txt to greet me, na hinde nyo binabasa (or might have read but I’m siguro working na) that’s ok!

    Congratulations to the both of you and Good luck!

  3. sniff sniff..kaka-touch naman neto! seeing all the people this morning made me feel that you are truly loved after all these years…
    don’t ever stop what you do..you change lives…cheers for 15 more years…:)

  4. awww!!..we love you guy’s with all our hearts to!…

    and beside the fact that na bka palitan na ni jackie chanak si delle(sana hndi) :)…we still owe u guy’s our morning happines and making our day’s almost like perfect when making it us laugh!..

    thank you!!… πŸ™‚

  5. hi chico and delle,

    i was never a believer of your show at first. for me it was a tad too lousy to listen to radio jocks patrolling the airwaves. it was not until one gloomy morning that I decided to turn on the radio to fire me up for work that I happened to have listened to you and delle. I was shocked since I got to finish your show laughing my hearts out. That was the advent of my advocacy for the morning rush. I will forever be grateful to both of you, for making me discover what is cool in FM radio, and for making each morning worth waking up to! Kudos to both of you!

  6. huwaaaah! di ako naka attend buhuhuhu! i’m gonna listen to the podcast. i know, it’s not the same as being there, but it’s better than missing this very important milestone for you guys and rushers alike. i heart you C&D! :-*

  7. happy anniversary chico and delamar! as i was listening this morning, i realized that half of my life was spent listening to you guys!

    thank you for making us smile, look crazy every morning and ehem…for being good in english because of you guys! well, dare i say that you sort of raised me up? = )


  8. hirap magbasa ng may luha sa mga mata…this means extra special to me being a part of the whole ride. from the birth of the show, even being semi-silent all those years. i feel the same way thanking you chico and delle.

    (no curtain call, please!)

  9. pinagsisihan kong lately ko lng nadiscover ang show nio.. kung nuon pa lang sana.. nasimulan ko na kayong pakinggan, di sana MAS naging mabuting tao pa ko ngayon.. almost 15 years din ang aking sinayang…
    pero alam kong hindi pa huli ang lahat..alam kong mas maraming tawanan..mas maraming kulitan…mas maraming pa akong matutunan..at mas matagal pang pagsasamahan..
    kulang ang araw ko pag hindi ko kayo napapakinggan…
    Thank you for sharing your life wd us (even the most confidential things bout u guys) and thank you for letting us share our lives wd you.. we love you..
    Salamat.. more power poh! nd GODBLESS!

  10. Oh yes you said that right! You are the best invention in the morning. No better motivation to wake up despite the strong pull of the sheets but to hear you crazy two! You literally get me through the holy morning hours! the most difficult part of the day–waking up! To more years! Until your jokes become distinctly generational!  haha. Enhorabuena!

  11. ahh… chico… actually i was teary-eyed this morning when we started singing “the happy anniversary” song. it was one of those moments that i will truly remember when i have that moment before i die where in my whole life flashes before me. the feeling was overwhelming.

    i thank you guys for giving us a wonderful show each morning, even on those days that you don’t really feel well or you’re not really into it. and like many of them, my day is not complete without listening to you guys (even in podcast)

    i started listening to you guys way back 1998. like many of them without you knowing, you help me overcome one of the hardest stage of my life when i was 21. and up until now you are still helping me to overcome my depression each day. thank you again.

    hope to see you again soon. πŸ™‚

    btw, thank you so much for autographs.

