6 comments on “Maldives (Day 1)

  1. you diving? or just chillin on the beach? you with Jan A. group? 🙂 we chartered a boat to dive Maldives next year about the same time now as they said it’s the best season for mantas / whaleshark at the South Ari. pls update us about your dive experience…and oh! more photos pls! 😀

  2. What you said about travelling resonated to me. Maldives looks very beautiful, and I feel your enjoyment in every Instagram picture you post of the beach. =)

  3. Hi chico! What airlines did u have to take to get to Male? Im planning to go next year and would love to know more on how to plan for this trip. Thank you! Have an awesome time

  4. It is truly a gem and also one of my future dream destinations.. But for now, I’m quite satisfied with what our country has to offer… (excuse ng nagkukuripot gumastos sa travels.. hehe)..

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