15 comments on “Is This The Worst Song EVER?

  1. At least for Rebecca Black’s Friday, nag effort ng kahit konti. This song..parang sinadya nilang uber pangit, to get attention lang talaga. hayst.

  2. Hi Chico, my name is Miko. I’ve been a blog fan of yours for a while (aka, God Knows how long!) I posted a comment here because I would like to request for your help. PM Fajardo, a fellow blogger of mine, started this simple yet worthwhile project called The Notebook Project.

    Wherein the project plan is simple: buy 10 notebooks instead of buying a cup of coffee, milk tea, ice cream or whatsoever and send it to PM so she can hand them over to the many kids in Bagac, Bataan who needs it most. Most of the parents their are farmers and fishermen and the kids need all the help they can get.

    We hope we could get help to spread word about this worthwhile project across so that we can get more people to donate and help. I am posting her blog link here so that you can personally check it out: http://prinsesamusang.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/the-notebook-project-what-can-your-100-pesos-buy/

    Thanks for giving time in reading this little message 🙂

  3. Hahaha sumakit yung bangs ko sa kanila….hot girls, hot problem wehhhh di nga…parang di naman sila hot

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