7 comments on “Summit Books Reprints The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10

  1. CORRECTION ….. the clamor is not only NATIONWIDE …. It’s WORLDWIDE!!! Maraming Pinoy’s abroad who listens to your show via live stream or downloads your podcast …. and I am sure for those unlucky ones na walang kamag-anak or friends that can send them the book … they are CLAMORING for COPIES!!!

    So … congratulations to you and delamar … and ang tangi ko lang na masasabi ….. BOOK 2! BOOK 2! BOOK 2! With GINOBOI na this time!!! Woooooooohooooot!!!

  2. i’m the type of guy who doesn’t regret much but until i put down your book on a stall of a 711 store last december during our days off in pinas and not bought it. now, i envy those friends who have read, laughed out loud and raved how great (or classic? hehe!) your book is! kailan kayo mageexport dito sa penang malaysia?

  3. too bad, i never got to any of your book signing. i couldn’t leave home during those 3 saturdays cause i might give birth anytime. sana may book signing ulit..

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