  12. my heart is just so THANKFUL for you&Delle. single-taken-single status again.. from first love to the right one.. you guys are always there for me.
    kahit hindi bumebenta entries ko syo, keri lang! thank you for playing my requests & reading my greets.
    Great job kyo! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. iloveYou&Delle. *hugs*
    More Wonderful Years for TMR! (If kaya na we grow old with you guys on air, bongga yun!) =)

  13. Thank you so much Chic n Del, for keeping me awake on my sleepy mornings! kayo lagi kasama ko, from Bulacan to Makati daily. I can’t wait for the release of your “top 10” book, How I wish nandyan ako kanina, sana next time makapunta na ako. At sana makapasok naman ang mga entry ko sa top10 haha. BTW Del, I wish maging malusog ang baby mo at ikaw. Ingat Lagi!
    Pls. greet me naman sa morning, i-rerecord ko, ayaw kasi maniwala ng wife ko na talagang nababasa nyo mga txt msgs ko minsan. Thanks! “Boni Bartolo”

  14. Happy 15th Anniversary to The Morning Rush! Thanks so much Chico & Del for making so many mornings so much fun! Cheers to lots more years of happy mornings! I’ll keep on thanking God 4 u! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  15. I’m one of those whom you can consider ‘baby rushers.’ I started listening to your show just in 2008 and never did I expect that I’ll be one of your constant and loyal followers.

    More power to The Morning Rush! Happy 15th Anniversary!

  16. I could not help but cry and get super emotional…aahhh… I wish I was there this morning. I’m one of your silent rushers but truly a loyal one. I’ve been listening to you for more than 15 years now and I’ve even seen/watched almost all your appearances on tv.
    You both have been my constant bed and breakfast and even shower buddies, hehe… Thank you for always making me laugh and making me happy every time I listen to you. My kids, Alisa and Aldric are also your followers now. In fac,t i’m using my daughter’s twitter account just to be able to greet you guys. More power and continue to make people laugh! I love you both! God bless!

    Margarette “Marge”Rose L. Palomares
    “Devoted Mom”

  17. i am a silent rusher for 11 years now πŸ˜€ thank you guys for making me laugh and smile esp sa times na broke ako at broken hearted he he…. miss listening to you guys live thanks for the podcasts saves me from loneliness here in Dubai πŸ™‚

    hope to see you guys when i get back…. Thank you…. I love you guys :*

  18. Like many of your listeners, i started listening to you when i was in college. Your show gave us (our entire block) the jolt we needed every morning after weeks and months of sleepnessness during our thesis days.

    I was waiting for you to play your song ‘let’s talk about love’… Nostalgic! πŸ™‚

    I think we the listeners have more to thank you for… You have never failed to brighten up our days…

    Kudos to you Chics and Delle! No radio show comes close to rxtmr! Count on us all to support your endeavors.

  19. Happy 15th anniverasary to your show Chico! I am still frustrated about not being able to drop by CBTL earlier. If only I could take off from work sheesh! Sana sa book launch makapunta na ako.
    And sana Jackie would also be there. LOL!

    More power to your show! Thank you for keeping my mornings bright.

  20. hay! my EENT advised me not to wear earphones (which I do when I’m in the office) But my day isn’t complete without hearing you and delle on air. Mukhang sa podcast na lang muna ako makikinig sa bahay. hehe! Thanks for doing the show in CBTL. I finally have a picture with you and delle. πŸ˜€

  21. kulang na kulang pa ang mga rushers this morning. wala ako dun e. πŸ™‚ daming times na din naming nag-thank u sa inyo. u said U don’t think U can come up with words to fully express just how thankful u both are to everyone…likewise na likewise naman. so I guess, since lahat tau ganung ang feeling. solved na. πŸ™‚ Rico, sa september, I will be there lining up sa book launch. gaya ng ginawa ko nung 1st & 2nd album. πŸ™‚ I am so happy I have u din. Lifeline ko kau. kaya here’s to more years to us! *cheers

  22. Happy 15th year anniversary Chico & Delle! You’ve always been a part of my mornings and you never failed to make me happy every morning on my way to school for the past 7 years (even if I’m a silent rusher). I was in high school then when I first listened to your show and now I’m about to graduate from college. You never failed to inspire us listeners.

    More years to come for The Morning Rush! :))

  23. Looking forward to more wonderful, happy, crazy and memorable years with you and Delle. You’re both a vital and indispensable part of our mornings that we just cant miss. Thank you for making us happy! πŸ™‚

  24. i first heard about your show when ms d guested you. i got curious and the rest is history. thank you for being a part of my morning trio. brewed coffee,inquirer and TMR.

