19 comments on “My Battle With Ticks

  1. Aww, still cute πŸ™‚ and well at least now they’re that much cooler with the weather we’re getting. Usually when we see more than 3 ticks on any of our dogs it’s already a sign of an outbreak. Usually after spraying them with Frontline we also spray their usual tambay areas (with Frontline). We leave the Frontline on them for about a couple of weeks, trying not to cuddle/touch them too much. The bottle recommends that you should leave it on them for about 6 weeks but we don’t mind re-spraying them (and the areas) after a nice bath. With good luck, I hope Frontline works for you as we as it does for us. πŸ™‚ tc

  2. Hi Chico, we might be able to help you with your problem. We’ve got Green Organic Cleansers which are all enzyme based to help you with your problem. Should you be interested, please email me at happyhomeservices@gmail.com, we’d be glad to show you how it works. Hope to hear from you soon. Francis of Happy Home Pest Control =)

  3. We encountered the same problem with Paul, our cocker spaniel. True, the ticks just came out of nowhere! It was just yuckee! Even my daughter Sam didn’t want to touch Paul. We also had to resort to semi-kal cut. Ang pangit! But you know what? after frontline and spray on the affected areas, the ticks were gone! as if they didn’t appear at all! Anyari?! Basta wala na lang – I don’t know what caused them to appear – but I’m just too glad they’re gone! Kaya lang it will be a long wait for Paul’s fur to grow back.

  4. Exactly the same experience with our 4month old Lapome last Thursday, May 24 evening. My son & I freaked out discovering the infestation! The dog was off to the Vet first thing May 25 for Frontline treatment and summer cut! There was just no choice but to treat also the house with the mixture of that strong chemical 1/4 tsp of Carbaryl Powder + 1.5L water, sprayed on the floor and wall since we saw the fleas & ticks crawling up to 5 feet high on the walls. Had the floor rinsed after 6 hours, by then our dog was already back refreshed from a day at the Vet. Thanks for the post Chico. Helpful tips G! Thanks!

  5. Hi Chico,

    My dog Bebop a Lhasa Apso also was rushed to the vet last week and the vet suspects Ehrlichiosis though she still has to run another test to confirm. She said that it is a “silent disease”. Oh boy, I’ve been treating my baby Bebop with Frontline for months now but the vet said it could be from the tick infestation right before we resorted to Frontline. Now I ended up serving Bebop cooked Chicken Liver (10% at the max per day) to help increase his red blood cells…he was anemic because of the TIIIIIICKKKKSSSS! Ugh! I really hate them!

    Even if we’re using frontline a week after we bathe Bebop with “Bayopet” it has Caumaphos which helps maintain those lil blood-suckers from getting near our dog. Plus, it’s readily available in the grocery or in Handyman. Yesterday i checked they came up with new scents. But I’d recommend the Blue (original) one. For his play area my Tita tried detergent soap, Zonrox, alcohol but the ticks still come back. I even tried submerging a tick before in alcohol. I thought they’d die. But OMG! to my surprise when I removed the alcohol after a few hours..the Tick managed to walk! Grrrrr…..(and a bit creepy!) So we opted for vinegar..its effective and doesn’t leave a scent when dry.


    • how large is your dog? i think 10ml 2x a week is a bit too much… the normal dosage for injections is about 0.025ml/kg bodyweight. and ivermectin, the active ingredient in ivomec is toxic in some dog breeds.

  6. for some reason or another, all our dogs (3 labs, one aspin, one shih tzu) are tick free. I guess it also comes to your environment and the other dogs in the neighborhood. Here in Marikina, stray dogs are not allowed so I guess that helps in stopping the spread of ticks. πŸ™‚

  7. i think you can find asuntol in poultry/livestock supply stores. but if it’s too much of a hassle, i think you could use the bayopet lines which are available in most groceries and ace/handyman stores. word of warning though, its active ingredient coumaphos is toxic even to humans. so handle with extreme care. read the label carefully.

  8. Hello Chico, Frontline and the collar works but not as fast as we want them to. Cutting the hair really works but also after bathing get a pail of warm water with calamansi and use that for the final wash and let dry. My dog smells good longer and it drives away the ticks. I no longer use the collar and I haven’t use Frontline for a month and still tick-free.

  9. When my girls (dachshund named Poklet and basset hound named PeeGee) had their share of thick infestation, all we did was applied Frontline for a couple of recommended doses. And like Ms. Maldo, all of those ticks packed their bags and left our apartment. Considering we have a parquet floor.

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