29 comments on “Huling Hirit (Book Launch Tomorrow!)

  1. Hi Chico, I’ve been a silent rusher eversince the beginning. I’m now working in Brunei and I have to say listening to your show, whether livestreaming or podcast, has helped keep me sane in this part of the world. I’ve also recently gotten hold of your book through a friend who went back and I’ve been laughing eversince. Iba talaga humor ng pinoy. Thank you for the endless entertainment from your many personas, from delle’s insights and corny jokes, and now from ginoboi’s sexy voice and infinite emo-ness. Congratulations on your book launch! Wala bang international book signing tour? =)

  2. It’s funny that you included the quote from Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales to the ad of your book launch. “Why only now (make the book after 13 years of doing the top 10)?” “Because God has mysterious designs.”

    Thanks for making our mornings bearable.

  3. ahahah freaking out ngaun kc baka di madala ng friend ko ung book for tomorrow’s event no confirmation until now sa email or FB ko …,, Mom last hope LOL

  4. got your book signing sched from your site/blog ( kahit di ka reply sa tweet ko) pero i will still buy the phenomenal book! I hope i can go robinson’s galleria tomorrow (i live in las pinas) I love your show and i always download your podcast, my sis and i always listen to your podcast and even read the top ten through your award winning blog. God Bless and more power!!!

  5. Humdinger will be there and will bring his son. Gusto yata nya ipamana sa anak nya yung pakikinig sa Morning Rush.

  6. made it to the book launch but still not able to have your autograph… di ko akalain ganun kadami ang rushers… congrats though!!!

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  8. i’ve been a silent rusher since 1996… you’ve been a part of my daily life… my daily dose of happiness… thank you C&D and thanks for signing my book yesterday… can’t wait for the 2nd book… two thumbs up for you, guys!….

  9. Congrats to Chico & Del and to all the rushers for a successful book launch & book signing! It was legend (wait for it) ary what happened last Saturday! 😀

  10. Sold out daw ang book =s ? Meron n b uli? Release uli kayo please?
    Waaaah. Saka madami kami dito na rushers from the south na gusto kau mkita…so please sana may book signing kayo sa south. Like s festival or alabang town center or southmall..basta south!!! Waaah. Please? Please? Pretty please? 😦

  11. chico and delamar (T.T) please have a book signing sa south. please? please? please????? pretty please (T.T)

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