15 comments on “February 4 Book Signing At NBS Trinoma, 12nn-3pm!

  1. Woo the layout of your blog is way way way way better compared to the previous one! Goodluck sa mga pupunta sa book launch, sana maaccomodate lahat 😀 Have fun!

  2. Finally, a new template! I have had a difficult time reading the previous one. Buti nalang, binago mo na, Chico! I am soooo back! Hahaha!

  3. Hi Chico! I am so sad I still cannot come on Saturday. Can you tell us when will be the next book signing (you mentioned there are still 3 book signings to come) so I/we could free our sked…poohhhllleeeaaaasssee. Thanks! More power

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  5. This time for sure!!!! hahhaah!!! =) I was so depressed when we didn’t make the cut-off… THIS TIME FOR SURE!!!!! BWAHAHAHAAH!!!!! =)

  6. interesting…..I remember the album launch oh soo many years ago…things sure are gettin better and better for the both of you and delle..salutations….

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