20 comments on “Oli Pettigrew On The Morning Rush!

  1. I remember him hosting Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam. I really like his show Mr. Cash Cab. You will definitely see the reactions of the passenger when they found out it was a sort of game show in a cab. Hope to see more of Oil here in the Philippines!

  2. Hahaha! LOL at your segment with him earlier. I’m such a fan of him and TMR. Hopefully he does do a show in the Philippines and even in RX. :))

  3. ahaha kakatawa naman yung “Jack en Poy Oli Oli Hoy”…

    by the way, I’m a silent rusher…

    sana meron din book signing dito sa Pampanga… ^___^

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I really love Oli Pettigrew! I’d love it if he’ll have a show here in the Philippines. 🙂

  5. Oli and together with The Morning Rush team is just like Jackie Chan meets Jet Li. Both epic, both legends in their own right, and both incredibly entertaining! Kudos guys!

  6. Aaawww. I wish I was able to tune on that day! T.T Totally bum out. I totally have big crush on him not just his looks but the way he express himself. Good looking Guy with a sense of humor!

  7. Whenever I get the time to watch TV , I always watch Cash Cab (: He never fails to put a good mood on every passenger he encounters. He can be a good host on RXTMR !

  8. Loved your epi with Oli. Btw, loving the show with so many guests who are all game with your banter. Ratings to the roof, guys!!!! Grabe, ibang level na yung show niyo.

    From Chico and Delamar to The Kikay Barkada and their special guests. =)

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