7 comments on “The Best And The Rest 172

  1. Eww Gino.

    He’s so unfunny and laughs at his own jokes too much which would have been tolerable if he didn’t have such an annoying laugh. He sounds like a conyo kid who wouldn’t give you the time of day because he’s too busy looking down at you.

    I think the only reason he gets away with his shite is because of his looks. Ahhh, Real World…

    • seryoso ka, you dont know THE MORNING RUSH?

      well its chico and delamar’s morning radio show at RX 93.1
      starts @ 6am

      hope you’ll listen, i bet you mag-eenjoy ka..:D

  2. thanx C&D! u never failed me to laugh every morning. stay hapi & sweet! god bless! love u guys!

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