34 comments on “The Top 10 Book #2 On The National Bookstore Bestsellers (Philippine Publication)

  1. Congratulations!! It should have been on the number 1 spot!
    Do you guys have anothe book signing event? I hope you would consider Manila area next time. Arrgh, I have a party to prepare for on January 28! Anyway, I know a throng of people will troop to Galleria on the 28th! God bless you guys! You rock!

  2. humaygas!!! The first time I read your post I thought there’s a book #2! The Top Ten Book #2! O di ba? May Volume 2 na agad πŸ˜€ Anyway, congratulations! See you this saturday πŸ™‚

  3. Topped by a raunchy novel, tsk-tsk. So alam mo na, Chico kung anung next project niyo ni Delle. Bulungan Mo Ako sa Radyo – the novel.

  4. @Cholo.. raunchy?? pero natawa ko ng bongga sa Bulungan Mo Ako sa Radyo ha! hehehehe!
    Naku, si Bob Ong pala ang nag-#1.. Keribels lang yan, after siguro ng launch, mapapa-sainyo rin ang trono..:)
    Congratulations, Chico and Delamar!

  5. We’ll be there! Yay! Congrats! I just bought my copy tonight, hoping to get it signed on saturday.. Btw, Chico, it’s “whose” not “who’s…”

  6. Congratulations!!! I’ll be sure to grab my own copy when I get back. I won’t be able to make your book-signing event since I’m away but is there any way I can have the book autographed still?

  7. I have been wanting aching to buy the book since it was out in the market but I am saving it till Saturday. I want to have it signed by my idols. Excited much!

  8. congratulations chico & del. i wish to get a copy when i get back to the phils. hope i can get to meet you both in person.

  9. G’ morning, Im already halfway reading the book, a silent rusher, and Im so excited to see you guys @ the booklaunch. (dan 2 easy 2 see)

  10. knowing filipinos still shell out money for filipino authors should make me happy but BOB ONG??!! ugh. still, i have a long list of recipients of this book para maing bahagi na ng ating kulto! muahahaha! congrats chico and del! you’ve been truly blessed!

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  12. Hi, Chico! Will you be selling copies of your book tomorrow, or do we have to get a copy first at National bookstore, etc., before going to Robinson’s? Would love to get a copy and have it signed. πŸ™‚

  13. OMG! Tom will be my first time to see you Chico & Del. I hope Loi Logi will come too! Please, tell him to come! I crush him! hahaha!

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