  25. Chico and Del brings out the perverts in us from 6am to 10am hehe.

    Thank you for making us laugh and enjoy the daily grind of work guys. May you have more wonderful years.

  26. 15 years of shameless addiction to your morning banter, arguments, and jokes…from Delle’s chest hairs to her baby bump …through all of Chico’s 437++ personality/character changes. Congratulations guys! Here’s hoping for 15 more. I’m Carina, and I’m an addict πŸ™‚

  27. Wow! 15 years! I feel so old. hahaha! Congratulations you guys! Thank you for making my every morning worth it. Looking forward for another 15 years of non-stop laughing, good music and crazy moments with you guys. love love love! ❀

  28. Happy anniversary! Had a blast with the rushers πŸ™‚ Thank you Chico and Delle for always starting our mornings with smile or laughter. Really great way to start off our day πŸ™‚

  29. Thank you for the 15 years of wonderful mornings…for giving your listeners the opportunity to laugh.

    Here’s looking forward for 15 more years…let’s make ir 50 na.

    Congrats and more power to the both of you!

  30. Happy 15th anniversary to TMR, you and delle (jackie, machong boy, dora the explorer, southern delle etc.) Thank you for the wonderful 15 years of fun and laughter. I’ve been listening to you guys back when you were still fighting like cats and dogs on air… kaya lang I lost track when you transfer and nung nagcollege ako… Kaya I’m so thankful when I tuned in to RX, that even in my darkest days… months… you 2 are there to keep me smile and forget about my problems… Proud to be rusher!!! I promise pupunta ako sa launching ng TOP10 book nyo… =)

  31. Happy 15th anniversary! You deserve our love and support!!! Rain is rain. (dedma) TMR is TMR! Till the next EB!!!

  32. Dear Chico and Delamar,

    Thank you for the past 15 years! I still remember that interview with Ms. D!!!! grabe ang tagal na nun! I’ve always been a silent rusher and I thank you for being there every single morning since 1996. There was a time when I got very depressed about work and life in general but I credit it to you guys that I’ve surpassed that hurdle. There were days when the only happy thing that happened to me was that I was able to listen to you. Words could not express how thankful I am. Your mere “presence” in my car’s radio gave me strength to last through another tough day. I will likely remain a silent rusher, but please know that all of us silent rushers are just here, grateful to you, and greatly indebted to Chico and Delamar for making our lives one bit better every morning. — Burger King

  33. hindi na bitter si ODH na gamit na yung ginawa nyang poster =) nice one ODH! ikaw na talaga ang celebrity

  34. too bad I wasn’t able to visit the anniv show 😦 anyways, thank you Chico & Delle for being a vital part of every working morning I wake up to. both of you are the epitome of being a dj: you bring music AND life to the radio. happy anniversary! many more years to come! πŸ™‚

  35. Happy Anniversary C&D!
    You set the trend of an interesting morning radio programming. Always love listening to your show.. God bless and more power!

  36. naiiyak ako kanina..
    kainis di ko nakuha yung tickets sa Q&A portion.hihi.

    love u guys!

  37. happy 15th anniversary chix and delle!!! wooottt … a decade and a half on air… dami ng generations ang pinagdaanan and you both are still strong… imagine… next time pati baby ni delle nakikikulit na rin on air hehe πŸ˜€ wanted to come with danceempress kaya lang im graveyard shift… so sayang ='( *sniff*

    anyways… more years to come!!! cheers!!!

  38. i have been a silent rusher. this October 14th will mark my 10th year anniversary listening to you guys πŸ™‚ I hope i get to meet u in person. hmmmmm, see u on the book launch! more power.

  39. super crayola naman aketch dito, as in may tears talaga umaagos sa both eyes ko, huhuhu… i was so emotional when I was at the EB yesterday, andami tao, siksikan but everyone was smiling just to see u guys and express the love that we have for you chico and delle. Wa kami pakialam kesyo mag-rain ng cats and dogs basta we want to be there and tell u guys how much u have influenced our lives from our teenage years hanggang adulthood. Yay! We’re growing old with each other!! That’s super fun!! haha!! Till the next 15 yrs and 30 yrs and so and so.. Congratulations and more power! God Bless!!

