10 comments on “The Iron Lady

  1. I’m constantly amazed on how Meryl Streep can play various roles and still be good at all of it. It’s about time for her to get another Oscar.

  2. I hope she get her long overdue 3rd oscar..her performance in Devil wears Prada is simpy delicious…

  3. The Devil Wears Prada or Julie and Julia doesn’t hold a candle to any of the other movies she were nominated in. You just can’t appreciate how good Meryl Streep is with just those two movies; either way, Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep and no matter what she does, she certainly deserves accolades for how good she portrays every character. I’m hoping that this movie would warrant her long overdue Oscar because she ABSOLUTELY nailed the portrayal of Margaret Thatcher.

  4. wow i love to see this movie..meryl is one of the few actors that i admire..
    FYI …Imelda Marcos is sometimes referred to as Iron Butterfly not Iron Lady 🙂

  5. ITG on every post! Give her the well-deserved Oscar already! I am not a hater but I think she is greater than Katharine Hepburn, despite the latter’s 4 statuettes. I mean, come on, 16 noms!

    I am too excited for this project! =)

  6. “Plus, she should have 17 nominations by now: she was a shoo-in for a Best Actress nomination for The Hours, but as legend goes, an assistant who was supposed to submit her nomination, botched something and missed the deadline.”

    This is incorrect. This happened in the SAG Awards and not the Academy Awards. That’s why she was nominated for individual performance for neither The Hours and Adaptation (but was nominated for best cast for both movies).

    And just to get everyone more excited, she is going to have a movie with Julia Roberts – August: Osage County in 2012. It was a critically acclaimed Broadway play and is expected to be a very serious Oscar contender in 2013, may give Meryl her 3rd or, if she wins for The Iron Lady, her 4th Oscar (tying with Katharine Hepburn for most Oscar wins for acting).

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