24 comments on “Phillip Phillip’s Home Vs. Greg Holden’s Home

  1. Phillip phillip is a cheater. They said their last song would be their original composition. Unlike jessica who made her 3rd song with own originality. And with that, Phillip proved that he cant make a song better than jessica did.

    • philip is not a cheater.. i am filipino but i like philip better… jessicas final song is not her orginal composition either…. she is just a singer but not a songwritter and philip is….

      • philip is a songwriter and a musician and not really a singer… jessica is the real deal in singing

      • lol you are lost. original song means that the song was written to be sang by a certain singer as their carrier song. it means no one had yet sang that or produced that song. both of their song were written by song writers.
        The problem is that PP had some body to copy on how to sing that song, notice how he tried to copy the original of Greg Holden? that is why it is not his Original, it was just a Cover. unlike Jessica’s, she has no basis on how to sing her own original. so she made it her own. get it.

  2. I like both renditions. Too bad I couldn’t find a better quality of Greg Holden’s video.

    PS I wonder what AI’s criteria is of an ‘original song’.

  3. I think this not a new thing on Idol. Ruben Studdard coronation song was “Flying Without Wings” a track obviously not written for him. Lee Dewyze’s coronation song was U2’s “Beautiful Day”. Even Lauren Alaina’s supposed coronation song “Like Her Mother Doe” – had she won – was a track from Kristy Lee Cook’s first album post-AI.

  4. If I remember it right, LeeDewyze (?) performed U2’s Beautiful Day which is quite a popular song.

  5. for me, it really does not matter…they both delivered and proved themselves in the finale and all throughout the season. it really a matter of preference. but i agree with the judges when they said it jessica’s final song didn’t fit her. if the credit of choosing the final song is in their hands, for me, phillip won because of that.

    • well let me correct you for that, Jimmy Iovine is the one who have chosen the final songs for both the finalist.. as what I have observed, there’s a conspiracy in Idol just like the top 3 performance where Jimmy picked a very simple song for jessica again. american idol have set who will win in this competition and it’s all about sabotaging the one and making her an underdog from the other. c’mon it’s so obvious. haha!

  6. Lemme quote Greg Holden himself. “Just to clear up a lot of confusion, and incorrect information flying about online. This is a song written by myself, and LA writer Drew Pearson. It was picked to be used by American Idol finalist Phillip Phillips for his original song. This is how all songs are picked on these types of shows and the fact that he didn’t write it, or I have already played it live, doesn’t change anything.

    Phillip is a talented guy and made this song his own. I couldn’t be more excited for him and that the song is getting this kind of exposure and being performed by a great singer like Philip.”

    So I guess this settles everything. Love Phillip to death and I know he deserves this win as much as Jessica does. ❤

  7. sana pala sa mga songs ni beyonce nila kinuha yung winner song ni Jessica.. like this one..

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