  40. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this crazy community., its so overwhelming to see you guys again and meet my fellow listeners and twitter buddies., na parang ang tagal na namin magkakakilala habang magkakasama kami kahapon sa event talking stuffs mostly bout the show πŸ™‚ See you guys again soon.., we’ll be there sa book launch! πŸ™‚

  41. Thank you so much Chico and Delle for the happy 15 years! (kahit naka 9 years palang ako hehe).. I’m happy to be part of the show, to be friends with you two, and the rest of the rushers.. it’s one of the best moment of my life.

    “Literally, nahihiya kami sa sarili namin pag pangit yung show. ”
    kelan nangyari yan? wala akong maalala ^__^ Everyday is great show. isang sablay mo lang chico, solb na kami πŸ™‚

  42. Happy anniversary guys!! i sooo love your show! i was soo grateful that me and my friend (silent rushers) were able to see you and been part of your celebration.
    you guys also help me thru those bad times.. simply listening to your show put a smile on my lips.. its like magic! and it never fail.. kahit n magmukhang siraulo na ako dahil tumatawa akong mag isa sa van or jeep habang nakikinig sa inyo.. or kahit na napapagkamalan akong nginingitian ang kaharap ko sa jeep.. okei lang as long as you guys always make my day!
    again.. to C & D.. happy anniversary! a job well done!! kudos to both of you! =)

  43. dear chico and delle,

    i’ve been listening to your show since the year 2000 when i was a college freshman. unfortunately, i didn’t have the courage to send in any entry to your top ten because i thought, i wasn’t as witty as your other listeners.

    but you know, you never fail to put a smile on my face on the mornings that i listened to you. you were my constant companion when i was reviewing for the bar exam. you became my source of good vibes. i also used some of your punchlines to my friends.

    so thank you very much to the both of you. actually, it isn’t enough to compensate for all the laughs that you gave us. kaya quits lang tayo for saying endless thank you’s. πŸ™‚

    congratulations again. and we are all looking forward to more years of TMR. sana rin mameet ko na kayo and the other rushers personally and makapagpapicture kasama kayo.

    God bless. Cheers!

  44. naiyak naman ako. haha. Congratulations guys!!! You are great at what you do. Hello, you basically changed the way local FM radio shows are made. Even my dad says “mas magaling pa rin si chico and delamar” whenever we listen to another radio show (which happens on weekends, when there is no TMR).

    I know del will soon be busy with her baby boo. sana she gets to continue the show with you pa rin. πŸ™‚

  45. Hi Chico! We are the couple who visited you at Coffee Bean last saturday. We bought our 6 month old baby and showed you our previous picture when I was 9 mos pregnant in tiendesitas. Our friends really liked it when they saw our pictures! It was also our 1st yr wedding anniversary last Fri (jul 8) and we stayed in Holiday Inn for 2 days. Our original plan is to visit you guys in Strata since it’s near the hotel. Good thing you celebrated your anniversary and stayed late in CBTL coz we were late also πŸ™‚

    Thank you Chico and Del for always putting a smile on our face every morning.

    Mylo and Milan Trasporte

  46. I have so many memories listening to your show. I have these memories of riding the bus on the way to school (college) listening to your show, nakapila sa FX papasok sa office, and now that I am in Singapore, I never leave home until the show ends πŸ™‚ I have graduated from college 13 yrs ago na. You and Del never fail to make me laugh. I wish you guys continued success and more years of laughter. We love you and thank you for making us laugh every weekdays.

