15 comments on “Bela Padilla On The Morning Rush!

  1. Hi guys..can somebody help me kung saan pede mag download ng podcast ? Sa itunes lang ako before nag download and for 1 week now no new updates..sana someone can help me..isa kac ang TMR podcast sa pang alis ng lungkot ko d2 sa dubai.. Thanks guys.

  2. Nice pic, and cool rap-off. Pero what caught my attention was Delle’s Sailor Moon outfit for the day. =)

  3. Love the rap-off. Chico’s always funny. Bela’s right, the 3 of you are indeed gorgeous radio stars :).
    Btw Chico, may i request a top 10 topic? Could you do the top 10 ways to earn additional income with minimal capital?

    My friend and I are thinking of relocating to another part of the country like Cebu, Dumaguete or Camsur. As such, we need to start saving now. In order for us to save enough to start anew, we need to earn additional income on top of our salaries as employees.

    Crazy and outrageous ideas are welcome, even encouraged to keep the fun in TMR. But serious ones that can indeed give us another source of income will be very much appreciated. We’ve been searching the internet for legitimate websites on online jobs and we were able to find some that pay for article writings and forum posting. Hope we’ll get some more ideas from fellow rushers.

    Thanks Chico. Regards to the other kikays, Delle and Gino.

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