78 comments on “Our OMG Awards Experience (Stories, Photos, And A Blind Item)

  1. Congrats and by all means I really appreciate you using the photo I took along with mentioning my blog. So when is the second round of lechon will be happening? πŸ˜€

    I missed that day being busy lately and its been a while since I dropped by the station.

    All I can say is you, Delle, and Gino are mighty proud to have these find men, women and children waking up every morning just to get a good laugh. I’m proud of the passionate Rushers for pulling through and seeing what a supportive extended family you guys have.

    I hope you guys stay the same way I first stepped in the booth 16 years ago.

    Best endeavors to come.

  2. congrats! you deserve it! you never failed to make me smile (madalas di na mapigil ang tawa) kahit super traffic on my way to work. i voted for you everyday kahit nakita ko sobrang lake ng lamang nyo sa iba hehehe..

  3. congrats guys… i’ve been listening to you guys since i was high school even though i never had the chance to talk to you guys in which I’m looking forward in the near future….. I always make it a point to vote everyday… guess my vote counted hehehehehe…… again congrats hoping to see more awards πŸ˜€

  4. congrats to you all! i hope someday I can meet you all in person. pwede bang makijoin sa booth one time, kaso nahihiya ako wala akong kilala 😦

  5. congrats! you deserve it guys! next time, c,d, & g. may kani-kanyang awards. chico best male radio dj, del best female radio dj and gino, king of the night and of course best fm radio show pa rin. kayo na!

  6. While i was looking at your group pic w/ Shamsey, i thought Delle looke like Angel Locsin πŸ™‚
    hmmm…honestly parang may similarity kayong 2 huh πŸ˜›

    uy palakpak ang tenga ni Delle πŸ˜€ lolz
    congrats kikay barkada! happiness! πŸ™‚

    • but you gotta admit, the Shamcey-related bastos entries can be hilarious. Well, it’s not an attack on her personality anyway, so it should be ok.

  7. the best talaga kayo guys, marami nga kame na nd nyo pa kilala personally pero we do listen to your show everyday and masasabi namen na ibang klaseng entertainment ang dala ninyo. hope you guys stay grounded and hopefully we can visit you in the station one of this days…

  8. congrats kikay barkada! this award just shows how thankful we are for always having you on our radio every morning; for making us laugh despite the traffic and all the hullabaloos of mornings. you deserve it! apir! πŸ™‚

  9. can I guess who’s the girl in the blind item? πŸ˜€ Medyo malakas ang kutob ko na yun yung girl na nasa isip ko πŸ˜€

  10. sana nahulaan ko kung sino si supladita πŸ˜€

    congrats guys and i wish to see u in person!! i love u! :))

  11. I find it extremely weird that I cry every time I read your blog entry or tweets about winning the Yahoo OMG awards. It feels like a Ms. Universe moment and that I won as well being a rusher. You are now reaping the awards after 16 years of laughter, fun, and friendship. I am so happy for you and the show. Awards are validation of our love for you guys! More power and more laughter!

  12. woot woot! I speak for all the rushers who went there that we too held our breathe when their about to announce the winner and when they did, we just went ecstatic, we felt you guys won the Oscars! πŸ™‚

  13. Sino kaya yun suplada celeb?! πŸ™‚ In any case, congratulations again C,D&G! I’ve voted for your almost everyday, been a silent rusher since 1997!

  14. Congratulations to the Kikay Barkada. wow, 16 years in the industry and still making waves. Proves a point that talent and heart makes a winner.

  15. you guys deserve the award for putting a big smile to every rushers face every day. Seeing you succeed makes us feel winners also.

  16. Chico, kelan pa naging Supsu si Shamcey Supsup? hehehehehe! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!!!! you really deserved it guys!!! i would definitely drop by the station on my next vacation leave!! – dubai, uae

    • Sorry to burst your bubble and your seemingly anti-Marian Rivera slant but she wasn’t at the Yahoo! OMG Awards Night. Gino seemed to give a clue towards the end of the show, so there. πŸ™‚

  17. All those hard work finally did paid off and thank God that “dudu-99”, “dwitter” etc had finally came to an end. (guess nagging my friends to vote for the show everyday has its perks besides the trophy. lol)

    Anyways, CONGRATS to CDG for a job well done. More power to the show. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Just like everyone else, I’m curious who’s the ***** too. lol