  47. siguro kung lahat, as in lahat ng listeners niyo nakapunta sa EB. di kakasya sa buong F.Ortigas ang tao, dapat sa Araneta na! Sayang i missed a lot when you guys started but its ok cos i’m happy that even though i started recently just by listening to you guys every morning, i know i’m a part of not just a group but a family who enjoys & loves your show. Thank you cos w/o you guys we definitely wouldn’t be here also. Happy Anniversary & more (as in more hangang more than #TMR50) years to come πŸ™‚

  48. You guys are like vitamins, if not taken in the morning the day won’t be complete πŸ˜‰ It was soooo nice to meet you guys again. Now I can brag that I saw you and had photo op ^_^ Thanks again guys. Another 15 or so more years of hosting, of the morning show, of friendships. More power! Cheers! ^_^
    *virtual hugs*

  49. happy 15th anniversary chico and delamar! i’ve been a silent rusher since 4th year hs…im turning 28 and getting married on december. like your million fans, you never fail to make my mornings extremely crazy!ang hirap tumawa habang kagat kagat ang inner cheek para lng hindi mag burst out! i hope lahat ng jeepney driver kau ang pakinggan para may kasama akong tumatawa sa jeep. you two are unbelievably great! more power and i hope to see you soon. thank you for being part of my life. sabi ng friend ko..adik daw ako sa inyo..after downloading your podcast on my ipod touch,(kulang kc un) nadiscover ko ung mediafire..dinownload ko din un at inupload sa itouch.kaya kahit na nagmorning rush na ako ng 6-9, inuulit ko pa pag uwian. i really love listening to you guys.
    delle, i know ur brother mars.gusto ko sya i approach minsan.kaso..alam mo na. haha! wala lang..maybe next time..feeling ko kc pag naging friend ko sya..posibleng maging friend na din kita. hahaha! in my dreams!

  50. nakakainggit na we weren’t able to drop by during the anniv celebration.. i was tuned in the whole time as much as my work allowed me to..
    thank you soooooo much chico and delle for making us smile … laugh in the morning … we will be with you as we count more years of TMR.
    we hope to stop by one of these days soon. kahit 10 mins lang namin kayong makita, nakakatuwa talaga. walang sinabi sila richard gomez, jerichorosales, sam milby pag nakikita ko sa hospital. deadma. Kapag kayo.. tongue-tied kami.. star struck! πŸ™‚

  51. i want to have my book… waaahhh sana may launching din dito sa Dubai πŸ˜€ tirhan nyo ako ng copy!!!! he hehe

  52. thank you for making us laugh every morning. i’ve been listening to your show since i was 14, and now i’m 23 years old.
    more power to you guys. God Bless!!! cheers! πŸ˜€

  53. though i have been only a silent rusher for years, i feel grateful to you both for adding color and energy to my mornings. More power!=)

  54. happy 15th C&D! 14th for me as a silent rusher πŸ™‚ from my high school senior year to college years to my first work years until now that im based here in malaysia, you were always there with me. almost half of my life mornings are with you guys! to the next 15 years of happy mornings and 15 years more of fun and laughter after that! i’ll surely buy the book when i go home this christmas.

  55. Thank you Chico and Delamar for giving meaning to my life. Never naging boring ang mornings ko! Bitin pa nga yun eh. Kung pwede lang mag half day kayo πŸ™‚ Congrats congrats and more TMR to come! Hindi aksidente na nakinig ako sa inyo back in ’97. It was destiny!!! Hahaha taob ang mga haters – 15 years na kami and growing stronger, eh kayo? Bwahahaha!

  56. kakaiyak naman tong entry mo chico..haha..pero seriously, i hope you’ll still be there for another 15 years or more. forever sana, you guys never fail to make me laugh. araw-araw akong nakikinig ng show nyo through the podcast at wala talaga kayong kasawa-sawa. salamat din sa pagpapatawa at nawawala ang buraot ko sa work, hehe. more power guys and keep it up! here’s to another 15 years! or more! πŸ˜€

  57. Morning Rush is the only program i know that has established a community of listeners (Rushers). Dumami nga ang friends ko. Yung feeling mo close kayo kahit di pa naman kayo nagkikita Haha.

