39 comments on “The Best And The Rest 138

  1. lOl!
    i HAve MiNE too! But ITs from My MOm..

    We were On THE Car,WonderfUl toniGht was a Big Hit then,(when It WAS REviVEd By DAmaGe,i think?)
    on the PArt, So i GiVE her the CARKEy..

    “mama,anu Un LyrICS don sa,so I GIve HEr the tantan,and she held me into BEd..”

    My MOm,with confidence Said..

    “ODe,TURkey! So I GiVE her the turkEY! dba Un mGA KAno,mahilig sa tuRkey PAg thanksgiving?”

    and She was dead serious. lol!

    May Isa pa..i NeedEd you (boYZoNE)

    She was WAshing dishes..

    “i cried The tEArs YOu ARE TEARdropS…”

  2. can’t stop laughing!

    i remember in elementary, my classmate sang “Meet Me Half Way”… this way… “mitmee hapwe! across the sky…”

  3. Dagdag ako ng akin!

    Randy Santiago’s “Hindi Magbabago”:

    “At hindi magbabago, ang gusto ng puso ko,
    Wala nang hahanapin pa, kundi pag-ibig mo.
    May hiwagang LATANG ‘TO mula sa una pang TAKBO…”

    Plus 1 more! Anima Christi: “Soul of Christ, SAT BESIDE me.”

    No Scrubs: “A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fine, he’s also known as THE BUS STOP…”

  4. Hi Del!

    I know you and Chico dive so I was thinking you may be interested in our cause…

    My friend and I want to make a difference on climate change too. I’m also a diver and I’m soon going take up surfing and I want my future children to live to see all these beauty.

    Young people talk about it but seem to not really care about it. My friend and I wanted to find a way to touch everyone in our age group and decided a youtube viral video would be the best way.

    We made one that we hope is not only funny but will urge people to sign up against climate change.

    We recently entered it in Oxfam’s video contest (Oxfam is London based organization trying to get top leaders to sign a bill obligating countries to cut down carbon emissions before the year 2050) and we’re hoping through this contest, our video reaches the world.

    We were hoping you’d help us spread the word by tweeting and blogging about our video…and perhaps influence your millions of fans to do the same.

    Support team Philippines! Support our bid to end climate change! 😀

    This is our video:

    A trekkie fail video in every sense of the word. sobrang nakakatawa!

    Watch 2 cute (or feeling cute girls) display their love for all things Vulcan, Spock and Star Trek to ultimately funny results. May we all LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

  5. My cousin loves to sing this Akon song, Smack that, but everytime she does (sing it), it cracks the hell out of me.

    Her lyrics:
    Snapshot, all on the floor
    Snapshot, give me some more
    Snapshot,til you get sore
    Snapshot, oooh oh

  6. hi chico. 😀 i have a couple of misheard lyrics as well. not really misheard but mis-sang(?); my fault because i tried singing them when i was drunk. 😀

    1) …how could you be so hotlegs…how could you be so hotlegs… (Kanye West in da house)

    2) sunshine in my fingers, that’s what you are, my chinese star… (my version of Gabrielle’s song)

    3) don’t throw it on always alab alab, don’t throw it on always alab…(my best jennifer love lopez impersonation of the song)

    4) please don’t worry about me alpine…only gonna play the food wanshai…trust me when i say that i’ll be o.a., go home girl…go home girl…(my version of ne-yo’s song after 1 bottle of beer)

  7. hi chico,
    im such a fan of morning rush..listening to you and del always perks me up no matter how bad my day is.meeting you both would be a dream come true AS IN!..im hoping you could give me some advice..i know your’re REALLY into photography while i can’t take a decent picture to save my life..can you give me a few pointers to start with..i really want to learn to atleast take good pictures especially of my 2 yr. old boy..thanks!

    • naku, i wouldn’t know where to start! there are sooo many ways to improve your pictures. honestly, i really advice taking basic photography classes. thats when my skill and interest skyrocketed, after i enrolled in a class.

  8. my misheard lyrics…Ana’s Song (Open Fire) of Silverchair

    I love you to the balls…

    yun pala, I love you to the bones.

