10 comments on “Avatar: The Legend Of Korra (New Trailer & Sneak Peeks)

  1. Wowah!!! I missed Avatar this morning also and downloaded the last 4 episode and ended up downloading the whole series again. Kelan kaya irerelease it. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Hi chico. Did you read that Dante Basco (the voice actor of Zuko) will also join the cast of legend of Korra? I hope Toph’s daughter would be a total badass too!

    I feel the same way about this. aymzoeksayted! 😀

  3. My kids and I are so excited!!! We watched the last Avatar series over and over again! Can’t wait!!! Can’t help but be excited but when I think that there’s a new Avatar because Aang isn’t there with them na, also makes me sad… 😦 Hope it will be just as funny and entertaining as the previous one!

  4. I wasnt able to finish the first series .. parang minotivate ako na panoorin yung legend of Aang .. and Korra 🙂

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