2 comments on “February 25 Book Signing At NBS SM Mall Of Asia, 2-5pm!

  1. Hi i just asked my mom to buy me #Top10Book today (hopefully she can still find one today) and go to ur book signing tomorrow so she can send it to me, here in sydney coz im a big fan of the 3 of u! Even though im not allowed to use internet radio at work i still use it just to listen to u guys!! U guys have never failed to amuse me and keep me awake in the morning! More power to u guys! Love yah! 
    P.S. i always have to look to around before i can actually laugh at u guys otherwise my boss might think im going crazy!

  2. @kenshinsgirl (CAREN)

    Hi Chico! Thank you so much for signing my copy. Please send my thanks to Del as well. 🙂 So happy to see you guys at your EPIC book signing event. Since my college years i’ve been a fan of The Morning Rush, so when I heard you were going to have a book signing at MOA, I just have to go.

    Thank you both for this book, I know all of the morning rushers here and abroad are looking forward to Volume 2, 3, 4, 5… and so on! Walang bola! So I hope you guys would do so.

    More power to you Chico & Delamar! I love you guys! You’re the best!

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