20 comments on “How Do You Solve A Problem Like SIAM?

  1. hi chico!

    we have a dog too who is as maarte as siam i guess. he is a japanese shit (father jap spitz, mother shi tzu) hehe…

    his name is mico (don’t know who gave that name) but i call him bardagul. Because that’s what he is … bardagul talaga (parang kontrabida sa pelikula) 🙂 he cries, nah shriek, a shrieking dog yes, as early as 1:30 a.m. and wouldnt stop until may dad get up, talk to him, and walk him outside. as in they have to go out of the house, to the yard and sort of play there, at freakin 130 am. what kind of dog is that haha.. oh and not to mention,he demands to be hand-fed (almost literally) at all times, otherwise he won’t eat.

    but he’s a darling. he really is… my parents unfortunately havent been granted a grandchild yet, so bardy takes the place for the mean time..

    so what do we do? haha 🙂

  2. Your problem sounds familiar. My Beagle brother – Macchiato had the same problem. Even I had that same problem growing up. Macchiato and I are beagles – so we didn’t just whimper – we bayed. Baying at 2:00 AM proved to be a problem for our Human father. Like you – Daddy researched everything in the internet to get it fixed. I was even banished to my human grandparents’ home. That was how I was “fixed”. After that – I stopped crying in the morning. Big Bro Macchiato on the other hand still has bouts of Separation Anxiety. But he outgrew it eventually.

    If you still can’t find a solution – I strongly recommend consulting with Jojo Isorena. He’s a well known dog behaviorist in Manila. He has a facebook fan page that you can consult for his contact information.

    Anyways — thanks for sharing new pictures of Siam.

    BTW – just wanted to share news that my Shar Pei brother – Char Siew has been neutered this weekend. He’s doing ok … but a lot of people think Daddy’s a bit cruel for getting his family jewels snipped. You get your pets neutered – right?

  3. hi!

    really love ur blog site. never fail to check everyday (sometimes even a few times during d day and gets a little grumpy kapag walang bago na post! nyehehe ..)

    i sooooo looove SIAM! pls! pls! do not give up on him. i am based here in Brunei Darussalam, and being a Muslim country, kahit na gustong gusto ko mag-alaga ng dog, medyo mahirap. napakadaming requirements! ='(

    but one thing, parang malungkot si Siam? the look in his eyes?? o magaling lang talaga mag-drama? (mana sa “AMA!”) hehe ..

  4. if it’s still too hard, you can take him to better dog, this animal behavior/training clinic along pasong tamo. they have obedience and training courses, it might help. good luck!! he’s extremely adorable, though!


  5. Hello,

    Maybe you can try puting a life size picture of you beside him pag mag sleep na cya.

    More power…..


  6. A bark collar should do the trick. Maybe you got a crappy brand. Have you tried testing it on you neck? hehehehe Just kidding. Mine worked great when I had a noisy dog (Pit). Barks at night specially when he sees a cat around. We got numerous complaints from village neighbors at that.

  7. Hi Chico,

    I think the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan can help you with that. 🙂
    If you have time, do check out some of the episodes wherein the dog owners have similar problem with yours. 🙂 Hope this helps. 🙂


  8. i am clueless with dogs but with infants, some advocate the “crying it out method”. swaddling them also helps but don’t know if that’s applicable sa puppies. why don’t you try giving him your used shirt that he can sniff? would that work kaya? that works with humans di ba?

  9. You need to leave an article na nagamit mo na. socks. shirt. shorts. etc.

    baka separation anxiety. i think ha, yan lang ang limit ng separation na kaya niya.


  10. aw so cute! his eyes seem to say so much. it’s like he’s saying i’m cute, cuddly, adorable and super bait (so you can’t do anything but give in 😛 )

    anyway i feel your pain cause my noisy mornings just ended. thank God none of my neighbors commplained considering my dogs bark and wail can be heard from the adjacent street. it’s true no matter what hardship we experience with our pups/dogs, we can be deal with it. afterall the loyalty, cuteness and love they offer makes up for all the tortured nights we get.

  11. hi chico!
    i had the same problem with my beagle Bailey. he would howl up a storm. and it was like firetruck sirens blaring outside your home! (beagle howls are indescribably loud and distinctive)
    anyway, one of the things we did to ease his evening habits is, when it’s time for bed, we start rubbing/massaging him while he lies down to relax him (singing is optional hehe =D). then when he gets drowsy or starts sleeping, we leave him alone (try not to wake up the dog when you leave)
    only problem with this is that every night the dog will expect a rub down before bed, but that’s okay especially if that’s the only time you have to bond with him if you work long hours / you’re away a lot.
    good luck w/ your puppy! he looks so sweet on camera.=D
    *yes, every howl is like a sledgehammer to the heart, especially with beagles, their howls always seem so sad & heart-wrenching. =(

  12. Hi Chico!

    well i’ve read something and so far its been working like a charm.
    my baby dog is a toy poodle also. and also suffers from what siam is feeling.
    what i did was to put him on a leash and put him on the other side of the room together with an old shirt of mine so my baby fluffy can still see and smell my scent yet can’t go to me starting with 30mins only then give treats and praises whenever he stays without crying and tell him in a very firm voice “NO” so that he knows its not proper behavior then try 2 hours until no crying at all. repeat that with increasing distance until he’s in another room not being able to see you. for me that worked. 🙂 hope it works for you baby siam also 🙂

  13. Hi Chico,

    Been there.. my little Kobe always whine at night.. until my friend told me to leave my used shirt at night, for him to still smell my scent.. just like babies.. 😀

    hope this works with Siam too.. he’s so cute and magaling umarte huh!=)

  14. Hi! I believe it’s separation anxiety. Not really sure what to do about it, you might want to ask the vet about that. Anyway, what a lovely dog.

  15. SIAM is so cute…. Do you sell this kind of dog?

    I am interesred…

    More power to you Chico and Del !!!!

    We always listen to you everyday with my daughters . After leaving the house at 6 all theway up to 8 am.. Bringing them to school and final landing at the office…

    God bless you !!!

  16. I have a 7-mo old poodle named Dolphy (aka Pipoy) and we’ve had this concerns when he was about 4-5mos.

    The used shirt def works! I also got him a small cage that works as his “room” and that was where i trained him how to sit and settle down when i was leaving/walking away -he wouldnt be let out if he’s crying. It was quite easy and i do believe Poodles are highly intelligent 🙂

  17. OMG! She is so adorable! my 2 year old pomeranian also has separation issues. she would do anything to make us stay home with her. but not like what Siam does. Can’t afford to have her wailing in an apartment building or else we’ll be thrown out.
    Good luck to you and Siam! Hope she gets over her separation anxiety.

    From Canada with love,

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