8 comments on “Let’s Have A Teen Diva-Off Between Charice And Jessica!

  1. jessica’s performance with jennifer holiday made me super proud…di sya nasindak sa mga birit ng powerhouse…this just proves how good singer she is…sya na makipagsabayan sa original dream girl…i got goosies and a few laughs when i watch this performance 😀

  2. taste in music and / or singers is subjective. it’s stupid to compare one singer from another. either you like a singer or you don’t. don’t hate…just appreciate.

  3. Thanks Chico for sharing.. I’ve always believed in Charice’s power and talent as a singer/belter/diva… Thank you for posting this and for reminding me/us that we’ve always had an Idol in our midst, a PURE one, at that. No need for votes, just awesome undeniable unquestionable talent.

    • smoother version nga ang performance ni Charice…yung ginawa kasi nila Jennifer at Jessica, mas malapit sa original, medyo over the top kasi pang theater 🙂

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