31 comments on “Amherst Ureign’s Video About His Journey To The MOA Book Signing

  1. grabe naluha ako dun ah. :’) been an avid rusher since 2002. thanks again chico & delle for making my life tolerable here in condobolin, nsw, au. salamat blueritz sa podcast. 🙂

  2. this is so nice. some rusher you are! indeed, nothing of worth comes easy…hope to have my book signed as well. laging nka-plano, hindi na natuloy 😦

  3. yan din feeling ko nung mamit ko cla… can’t beliv it kc… dati boses lang sila sa radio na pinapakinggan ko at nagpapatawa ng wagas sakin… tas finally i got to see them n person… epic talaga!

  4. Sweet…. I have been a silent rusher ever since I can remember …… In college i remember driving myself to school, would stay in the car not realizing that I’m already late for my class and there will days that I would get up really early to go to school and just listen to TMR eventhough my first class won’t be until 11am…. I graduated 1998 and now i still drive myself to work listening to TMR…. Thank you guys for making my mornings a happy day to wake up to 🙂

  5. sobrang naluha po ako sa video nung napanuod ko ito..it was a gift from my closed friend.. its my bday wish to him to give me a copy of the book with signature of my fav dj..sad lang n nand2 ako sa Dubai kaya di ko nasamahan si amherst…then, i was also surprised nung may nakita akong pinoy d2 n may dalang book…isa pla xa dubai rusher and he got his book from pinas din…sabi ko sa sarili ko, magkakaroon din ako nyan…special pa..and yesterday, while chatting to amherst he surprised me with this video…sobrang miss ko n ang TMR..salamat sa podcast….. your silent rusher in Dubai

    • Go for it brother Amherstureiqn. Congrats with your video. Made alot of Rusher here abroad teary eyed while watching your journey. This just made us love C&D plus G more and more! God Bless and Good Luck with the story. Thanks.

      Thanks to RX Monster Radio for giving C&D to us!!! More power to the show!

  6. Thank you Chico and Delle and fellow rushers for appreciating the vid 😀 It made my day
    kanina pa ako nakangiti kanina when Delle retweeted it, pati sa office cant stop smiling. Thank you for amazing 12 years of happiness 😀 from KC FM to RX, para kaung breakfast, incomplete ang morning without you guys. To CND and active/silent rusher all over the world, Thank you and More Power.

  7. awwww! galing naman! i can so relate kasi silent rusher rin ako… and I even had my sis Kisan_egan go to the booksigning sa GB para ma-autograph yun book.. hay sana ma-meet ko rin sila C&D and G some time! kudos to us all! 🙂

  8. Waah! i also cried after watching that video. naka relate ako. semi-silent rusher since 1998. Amherst’s video captured the whole essence of what a true blue rusher is. Thanks for sharing! To Chico, Delle, and now plus Gino, Thank you for making mornings bearable, for adding craziness to this not to sane world, and for bringing laughter in our lives!

  9. This is nice. Which reminds me… I’ve been a silent rusher since 1996ish…wait…whoa!..that was 16 years ago… How time flies. Oh, by the way, my friend and I was there at the Robinsons Galleria during your book signing but we can’t get through and it is clear to us that even if we line up we will never reach you on time. But it was cool to “participate” in a way by just showing up with the rest of the rushers hee hee.

  10. Whoa! Love it! RUSHERS for life… Hanggang may radio kay Chix and Del tayo… Next project guys, patayo naman ng sariling station =) hehehe! Thank you Chico and Del.. I’ve been listening on and off since 1996 =) Haaay… Sumasarap ang buhay pag kasama kayo sa bahay habang nagbebreakfast, nagtatravel papasok sa work dati sa pinas.. pati noong nalayo sa ibang bansa kelangang gumising para mapakinggan sa live stream or super download =) Salamat ng marami sa saya at sana di kayo magsawa… kelan next TEA PARTY? —> Bhelskie from NORWAY

  11. Amherst nakakainis ka! Kalalaki kong tao pinaluha mo ko sa video mo! Sniffs!!! Kudos fellow rusher. ayan oh! tapos ko ng mapanuod video mo eh bumubulwak yung tears ko! What can I say? Great effort! Simply EPIC ang dating!!!! Proud rusher po since 1997!!!! Mabuhay ang mga Rushers!!!

  12. nakakaiyak naman to. chico, if you don’t have words to describe this sweet gesture, we rushers don’t have the words to fully explain how much we are thankful to The Morning Rush for touching our lives.

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