  18. I’ve said this on a comment at FB, I’m saying it again.. ” we all work hard for moments like this” and for you guys true enough, there would be no more greater reward than when validation comes from your peers and the people that have been touched by you just being there doing your thing. It’s like giving forward…

    I’ve always loved the show, been here for the past 16 yrs also on and off, and have heard most of its dramas, bitchiness and little girl ghost stories (silent rusher) and I just wanna say you deserve this, and I do love you guys how you really make my mornings bright and sleazy πŸ˜€

    Nakow Chico, no use denying how young your are when you can be so dated just by your cheeky decade bookmarked comebacks to Dell and Gino

    Dell.. yah… go on gurl.. sock it to ’em hehehe… Nah you’re not a corn cob, you just have your own brand of humour… (i think u just have had too much food processed with artificial corn flavors hehehe wab u still πŸ™‚ whatever it is u’re snacking on, don’t give it to cooper okey?..

    Gino… u’re the best looking guy. In fact my daugther’s already half crazy over you… but then again, she only hears you on the radio hahahah… also, I wab u still.. πŸ™‚

    TMR RULES! Its a radio show worth waking up to :):):)

  19. congratulations guys….i love the show…it’s so natural….thank you for keeping us company every morning..as in every morning rush hour!!! it means so means to us…love you, guys!!! even i was so touched by this award, ‘coz i know i was part of it…am a solid rusher for almost 10 years…

  20. Congratulations from my family to yours! Gasgas man pero, you all deserve this! Hindi biro yung 16years na pagsasama-sama natin sa umaga, magkakakilala man tayo o hindi. So I am thankful for the opportunity to meet you last summer (I brought the broas& yema cake w/ my family) and have my book signed by these stars. The visit was a blur (aka I’m so starstrucked!!!) so next on my wishlist is to revisit RX πŸ˜€

    BTW, sana me clue yung blind item. Thanks!

  21. congrats Kikays! very deserving and to ever supportive rushers (grabe lupet nio)

  22. First of all, congrats to the Kikay barkada! You are the best and thank you for all the smiles and laughter you give millions of Filipinos who listen to your radio show every morning.

    I hate to see you guys being b*tched like that. That celeb’s (lets call her a celebrity kasi for sure she’d never be more than that and for sure she’d be laos real soon) excuse is unacceptable. Damage control gone bad.

    You guys showed real class and I pity that poor soul. Here’s a virtual hug from the millions of Rushers around the world. *hugs na kikay*

    Again, congrats Chico, Delle and Gino. πŸ™‚

  23. Yey! Congrats! I’m a silent rusher and wanted to visit you when I’ll be on vacation. Being OFW is tough but just like before when I’m still working in the Phils. TMR is worth waking up in the morning and a great companion on my way through work.
    You deserve it Kikays!!!! Ang more years and awards to come!!!
    Thank you for all the happy mornings!

  24. Wow! Congrats guys! I voted for you.. and thanks for those kind words about Xian.. I really like him a lot.. and i wish you could guest him again in your show.. I know how much he adores you guys.. I wish though you have said that Kim Chiu is his “girlfriend” and not “loveteam”.. hahaha.. I really like them to end up together! Hahaha… Congrats again and more power to Morning Rush! Seriously, Ive been listening to you guys since like ages!

  25. Congrats! It’s an awesome 16th anniv gift! Thanks to the kikay barkkada for the funfilled mornings, and to the fellow rushers for all the happy support ^_^ you rock!

  26. ano daw?! nawala ako sa blind item!! hehehe

    congratulations to you guys and to all the rushers! cheers to more awards!! :0)

  27. I can’t contain what I felt while watching the video. There was constriction inside my throat and I was on the verge of crying. It felt like I was the one who actually won and accepting the trophy! Hahaha!

    Congrats, Kikays! Congrats to us! You really deserve it. You’re my daily dose of laughter! Mwah!

    P.S. Sana pag may BIG REVEAL, i-reveal na kung sino ‘yang “eyes-roller” na ‘yan!

  28. Ang daya! Walang clue yun blind item!

    Congtatulations again, Kikay Barkada! More laughter in the years to come!

  29. Congrats kikay barkada! u guys deserve it πŸ™‚ bakit ba si Sam Pinto ang pumasok sa utak ko dun sa blind item.

  30. Congrats guys! You truly deserved the award. I voted daily from Day 1 till last day… plus I also used the yahoo accounts of my hubby & kids to vote, hahaha!

