8 comments on “Mamma Mia! Live In Manila! (Review)

  1. we saw it last Sunday and we will be watching it again this coming Sunday! Addicted to Abba songs! Looking forward to watching Wicked too so I can relate to your previous blog about it. I agree with Dons, try to catch “The Sound of Music” as well. Worth watching even if we’ve seen Julie Andrews over and over again.

  2. Great review! I have a question, my husband and I wants to give my mom and her sisters the opportunity to watch this show (as a post Christmas gift). I am a fan of the movie and the songs and ABBA and I am certain that these ladies would be one of the more energetic people who would sing-a-long all through out the show (I grew up around them singing their songs in videoke). But the tickets are just kinda a little up there, there are 7 of them + us so…you get the picture. Now I’m torn between going with Sound of Music (which I like too) or going with Mamamia (cause i really, really want to see how its played on stage) and suffer the consequences in the next few months. I don’t know how the view from the farthest seats are (i guess you wouldn’t know, too. coz you’re the 3rd row kind of person :D) in CCP but same priced tickets for Sound of Music gives better seats. I’m worried that if I take them to Mamamia and get the far-far away seats they would not enjoy it as much. Is it really bad up there? or would they still get to see what’s going on upstage?

    • hmmm…diba ccp main theater has 3 levels? i watched stomp from the 2nd level, but i still enjoyed it immensely! so unless you really want to see the actors’ faces up close, i dont see why getting a far seat would be a problem. what youre after is the music and the energy and you’ll pretty much still appreciate it, i think.

  3. Hello Wenai… value for money, Sound of Music wins hands down. Our theater actors are better singers and performers, Likewise, Resorts World Venue is quite small so you can see the stage very clearly even if you are seated in the farthest portion of the theater.

    In CCP the lower level (P4K to P5K) is tolerable although you have to lean forward to get a better view because the whole portions are partially obstructed.

    Don’t make a mistake of getting the cheap upper level tickets unless you want to watch the show 5-6 stories up. Plus it is very steep so if you have problems/phobia in heights it is not advisable.

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