22 comments on “Random Realizations (February 7, 2012)

  1. There are way too many grammatical errors in this piece … otherwise, it was OK. The first should have been DO …. else, if the reader’s answer is NO … what’s the point in reading it? It’s not inviting. In Tagalog, it’s like asking “Ayaw mong kumain?” —-

    • Perhaps “way too many” is an overkill? I’m curious, how many errors are there exactly? If you would ask me, does it matter? I don’t think he wrote this for people to call on people to critique grammar, di ba?

    • It is apt for someone to say “You do this and that” and then follow it up with the tag question “don’t you?”. Using the question form “Don’t you do this and that?” gives the impression that you assume that the person does but you want to confirm it. You don’t know this, do you?

      • @Paulo

        High five.


        I have one. I often think of what it’s like to punch idiotic people in the face just because they deserve it. In exchange, you have to pay 5 pesos as “punching fee.”

    • how sad that all you’re after in this blog is correcting grammars?.. Your name should be changed to Mrs. Auto Correct!

  2. Hi! chico, am I just in an emo mode?, but seeing your post and your pic made me realize and also made me pause on how my life been going for the past few years, months and days. — awwww you made me sad =(

  3. That’s all I did today,” marinade in my solitude” instead of doing chores such as paying my bills because it’s my least favorite hehehe! You made me realize that I should be grateful I have bills I can afford to settle!;))

  4. I should pobably get used to this, you start off with something really serious and end it with something totally out of the subject and really funny! Good job! Very sensible things to ponder! 🙂

  5. and just like ayeth, i am quoting hot item #2 😀

    by the way, chico, i like….no, LOVE!….the way you write. *winks*

  6. @dru & @Paulo.. i agree, as in agree to the bazillionth degree..
    who tells us what to write about and how to write it?
    blogging isn’t about grammar, it’s about self-expression.
    though we have to be considerate of who might read our posts, grammar (for me) is the least of my worries, as long as the message gets across.
    hell, i even write poems nobody understands about, but means a lot to me.

    @chico you never fail to impress when in u are in ur “chico-mode” and not just posting vids, events or such. i always look forward to knowing what’s on people’s minds, esp. those i look up to 😉

    mabuhay ang pinoy bloggers!

  7. Ok. Ignoring the previous grammar rants and defenses aside, you, C, shouldn’t be left alone for too long if this is what happens. =)

    But who am I to talk when I have a gazillion random realizations, not to mention crazy conceptualizations, as well. Or is that my muse whispering?

    Anyway, if you got sick, here’s hoping you’re now well and fine. And, “Walang Tuhugan” sounds a little TMI, even for a married woman like me. Sabi nga nila, napaghahalata ka. =)

  8. U just made me cry Chico. Tears fell endlessly, I’ve been dealing with so many issues, thanks for wonderful blogs that inspire us.

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