46 comments on “Xian Lim On The Morning Rush!

  1. four of my favorite celebrities on my favorite radio show! Mali ka Ate Guy, may himala!
    i was LMAO at chico saying how star-struck they all were because they only see Xian in their dreams hahaha! Xian is sooo cool…. 🙂 and he sounded (and looked) like he was really having fun. More of Xian pleeease…..!

  2. I really enjoyed the show this morning. Actually Xian’s guesting
    was a real bonus but I listen to you everyday laughing all the way to the office. People might think the woman driving is crazy laughing all by herself and to think that that lady is a HR manager of a big multinational company ha ha ha. You were just simply superb earlier.

  3. we love ur morning rush kanina thanks for guesting xian we love him…we all had fun thanks a lot..we love rx as well…


  5. Both my daughter and I enjoyed your harutan with Xian. Btw, I’ve been a silent rusher since my daughter was still a baby. Now, she enjoys listening to you guys as well on our way to her school.

  6. Thanks for the nice article about Xian.That was the day that fans of Xian were hooked up in your radio station worldwide AS IN GLOBAL.You guys rock!

  7. After 20 yrs Living here in Europe-DE ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag Morning Rusher sa radio Nyo. Via a HighTechWorld of GALAXY-ANDROID ngayon..Napaka super kikay ninyong 3, na ibang-iba sa mga Lokal Radio d2 amin na quite boring talga(kung hindi lang sa News). Anyway Super Duper katatawanan ang Epic-Rap ninyo kay XianLim… More Power on Your RadioShows and Goodluck!! (1st time kong mapuyat sa earlymorningRushngRX.93..Grabeeeeeee ))) ..

  8. Xian effect on people beyond amazement but the Kikay Barkada are just as extremely heartwarming that daily routines and morning “rushing” cease to become a drudgery.

  9. The MOrning rush yesterday was EPIC WIN!!! I had to smile the whole time listening,ofcourse even without him there but with him it was the most ear widening! He really listens to you guys!

  10. ’twas another awesome-epic-kilig encounter with the Morning Rush Kikay barkada. thank you and iloveyou.☺
    cuteness overload talaga si Xian Lim!!! ansaya!!! ☺☺☺

  11. believe or not,i’ve been a rusher since the day Xian Lim twitted that he’s listening to your program which happen to be #themorningrush..ever since that day i’ve never missed a day to listen to #tmr..it’s like if i listen to u i feel so close to xian coz i know he’s listening too..but really,your show is EPIC..the best morning radio show ever.it’s been a homesick reliever for me listening to u guys every morning..
    Thank you Chico garcia for your kind words about Xian Lim..I super love you,ginoboi and delamar..keep up the good work..:-))) less than three ❤

  12. I missed that morningrush program. Is a replay possible? Anong oras ba yan. I listen to Mo Twister at Magic 89.9 in the morning as i drive to office but reading the comments here, the morningrush seems so much fun.

    Thanks for posting this. There isn’t much to read about Xian Lim kaya pauit-ulit na yong mga binabasa ko.

    THe first time I noticed Xian, good guy na ang impression ko sa kanya and the comments just prove it on and on.

    I really wish and pray for Xian to become a big star …. bigger than Piolo Pascual. Dapat naman kasi yong mga artista maayos ang personalities because the young generation look up them at ginagaya pa. Kaya dapat ang sumisikat na artista may breeding. Yan ang “great power comes with greater responsibility” pag sikat kang artista.

  13. I had so much fun listening to this yesterday!!! Do you know where I can listen to the epic rap-off? I want to listen to it again, it was so hilarious!!!

    • Hi! Thanks for the update. I listened to Morning Rush this morning. Ang saya pala! You guys are wonderful. Maganda yong endorsement ni Xian sa Myra Vitawhite. That’s the first time I heard. Meron na rin ba sa tv?

  14. yeaaahh,,, guy…sss.. can any1 tell where could i find his replay… i really wondering about this morning rusher epic,,,,,,rap offf? of xian ? I REALLY LOVE HIM SO MUCH…MORE THAN I LOVE MY OWN…COZ HI IS RELLY…HANSOME TALL WHITE…..AND OFCOURS E SOBRANG BAIT NIA… AND VERY TRUE TO HIMSELF…KAYA ANG DAMING TAONG NAG MMAHAL SA KANYA…BTW……… SANA PO KEEP ON SUPPORTING LANG 4 ALL OF THOSE LIMsanity…?
    ;;;.] lovelovelovelove…

  15. Hi guys! I really enjoy your show. I listen to it every morning on my way to work. I enjoy it a lot more than Mo Twister’s on 89.9. So, can I call myself a morning rusher? If not for Xian Lim I would not have known TMR. So, there you go, guys, Thank Xian Lim! I’m sure he brought you thousands of new listeners like me. In fairness, I know you love him. I do, too and I want him to be successful in his chosen career. I can see your program is very supportive.

    I’m always want to catch the opening because I’m still so amused of the “epic rap”. You guys are brilliant!

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