19 comments on “Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai

  1. I totally agree with you Chicoooo! Varekai was EPIC! I’ve always wanted to witness a Cirque du Soleil show! I went with my family last Wednesday and we had nothing but praises! We were in awe from start to finish. Yes, best 4,900 PHP I ever spent! I don’t feel any regret at spending that much for that wonderful experience. The costumes, the music, the acts — all amazing! I can’t wait for the next Cirque de Soleil production in Manila!

  2. im watching it this saturday with the whole family! It’s my birthday treat for myself, and my loved ones na ren. Cant wait to be thrilled!

  3. Chico and Del are in the front row while we sat 4 rows behind them, we also paid 4,900/ticket. A Tapis Rogue ticket is the VIP ticket which sells for I think 10k? may back stage pass ata sila and food

    Truly, the experience was very well worth it!!! My favorites are the “human jugglers” and the final act…hindi sila nagkakape!!! Isa ko pang favorite http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaje/5912275405/ <— pics w/ Chico and Del wahahahaha!!!

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  5. hi chico.

    too bad, was not able to see you and delle last nyt. papicture sana kmi ng wife ko with jackytyanak. I like the fat lady and nun hinahabol nun male singer yun spotlyt. hahahaha.

  6. Yes, the Cirque was spectular. The tent was just enough for everyone, no viewer was compromised to have a poor view. I’m still dazzled by the acts too. Lighting was good, the music was good. Hope they bring over other shows in the coming years.

  7. now i wish they would show some timein the future their vegas show LOVE featuring the Beatles music…

  8. Ayy, bakit lahat kayo nagustuhan ang Varekai? My friends & I (plus our kids) didn’t like it that much. Some parts are very dragging so we felt na bitin at kulang ang acrobatic stunts. It’s such a waste that so many of them with elaborate costumes didn’t even do anything more than just pose for a short while. Most of us had high expectations which were not met, mas thrilling pa ang Kaos.

    • i would think that kaos is much better in terms of production design, and one will be thrilled at the acrobatic stunts and the motorcycle thingie..i didn’t like the backstory though, it was a bit lousy and trite..

      but varekai is still great at most parts..i really liked the flight of icarus, the solo on crutches, and the russian swings, which is the final act..

      i would wish to see cirque du soleil’s zumanity..i’ve heard it’s also one of a kind..

  9. By the way, we don’t understand the significance of the giant balloon aka “The Flying Testicle” at all.

  10. hello chico!
    it was nice seeing you at cirque du soleil..finally, after 12 years of being a rusher i got the chance to meet you (unexpectedly)..sayang, i was not able to catch delle..
    it was my consolation, at least, for not being able to make it to the grand EB..
    i hope i can see both of you, this time, at the book launch..
    cheers! 🙂

  11. Had seen the show and was greatly amazed because I’ve been dreaming of wanting to see a show live ever since high school (and I’m graduating from college soon). I sincerely love Cirque du Soleil.

    Just curious, what show would you like them to have here if and when they come back? I’d like to see Alegria and Kooza.

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