40 comments on “First Ever New Moon Poster

  1. I haven’t even seen Twilight…I’ll watch it after I finished reading the saga.

    but I’m more excited to see Half-Blood Prince. I almost cried while watching the trailer.
    kasi na-miss ko sila 😉

      • don’t worry…di ka nag-iisa.

        i have a friend who’s a die-hard, and we turn off each other’s plurks (or rather mute them) whenever she gushes endlessly about twilight and whenever i bash it. haha. it’s a good thing we still remain friends despite our different opinions about this. but there were times when we had endless rows. endless. LOL.

        i never really liked it, though i don’t consider myself an all-out hater. i just find it funny how people go crazy over a boring book. XD

  2. I like idea conveyed in the poster, sobrang fitting sa story ng new moon.
    anyhoo… I’m still having goosebumps watching the trailers of Harry Potter 6 over and over again… I can’t wait to see Ron and Hermione’s romance unfold…(just thinking about it makes me giggle like an 11 year old again.. ahihi) Now I can’t wait to watch the last 2 movie installment… *sigh*

      • lahat na yata ng trailers ng Harry Potter pinapanood ko from the teaser trailer to the full trailer hanggang sa mga TV spots trailer lahat pinapanood ko… yung excitement ko pag napapanood ko consistent kahit paulit-ulit yung viewing ko.. hay buhay nga naman HP fanatic! hehe

  3. I’m NOT a fan, but I’m not a hater, too. I didn’t try to read the book since I cant stand teenage angsts and romance. But I did like the movie.

    +++OFF TOPIC+++ I am a Nurse in this Mental Hospital. Last week I had a patient who is a huge fan of RX- especially of DJ Rico Robles and of course- you. The first time I met her I thought she was really lucid. She has an intact memory and a great knowledge of songs’ lyrics. she said she enjoyed MonsterRadio more than Magic since you are more wholesome. she was accurate and really updated when it comes to radio stations and songs. she is very well groomed and she speaks eloquently. There isn’t a tinge of insanity in her. I thought she was doing fine until she started talking about her being a princess and being “THE ONE”. Sabi nya, “Ako ang THE ONE. I am not crazy, I chose to be imprisoned here kasi tulad ni Jesus I am willing to sacrifice. Natatandaan mo yung mga dolphins na napadpad sa bataan? Theyt were there because their proncess is crying here.” Then she mentioned some songs and said that they were all written for HER. “Lahat nang yun sinulat ng mga prinsipe ko. Migs (of Chicosci), Rico blanco, Ely buendia, 2nd hand serenade… lahat sila primsipe ko.”

    I was really amused so I asked, Eh pano si Chico Garcia.”

    Sabi nya, “anu ka ba brother ko yun.”

    • are you serious? oh my gulay! i wonder how you can process and handle being around so much troubled minds? don’t get me wrong, but jobs that entail facing problems everyday, like doctors and lawyers, must be draining after a while…

  4. wow thanks for the post! i am a twilight fan (and harry potter, too). funny lang kasi i am quite embarrassed to be seen reading that in public. i’m 42 and kakahiya to be seen by a highschool kid reading “their” book.

    • Uy, bakit ba? Ako nga nagba-browse pa ng web pages about HP and Daniel Radcliffe. Hehehe… I’m in my late 20’s and i feel old to be a fangirl…

  5. uy, is chico a fellow HP fan? I didn’t read or watch Twilight on purpose to avoid getting addicted to it, like i did with Harry Potter. ahehehe. Er, tara chico, nuod tayo ng premiere sa july. (shy smile) hehehe.

  6. I get goosebumps every time I see the trailers of HP, especially the latest. I even put the trailers on my multiply. Can’t wait for the movie to come out. I was infuriated when WB decided to move its opening on July instead of the original plan.

  7. s*yet!!!ang fogi ni jekob, goshness!gusto ko cyang maging syota ngayon din!!
    …si belya kamuka ni jennifer love hewitt

  8. I enjoyed the twilight saga and finished all the books.but it didn’ t satisfy me as much as HP . Pang teenager kasi. Harry potter has more serious and deeper storyline. But i loved the jacob character though,mas totoo ang character. Well,just a thought…hi, chico.

  9. Chico, you’re an angel! Knowing that you aren’t a fan nor a hater, but you took time to post their 1st poster! Gee, thanks ha! hehe.

    Kaya lang parang “drawing” yung poster…..nasobrahan ata sa post-processing…. 🙂

  10. Hiyaaa Chico! I’m really hoping that this will be better than Twilight. The movie sucked (no pun intended), but the book series was AMAZING. 🙂

    Oh and btw, I’m excited for Half-Blood Prince as well. Draco’s there again. At long last!!! 🙂

    • the movie wasn’t so bad. i enjoyed it in a popcorn movie way. but having see the movie, the book didn’t really compel me enough to even finish it.

      • If you read the book, you’ll know why the movie “sucked” ha ha. 🙂 But then again, we all have our opinions. Its just really funny how “young girls” go ga-ga over the movie. 😀

  11. when u talk abt twilight, d book or d movie, sa show ni delle, i try hard to read between d lines if u really like it or not…(it’s really easy to know when u like something or someone…ur very passionate sa views nyo)…pero this time, medyo malabo sakin kc ur on neutral grounds…hehe. i completely respect ur views on this…sa show ko din learned abt d book…& i hoarded it…as in hoarded…sabi ko sasabayan ko sila chico and delle sa pagbabasa nila..aun…
    1st book lang ako nakasurvive…(at least ako 1st book, chico) hehehe…it’s downhill for me sa 2nd bk up to d end…i totally…totally understand when u say ur not fan, and not a hater din naman, coz it’s d same for me too.

    • yeah, i enjoy the series, but i’m not into it really, more like i’m curious lang about it as a pop reference.

  12. Counting down the days till July for the HP movie. Twilight is nothing compared to Harry Potter, no question about it. Twilight is dragging, parang inistretch lang para dumami yung books sa series. Hehehe! Not compelling enough. 😉

  13. i can’t stop looking at the poster! i really love the character of jacob black! it’s my first time to write a comment on your blog, though i’m always reading it. i just get really excited when i saw the poster! OMG! 🙂

  14. Sir, is it ok if I grab the photo and repost in my site? Thank you for posting this.
    I’ve been a silent Rusher forever and first time to comment. 🙂

  15. i just saw the new moon trailer at youtube, its nice 🙂

    i am not a fan nor a hater of twilight saga too, i didnt watch twilight at the cinema, dvd lang, but will love to see new moon.
    i love the thought of being in the person of bella; who will not if you are a female specie? With good looking vampire and wolf fighting for your love, and will do everything to save a damsel in distress?

    i do love harry potter, the only series which i collected 🙂

  16. im a big fan of twilight!!! but i heard it wasnt the poster that they’ll going to use.. mas gusto ko yang unang nilabas nla.. ang nice!!! sa poster plang you’ll see the whole story already.. i read the new moon book, and it was really good! sana the movie will give justice to the movie.. unlike other movie na galing sa book series.. very disappointing.. to name few are the da vinci code and angels and demons.. hihi!!! comment lng po..

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