14 comments on “Francine Prieto On The Morning Rush!

  1. All I can say Philippine radio in the morning is not going to be the same again. I wish I could be there to see it first-hand and the photos, videos or even a podcast won’t do justice to what Francine has done. From her sighting at SaGuijo last Saturday up to RXTMR she must have taken everyone noticed. She isn’t just another sexy flesh this woman has a comedian’s intelligence and definitely I VERY was entertained.

    Uhh… Gino, I hope there’s a sequel for this. You’ll never know there’s a tandem in the making with Ms. Prieto aka Anna Marie Falcon. Yebah.

  2. Super enjoyed this morning! Just laughed my heart out dahil di lang stomach cramps naramdaman ko kundi pati chest tightness. Hats off, salute whatever! Basta thank you guys for making me laugh every morning pero yun kanina was extra funny. Top TMR guest hehehe!

  3. crazy blog and crazy TMR episode indeed, I was laughing kahit nasa taxi na ako on teh way to work hahahaha 🙂 Gino was caught off guard to the nth power!

  4. DAMN!!!! That episode was indeed E-P-I-C!! Nakakahiya lang kse I was sitting alone yesterday sa Jollibee while listening to you guys. Nobody wants to sit on the table next to mine kse I looked crazy but super enjoyed the episode yesterday 🙂

  5. This episode was definitely an EPICsode. Nakakatuwa si Francine, game na game, pati naughty one-liners dinaig kayo C&D. And Gino, speechless for the first time on the show. Riot talaga!

    Hope she comes to the show again… maybe on your anniv. =)

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