11 comments on “Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

  1. and to think this song was your and Gino’s theme song over the past couple of weeks…RIP Whitney Houston…

  2. You know, when I heard that Whitney Houston died, I could hardly believe it and I immediately recalled the way the show’s been paying homage to the song, and of course, the singer. Such a waste. I wonder how the others (Madonna, Mariah, et al.) would react to her untimely demise. But I’m almost sure her songs will be featured in gLee if they haven’t already.

  3. and yes, chico, i suddenly remembered that you guys were suddenly into “i will always love you”! creepy! hala, hihilahin paa ninyo……

  4. It’s so sad for me, my sister and especially my mom, because we grew up hearing our mom belt her songs and that’s why at a very young age me and my sister already can sing, “All at Once, One Moment in Time, Where Do Broken Hearts Go and I wanna dance with somebody” So it’s really sad for us when we heard the news about Whitney’s death. My mom cried, because her idol for so many years is now gone. So to Whitney Houston, we really hope you that you are now happy and peaceful wherever you are. You will be greatly missed by all of your fans. Thank you for your musics.

  5. i was very shocked as well…i too grew up with her songs. She died Feb 11, it’s weird since almost a week before her death, i qouted her song in my FB status “i decided long ago,never to walk in anyone’s shadow…that’s why i wear sunscreen…hehe!”
    RIP , Whitney! you will always be remembered 🙂

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