4 comments on “Grandmas Watch The Kardashian Sex Tape

  1. Yung nakadilaw si delle, yung nakapula si gino, yung nakapurple si chico. Si yellow kasi parang maraming alam sa erotica bilang siya ang nag-intro kay red at purple nung sextape. Sina red at purple kunwari naeeskandalo pero enjoy. Much like chico and gino.

  2. Even though I haven’t watched the video, based from your series of epic pic, si Gino yung nasa gitnang grandma at si Chico ang naka-pouty red lipstick! :p

  3. Si yellow grandma (Del) parang scientific ang dating ng description niya. Si purple grandma (Chico) parang na-sscandalo pero enjoy na enjoy naman. Si red grandma (Gino) tawa ng tawa, kilig na kilig complete with labas dila pa! My gawd… it’s you guys! Make a parody of this pls… pls… pls!!!

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