    Been listening since 1998. Can’t imagine my morning without you guys! =)

    • OMG!!! same here… been listening to this lovable Duo since Jan. 1998 and since that day I can’t listen to any other morning show on radio… no one can beat this lovely DUO… love you Chico & Delle…

  58. I have been a silent listener for like 4 years now. And to tell you honestly I have never sent an entry to you but I always, always loved listening to you guys. I wish I were at the anniversary party since I have been familiar to the loyal people who’ve been sending their entries to you. I’m really really proud that I am a Rusher–although a silent one. Looking forward to your book for I’ll definitely won’t miss purchasing that. β™₯jemarnicdao πŸ™‚

  59. Congratulations to both of you, I’m a silent rushers since 1996 till now, now I am trying to let my officemates to read your blog so they can read some of the entries which they find it funny and entertaining, (kainis nga sila kasi di nila alam about you before (taga san ba sila) hehehehe. anyways keep it up and thank you again for the all the mornings of weekdays for keeping me awake while the traffic in edsa is unbearable…. luv you guys… please include me in your greetings even once a week include my son Gaby…

  60. congrats to all of us for the 15 years we’ve all been sharing. i personally never thought we’ll all last this long. i’ve been an avid listener and a big fan of you guys, the show and the listeners as well. and to show how important the GEB was, it’s one of my 365 project entry:
    and i wasn’t surprised when some of my fellow 365ers posted a comment on how they used to listen to you or are a big fan of you guys.
    keep up the good work, we’ll all be here for your guys. πŸ™‚

  61. happy anniversay again to you guys ! I usually come to office late back in 2001 onwards as I wait for the program to be over by 9am but now, I cant do that anymore coz you have extended up to 10am. mahirap na mawalan ng work e sana gawin niyo akong co-dj ha ha. you were my morning companions during my regular days and you have helped me thru my depressing time when my special someone stopped calling me in the mornings while i’m driving. At least, you never left me, minsan lumipad ng ibang station, but madali naman sundan e ha ha. the morning discussions range from intellectual to bastos to senseless (oops pardon) but because it’s you guys, ok pa rin ang delivery. you have such chemistry that you sound really like our barkada (only on radio). Dapat siguro may succession planning na, how about jacky tyan with Delle’s future child…jaran !

  62. Happy 15 Years to the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar and many more years to come! God Bless! πŸ˜‰

  63. I didn’t make it on the EB! I was so depressed! I woke up very early only to find out that there will be no man in the house that day! I had to contend listening with the phone attached to the big mobile speakers! And in a way, I felt being part of it remotely as I am. Chico & Delle, I may not be there but I feel the joy of that 3 hour show every minute of it! Thanks! I feel better after. Can’t wait for the Top Ten Book! Bibili talaga ako yan and I’;m gonna make sure, di lang autograph from you two but photo op din!!! Goodluck and Congrats! Morer power!

  64. Hi Chico and Del,

    Congratulations on your 15th year on TMR. I’m an avid fan. and even now that I have relocated abroad, I still make it a point to tune in to your show. You ease my loneliness. You make me feel like I’m home and make me forget that I’m in fact in some forgotten BUKID in Indonesia. Thankfully, even in the bukid, there’s internet so I can continue to be regaled by your wits and humor. Your show is unparalleled by any standards. Your tandem is simply the best.

    Please continue to bring joy to your millions of listeners around the world. God bless you and more power.


  65. Happy 15th you guys! I started listening to you guys when I was in 3rd year college, in UP. And throughout the years, I’ve always listened, not every day though, but when I can, I’ll listen. Lately, the highlight of my day (when I have posession of our car – which I share with my husband) is driving to work and you guys on the radio. I even drive slow, so I can at least listen to half the show. You guys are truly awesome! πŸ™‚

  66. i’ve been listening since college… thank you too for making my mornings bearable. i remember sending an entry (the first and the last) and made it to the top ten hehe you see am such a silent rusher. thank you guys.

