6 comments on “Book Signing: Powerbooks Greenbelt 4

  1. Hi Chico! I am such an avid fan of the Morning Rush. I listen almost everyday for the past three years. Well, I would like to ask where I can send you a private message re hosting for a wedding? Would really be nice to hear from you soon! More power! You are amazing. 🙂

    P.S. – I have a copy of the Top 10 book too! I got it as a Christmas gift.

  2. Hi, chico!!!
    i’m soooo excited!!! we’ll be there! as in nagi-invite na ako ng mga kasama,haha!! sabi na, meron din sa MOA e!!! yoohoo!! 🙂
    kasi naman because of work sched di ako makapakinig ng live,di makasali sa kulitan,”podcast-diet and drama,huhu! kahit kelan talaga istorbo ang work, haha!
    i’m from cavite so malamang andun na ako ng 10am para lang hindi abutin ng trapik, eksaherada 😀 hopefully, andun din si ginoboi para kompletos rekados 😀
    see you there guys!! can’t wait, as in!!!

  3. Go Go Go Rushers! lusubin n ang MOA s sat at ipkita ntin s madlang pipol and 2 d world how far we reach the book signing with CHICO&DELAMAR! this also serves us n hndi tyo ppyag n e2 n un last syempre hihirit p tyo ng mrami png event! we gonna conquer the archipelago. s mga knauukulan e2 ang akin hirit sna my out of NCR n book signing. PLEASE! kuya MAUI.

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