15 comments on “Damn You Auto Correct!

  1. ay naku, i have an iPod Touch and whenever i chat there, inis na inis ako sa autocorrect. i disabled it once only to enable it after a while. whenever it gives the correct words, kapaki-pakinabang naman. it’s the typical love it-hate it relationship.

  2. i think autocorrect is mostly funny. a friend over FB gives weird comments and then apologizes a lot for that. LOL! A lot of work if you have to explain yourself all the time 😀

  3. just checked the site and it was hilarious! at 2am,this is funnier than chico’s jokes and i’m lmao while crying, thought i’d awaken my kids. hehe thanks for sharing though! and i’m sharing it forward (like paying it forward? yah, pretty lame) 🙂

  4. that was hilarious. i think i only used autocorrect for a few days with my palm phone. you know, it’s so difficult to talk in taglish with the autocorrect feature hahaha i turned it off already lol

    thanks for the laughs, chico

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