  67. happy 15 wonderful years C&D! I was supposed to attend the grand EB last saturday, but something really really important came up (believe me!). I’m scared shit all the time to visit you in the studio. I’m afraid to be caught with my mouth open with the awe of being starstruck at the sight of you two. It would be surreal to meet face to face the 2 amazing people who helped me with 2 heartbreaks, 1 current love problem and the toils and hardships of college, med school, residency and now, birthing pains of clinic-hunting and subspecialty training. I am a proud silent rusher for 14 years and you never fail to break the emo in me with your wit every morning. you two are like 2 bestfriends of mine who live far away, who I never get to see, but who I feel great connection with. I’m not yet done fixing myself, so please please extend your wonderful show for amazing 15 years more πŸ™‚ I’m your resident eye doctor if you need me and you will always be, my morning medicine every single day!

  68. ‘Ika nga sa t-shirt ni Roger Federer: “There is no finish line.”
    Even if you guys run out of things to say–you can just read the phonebook and we will all be there. Chico and Del, simply thank you for being on air all these years.

  69. i’m sure you hear this all the time. yours is the only radio program that makes me listen to banter and mute the music. haha!

  70. Na-teary eyed naman daw ako dun…thank you din kasi I’ve been listening to you guys since 1996. I was actually able to meet you in 1997 when I accompanied my friend to RX coz she’s gonna be in Radio One. She was then in 4th year HS and me on 2nd year. We were there on Bruce Romano’s show and then had to get home when you guys boarded but you were so accommodating even if we were about to step out. I knew then that you’ll be MY to wake up early in the morning. Now, I have a 3-year-old daughter and although I get to listen to just bits of your show, I download the podcast just to hear the whole show. The both of you are really blessed not just because you’re good, but also because your hearts are good. Again, thank you for making disastrous mornings bearable. Always smile and nandito lahat ng rushers all over the world for you πŸ™‚

  71. Congrats to TMR!!! nag enjoy ako sa grand EB kaso sad kasi when its my turn to take picture with you guys lowbat na yung Cam ko and when i tied to use my CP Cam full nmn na.. pano kaya ako ma kakakuha ng copy dun sa cam ng tga RX???? image kung gano ako kamalas that day nung nasira yung suot kong sapatos (bago yun ah!!) (-,-).. but despite ng mga kamalasan that day im still HAPPY because nakita ko kayo!!

  72. Thank you chico and delle for a wonderful show. for lifting my spirit even in tough times. I remembered dalwa kame ng friend ko nasa heartbrakes stage sobrang lungkot namen pero every morning n nkikinig kme senyo nadidivert yung sadness namen sa positive thoughts and even laugh sa pinagdadaan nmen. At habang nkikinig kame senyo ngtitxt p kame (magka iba kame ng office) ng mga comments nmen sa isat isa kapag nkakarelate kme sa top ten. Nakakatuwa web been through a lot at marame ng changes s life nmen still avid listeners nyo pren kame. Yun nga lang hindi ako nkasama sa knila ng husband nya (coz bagong recruit nmen yung husband nya) sa 15th year anniversary celebration sobrang sayang! 😦
    sana tumagal p yung show yung tipong aabutan p ng mga baby namen kse your really an inspiration at gusto ko ma adopt ng magiging baby ko yung hobby n makinig sa show nyo kse sobrang simple yet will complete your day at tska feeling ko kase may contributing factor kayo sa positive outlook ko sa buhay. hehe feeling lang naman…. but truly thank you guys for inspiring us! we love you!

  73. Happy Anniversary Chico & Del! πŸ™‚

    Felt so sad that i wasnt able to be there last sat. Huhuhu.. Im still happy that I’ve been part of RXTMR for 10 years na.
    Thank you so much making us smile (laugh out loud) every morning, thus making our day complete.

    Love you both.. More power! God bless!

