17 comments on “Lady Gaga Live In Manila!

  1. i am sooooo envious! either way, thank you for sharing!!! ❤ gaga forever! definite little monster right here. 😀

  2. it looks totally different from her first concert here.too bad for me. Its a good thing that you vividly blogged about this. It felt like I also watched this one. Nice article and shots!

  3. great post!!!! reading it made me feel like i was at the concert too. now i know i missed a lot not going to that concert 😦 but at least i got to see your photos. good photos as well! very well taken 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your gaga experience. Showed these pictures to my 9-yr-old daughter only because she’s a fan and I can’t take her yet to her concert. All she asked after was how to pronounce the word “vajayjay-ish” 😀

  5. I’m so inggit with your photos, Chico! Clear and good. Haha, mine’s not 😦 Good write-up on the concert. I enjoyed reading same as the way I enjoyed watching the show. Nice!

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