    Thanks so much for always making our daily trip from Dasma to SM MOA enjoyable despite the unsolved traffic of Imus & Bacoor 😦

    Also, thanks for allowing me to have a photo w/ you – Chico & Ginoboi. We’re the one who saw you in MAAX parking. I guess, that was my happiest moment so far as a FAN. Truly, you guys are so accommodating. Actually, I thought of getting my Top10 book in the car, if only for my kids who complained already of hunger, hahaha!

  31. CONGRATS, KIKAY BARKADA! πŸ˜€ I have been listening to you guys since high school at talagang bentang benta pa rin saken yung Top 10 niyo everyday. :)) Palong palo talaga yung mga hirit niyo. As in hindi lalagpas yung moment na halos mawalan na akong ng hininga sa kakatawa. Hope to meet you guys soon!!! THANK YOU SA WALANG SAWANG PAGHAHASIK NG GOOD VIBES TUWING UMAGA. =))))))))))))))))

    P.S. More clues naman sa blind item. >:D Boycott-in na yang artistang yan!

  32. Aha I’m nosy, so who’s the blind item??? More clues please!!!
    Oh by the way super ΓΌber congratz kikay barkada!!!! (^^,)

  33. congrats to the kikay barkada and to all the rushers who were super masipag in voting (me included)! syempre all out support ang mga rushers even the silent rushers. our small way of thanking you guys for making our mornings bearable and sometimes the most fun part of our day. congrats and all the best to C, D & G!

  34. Hello!! I’ve been an avid listener for so many years. Few mos back, I got an addn’l twitter acct & made it public just for your show. I started commenting on your tweets if I can’t help it, sending entries too, tweeting about your show and even played Dragonvale just for you. I always love TMR, you always make my mornings alive & happy esp when I’m down. Seriously, you deserve more than Yahoo OMG Award!! Anyways, congrats to Kikays!! Happy sweet 16!! More power to your show & God Bless always!! πŸ™‚

  35. So love you guys! Kahit first ko kyo narinig nun lumipat kyo ay sumunod pa din ako nung bumalik kyo sa RX. You deserve all the recognition and more! Congratulations Chico, Delle and Gino! TMR rocks and rules! Hehe!

  36. Nabitin ako sa blind item, LOL! Congratulations again, i feel so proud of you guys. I remember listening to you show pag napila ako noon sa fx papasok sa opis, now that im abroad i still listen to you guys while on the train on my way to work. Thank you for giving us something to laugh about every morning.

  37. Just finished listening again to today’s TMR episode via the RX Podcast Channel. Another fun episode! May idea na ako kung sino ang bitchy celeb. Si LP ba? πŸ™‚

  38. congratulations kikay barkada! you deserve it guys! our mornings will not be this great without TMR, more awards to come and more years of quality radio entertainment with you guys! #proudsilentrushers

  39. Napaka juicy naman ng blind item na yan, kumakatas talaga. I have no idea who the b*tch is…. hehe =)

  40. Congrats, Kikay Barkada! Listening to TMR the moment I get to the office makes my day, even if I risk looking like a weirdo laughing (sometimes hysterically) by myself. haha! This beeatch… Is she this young actress who got to star as a goody two shoes bida but in real life her kontrabida is the good girl and she is the nasty one? hmp!

  41. congratulations! so happy you won. i voted everyday! i never really had the opportunity to thank you for helping me pull myself together after a painful breakup. you gave me reasons to wake up and laugh every morning. A MAJOR THANK YOU.

  42. again, thank you for making us smile, giggle and laugh everyday, even the podcasts of previous episodes are priceless possessions to keep me awake in my shift.

    Thank you for always allowing me to video you guys every time im in the RX Booth! πŸ˜›

    and thank you, for being a good friend, adviser and friends with us rushers! you always have our support! πŸ™‚

  43. My gulay! Congrats to you Chico, Gino, and Dell! You all deserve that award! My husband and I are big fan of yours, we listen to your show every morning and even at night (through podcast), ganyan kami kaadik sa inio. Sometimes pag masama ang gising namin marinig lang namin kayo sumasaya na kami! Keep it up guys! More awards to come and more power (as in kikay power!) . πŸ™‚

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