  74. Grabeee… naiyak naman ako sa write up ni Chico… well we are the one’s who should thank the both of you… for making our mornings the best time of our days…. thank you so much…

    minsan kahit sobrang sama ng gising ko, just to hear both of your voices and laughs makes me ok na… i been listening to your show since 1998 when i was just in my high school and i’m almost 30 years old now and still can’t get enough of your show… i haven’t participated in any topic of contest, but as much as i can i do listen to morning rush, sometimes almost everyday and sometimes not everyday… hehehe… mnsan kasi d pede sa work naka headset… i’m proud that even a silent rusher i get to support you guys, like buying your cassette tapes, watching the two of you when you guest some shows… i really love both of you… you guys been a big part of my life (12years of listening to both of you) makes me still look like i’m just a high school… hehehe… so sad di ako naka punta nung GRAND EB… may sakit kasi ang lola nyo… hehehe….

    well… again from the bottom of my big heart… because i’m big not in the sense of height but weight… hehehe… THANK YOU CHICO and DELLE… We rushers are so proud of you…..


    Hope I can meet you guys someday… that is one of my dreams… kasi before nakita ko na kayo sa isang movie premiere sa greenbelt ata yun kaya lng nahiya akong lumapit kasi ang gwapo ni Chico and si Del ang ganda…. πŸ™‚

  75. Happy Anniversary to all of us…
    Since college days while staying in the Tambayan or while waiting for my turn in the shower at Kamia Dorm, riding the Ikot jeep, or while eatintg bfast at Rodics…kasama na namin kayo.
    I graduated, worked, got married, went overseas to work, had a daughter (who also called you Tito Chico, Tita Delle and “Mang” Jackie)…you are definitely part of our lives. You really made our heavy mornings, light…You always taught us how to laugh out loud (kahit mukhang tanga sa kakatawa habang naka-head set or habang nagda-drive or kahit naiwanan na ng train).
    I remember while stuck in traffic along EDSA with my BF (na asawa ko na ngayon for 7 years), we are laughing real hard kasi nga dahil sa inyong dalawa, then we saw the other couple in the other car also laughing then we open our windows and both of us said “Morning Rush!”
    My husband and I really want to be there last Saturday to finally meet you in person but, walang Sale na airfare eh…pagbalik nyo na lang dito SG, kita tayo. We enjoyed every mornings with you guys.
    Another 15 years together…naku, binata na anak ni Delle non, at sana may ‘mga’ anak na rin si Chico πŸ™‚ at sana si Jackie may lovelife na rin.

  76. I wanted so badly to be at coffee bean and tea leaf during the anniversary EB but unfortunately it was raining so hard. i know that shouldn’t have been a good excuse for a die-hard fan and forever rusher, but that was how it was. my sister and i just had hot choco and tea on our respective houses as we tuned in together though physically apart. i grew up with you guys, you made mornings bearable especially for someone like me who is not exactly a morning person. i know i always thank you for being part of our lives and i will not get tired of saying that. it is as if i have two friends i don’t get to see but i hear from everyday…i got sentimental when you became sentimental last saturday. i was teary eyed when you played the “goodbye” song. it felt as if i celebrated 15 years of friendship with you guys. thank you chico and delle for the 15 years of friendship, looking forward to more years of bonding with you!

  77. Happy Anniversary Chico & Delle!:D
    I’ll try to have your book by september!:D (so excited!) πŸ˜€

  78. happy anniversary c&d! grabe naluha naman ako dun sa blog ni chico, so touching..sayang lang talaga at di ako nakapunta! huwaaa…

  79. Happy 15th year anniversary to Chico and Delamar “The Morning Rush”. Been listening to your show since 1996. I was a freshie in UP back then and now i am an Educator of wonderful young kids. Seems just like it was yesterday when you guys started. Mornings wouldn’t be complete without being able to listen to your show! the drama, the antics (wild and wacky) and the lots of information you guys have provided. (it wasn’t just always fun and laughter as it was also informative)

    Hope i can get a chance to have my picture taken with you guys! have chanced upon each of you a couple of times kaso nakakahiya mang istorbo at mag request ng PICTURE TAKEN PARA MAY REMEMBER! hehehe….

    Happy 15th anniversary and hope to hear more from you guys!!!! more fun and laughter to keeps us going everyday! A smile always keeps the pain away. (you are the remedy to our sad and dullest moments)

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