  9. Hi chico, one of the best nga itoh, hehehe laughing trip tlga! galeng… oh well here’s mine…

    Beyonce’ – all lasing nga ladies.. all lasing nga ladies.. all lasing nga ladies,all lasing nga ladies, now put your hands up,,, hehe corny ;0)

  10. naluha ako kakatawa. I had to force myself to stop reading para hindi tumawa ng malakas.salamat chico.ayus to.happy pill.

  11. awh man!!!! this is the best top ten ever. i can’t help laughing and now my tummy hurts. kulang na lang lumobo sipon ko at magfireworks ung ubo ko, niahaha. i’m at work as of now and my boss caught me reading. she didn’t get mad though, she was just curious why i was laughing like crazy. my teammates are now laughing, even harder! whew! thanks to jose de vengenge. when it comes to the funniest, you really are THE MAN dude. and of course, many thanks to chico, if not with you and your site, this whole thing is impossible. lahat na ata ng nadadaanan kong station sa office, site mo binabasa, lalo na pag petiks mode kame. taz mga tao sa workforce nakikinig ng TMR everyday. lupet nyo chico!

    btw, narinig ko to from a guy na kasabayan ko sa van on my way home from tuguegarao to aparri, s2jante pa lang ako nun. from rihanna’s unfaithful, sabi ng kanta niya: ‘i dont’ wanna do this enimoRRRR, i don’t wna be the RRRReason why. . .i don’t wanna be a masakERRRRR.’ imagine nyo na lang, nakaheadphones siya at super lakas ng boses, kala mo siya lang tao sa van. take note, antigas, as in super tigas ng pronunciation niya ng letter R. instead na magalit mga ksma ko sa van, they all laughed. ako, nairita, kc nman paborito ko ung song before taz minolestiya niya lang, mi-no-les-tiya niya. hmmmmmm. (parang ate guy) hehehe.

    7:45: i just told my seatmates this: “If you want to laugh, visit chicogarcia.wordpress.com everyday!” hehehehe….behlat sau chico, pagkakalat ko site moh!!!!! hehe…ehe, peace. thanks tlaga. ahm, can i call you tito? hehe…feeling close.

  12. too bad i wasn’t listening to TMR that morning! we like it here in the house when chico garcia sings!

  13. I remember this one pala:
    “This sh*t is bayabas… B-A-Y-A-B-A-S! This sh*t is bayabas… B-A-Y-A-B-A-S!” 😀 hehe

  14. heard this from a classmate back in highschool.. she was trying to sing “Electric Youth” by Debbie Gibson..

    “Electrocute! / Feel the power, see the energy”…

    susmariosep.. ilang years din ako napaniwala na “electrocute” yun.. hahahaha! =D

    more power to you chico and dell! =)

  15. hi chico where do u put the most recent top ten?i’m a newbie to ur blog, all i see is dated 2008 pls. help thnx

    • like astroboy said, i post chronologically. but since i don’t post a top ten everyday, there’s a 7-month (and growing) backlog. So i’m just posting the october 2008 entries. so for instance, the top ten this morning will eventually be posted december or january of 2010! wow, sorry but that’s how it works. but look on the bright size, it’s nice to re-discover the top ten after some time has passed. wala lang, mas aliw if you’ve forgetton about the entries then read about them again, some time later.

  16. @bloodlust and tozankyaku – talagang 2008 palang ang makikita niyo because may back log si chico ng top ten lol. expect the 2009 top ten’s in July or August =D hindi po “real time” ang pagpost ni Chico ng top ten 😉 you can Download the recordings naman from blueritz’s blog – http://cdtop10.blogspot.com =)

    • haha talaga naman, dapat yata i-hire ko na services mo, wag mo lang ako pe-presyuhan ng mataas! thanks!

  17. Oh Gebus. First time I tumbled on your blog. A friend of mine shared this link after I told them an ipis hiked up mah leg. Number 23 reduced me to tears and good thing I had a hanky with me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Not only that. I realized I haven’t laughed that kind of laughed for so long now. Talk about stress. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and more power to you and Delle.

  18. Share ko lang my own misheard (more like wrongly sung).

    The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkle)

    “Jai alai, jai alai, jai alai”.

    My mom couldn’t wait for everyone to get home to tell everyone that.

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