7 comments on “Swimming With Whale Sharks!

  1. Wow so lucky! Been a huge dream of mine to swim with whale sharks, such amazingly large creatures yet so calm, yet not only do you get to swim with one you get to swim with 7! that’s a charming noisy shot you have of the shore there too!

    • hehe those are just phone cam shots. i’ll post the ones from my camera, hopefully not as noisy!

    • kasi the chemicals daw in sunblock can be very harmful to the sensitive whale sharks. studies have supported claims that sunblock actually is very bad for the ecosystem of the ocean.even the corals daw get sick because of stuff in our sunblock. 😦

  2. the Korean divers! i remembered nung pumunta kami sa Oslob ng super late na ang we were advised na may resort sa tapat nung brgy hall, pagpasok namin pinagtabuyan kami nung mga Koreans, only korean divers lang daw. Geez

  3. hi chico, i swam with the whale sharks in donsol, sorsogon and it was indeed HUGE! was kind of scared at first but heck, why was i there in the first place. 🙂 the tour was guided by the DOT guys, and a certificate of sighting was handed over to us the moment we finished the tour. guess what? our batch had a total of 14 sightings. 🙂

  4. hello chico, i would like to share this petition written by my cousin who is a whale shark expert. hope you could take time to read and share. albeit the fun and marvel of swimming with the whale sharks, there are certain dangers that it can bring, not really to people, but mainly to the whale sharks. please take note that it is not swimming per se is the issue but feeding and disturbing their natural environment.


    please also do sign this petition:

    should you need more information, please feel free to email me or send a facebook PM to my cousin Elson Aca.

    thanks a lot!

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