28 comments on “Laiya, Batangas (The Resort)

  1. Hey chico! what’s the average price for a stay there? do they have a website or something that we can check out? 🙂 thanks!

  2. ganda ah… naaliw ako sa mga cottages. babalik ka pa ba? oh well…magbaon ka na lang kaya atleast you you’ll enjoy the place plus you’ll enjoy the food you bring. pwede din sigurong bumili ka sa karatig-resort.hahaha

  3. We had a complete opposite experience in Laiya. I forgot the name of the resort but it has tree houses. Anyway, the place was so not what it looks like on their web site. Complete opposite of your experience, it was only the food that i remembered enjoying. It was that bad that we only stayed overnight and left the next day. We didn’t even go to the beach just had a night swimming at one of the swimming pools. Good thing it was one of those company outing, so it’s free on our part at least. Maybe we can go back to Laiya and stay at this place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi chico.. enjoy reading your blogs..
    I’ve been to Laiya twice and so far so good.. My second time was in Balai last 2007, Balai is were the reception of judy ann & ryan was held, they have simple cottages but have great food (buffet style).. as in..
    Question also can you suggest a nice point and shoot camera that is budget friendly… thanks
    More power to you and Del…

  5. I hated Virgin Beach for their service. The management sucks (the checkin etc experience and the food experience is really unaccomodating).
    They charged me 5 pesos for extra garlic on my bangus, and they have “extra charge” for table water. Table water!!
    If u venture to the left of the beach you can cross to the jologs beach 😛 and buy drinks etc there (cheaper).. there’s actually a hate page somewhere hehe but the beach is undoubtedly beautiful… if you can afford it.

  6. indeed you are The Chico Garcia..At first I thought this blog is owned by a namesake of the popular DJ! Yes, Laiya is untapped by most travellers and the beach is quieter and cleaner than most of the public beaches down south. Agree with you it is not only the room that matters when you stay in a hotel/resort. I am not a breakfast person but I see to it that I try the breakfast of the hotel/resort I am staying with because that is my gauge on how good the place is. Many can boasts of clean, modern rooms but the quality of food as well as the service especially in a busy restaurant matters a lot.

  7. I think the “much cheaper” beaches give better service than the one that you’ve mentioned.

    I hope you go back in this place. I just love the serenity.

  8. Hi Chics .. err Chico. Virgin Beach resort seems nice. But what I am really impressed is Acuatico Resort. You should’ve stayed there instead. It’s kinda pricey but at least you deserve to enjoy what you have paid for. I like the pics, its really enjoyable looking and reading your pics/blogs everytime i visit the site. Truly entertaining. Congrats! Isa ka nang entertainer! LOL! Thanks!

  9. Kindly provide us quotation for 35pax for company outing and avilable dates for it.



  10. hello…. just want to know the contact nos. of laiya beach resort???
    how much is the entrance fee?

    we are planning to go there next week ^_^


  11. hello….dis place looks familiar! d2 gnwa ung movie na… HERE COMES THE BRIDE! tama b? hehehe..sobrng ganda pla tlg…

  12. Good day kabayan,

    Can I request for a quotation for 3 days and 2 nights … 2 rooms accommodation lang po.
    4 pax….
    kindly send directly to my email add about the price 🙂
    Thanks….its a nice place kabayan..

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