9 comments on “Check Out Our Spread On YES! Magazine!

  1. i agree with it being so extensive. was surprised to learn your real age and your real name. hindi po halata. hehehe.

  2. i just have to say, i really dont buy magazines on newstands, pero i didn’t hesitate when I saw you and delamar sa cover ng YES! 🙂 and Yes, instantly i bought it 🙂 and read it habang nasa office agad-agad… you both inspire me and alot of people.. the Lord bless you..

  3. Just bought my copy yesterday, and I must say, the interview was very raw. I like how you and D opened up about things that happen in your life. You guys really me inspire me on how to keep my integrity. =)

    More power to you, D and G, and the show.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! just figured i’ve missed sooo much already… is that Delamar’s cute baby??? wow wow wow!!! seems like yesterday when she was talkin about her biological clock =D This can only be gooooood thing!!!

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